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Thursday, April 7, 2011

WSJ/NBC Poll: A Donald Trump Surprise - Washington Wire - WSJ

WSJ/NBC Poll: A Donald Trump Surprise - Washington Wire - WSJ

Corporatism, Fascism- call it what you like, but when you DELIBERATELY exclude viable and previous candidates from a poll, you not only invalidate the poll itself, you also invalidate any moral high ground you may have had (if any) regarding the accuracy of your reporting. Like it or not, Ron Paul is a bona-fide candidate, even if your corporate masters do not like the message he promulgates. Interestingly, of all the candidates in the GOP field, Ron Paul consistently polls the highest in a one-on-one match-up against Barack Obama! Unfortunately, he doesn't spout the typical corporate Welfare line that most of the GOP Neo-Conservative sock puppets do, so he is belittled, demagogued, lied about and ignored. Also unfortunately (for the formerly mainstream media), very few people believe or even read, watch or listen to the corporate-controlled media. More and more Americans every day are turned off by the obvious lies, omissions an blatant propaganda spewed forth that masquerades as 'News'. Alternative media is kicking the likes of the WSJ and MSNBC to the curb. Americans may not have all the facts, due to a lapdog media that lies, hides and omits factual information in order to further their corporatist ideology, but (most) Americans also have a pretty healthy BS detector, which explains the decline of traditional media!

They literally laughed at Ron Paul in '08 when at the debates he talked of the decline of the US economy, the repeated boom-and-bust cycles created by the Fed, and also the decline of the US dollar, and the rise of the international Bankster-led deconstruction of America. The only ones who deny the truths Ron Paul speaks are those truly in the dark, those paid to lie, and those whose power is threatened by an awakened American Populace. 2012 will be a VERY different election year, even more so than 2010. Better get on board the train, WSJ, before the American people leave you and the rest of the old media behind!

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