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Monday, April 11, 2011

Settle the 'BIRTHER' issue once and for all...

The so-called 'Birther Issue' (whatever side you're on) is exactly the distraction that big-government progressives on the left and right are so good at. This sidebar controversy wouldn't be here if the President just produced the actual documents people have asked for. Instead, they pay BIG MONEY lawyers to seal any and all records related to Barack Obama's Birth, Education (including college transcripts, student aid, any dissertations or writings, etc.), associations (both religious and political) Financial backing and background, and on and on.

Why, you ask? To give the pliant Media a big, phony issue to hammer anyone who opposes their agenda! It seems that anyone who asks real questions in the corporate media these days- whatever their qualifications, history, intelligence or background- is attacked by the usual list of propaganda tactics like ad-hominem slurs, marginalization by false associations as well as simply being laughed at and called a nut. Even if the question remains unanswered. (It usually does).

There is something much bigger going on than this marginal (but eerily persistent) pseudo-controversy. American's B.S. detectors have been ringing non-stop of quite a while now. What President Obama and all his spin doctors, lawyers, 'Community Organizers', and other compatriots are failing to realize is, it's not so much the fact that you have something embarrassing or worse in your past... It's the fact that you're trying so damn hard to cover it up!

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