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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

CBC News: 2012 Presidential Election Preview: ABC News-Washi...

CBC News: 2012 Presidential Election Preview: ABC News-Washi...: "2012 Presidential Election Preview: ABC News-Washington Post Poll - ABC News Of course, No Ron Paul Questions in the Poll... Can anyone say skewed? Dr. Paul (in polls that have actually INCLUDED him, like Rassmussen!) has outperformed all other GOP candidates in head-to-head match-up against Barack Obama. Unfortunately, ABC News and most other Corporate Media Outlets selectively exclude Ron Paul from even PARTICIPATION in their polling, as his ideas threaten the Big Corporations' Vampire-Squidlike hold on the American Economy.

Wake up, people... When the Progressives AND the Neo-Cons both hate someone, he must be on to something. Like ending the 5 Wars we are now engaged in, which are very profitable for the very same corporate interests that own most of the media. Like ending the privately-owned Bankster's Consortium known as the Federal Reserve's ability to milk the American economy (and taxpayers!) by severely devaluing the American Dollar, doling out TRILLIONS in corporate Welfare to member Banks and affiliates (both foreign and American), as well as supporting an internationalist Progressive Agenda that is weakening American sovereignty, power and economic leadership.

Ron Paul was laughed at in 2008 when he stated during the debates how BOTH Parties were getting us into unnecessary wars that drain America's Blood and Treasure, are borrowing and spending us into oblivion, and are eroding and crushing our cherished Constitutional rights in the name of protecting them! No one is laughing now, yet no one is giving Ron Paul the credit for awakening America to the perils of a government run amok.

Isn't it time the media stopped ignoring, attacking and ridiculing Ron Paul and actually started LISTENING to him?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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