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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Does DHS need 1.6 Billion Rounds of Illegal Anti-Personell Ammo?

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A recent story in FORBES Magazine by Ralph Benko talks about a small item in the Denver Post from the Associated Press discussing the recent purchases by the Department ofHomeland Security of over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition- much of it either for sniper use or of an anti-personnel type that is banned militarily by the Geneva Convention for it's horrific effects on human tissue. The AP article, as fits the usual Government-Lockstep Propaganda, first mentions 'Conservative Radio Host Alex Jones', who broke the story months ago, and dismissively brushes aside any concerns with the false rubric that the ammo is only intended for 'shooting ranges and training exercises'. As any person with even a rudimentary knowledge of firearms knows, a person DOES NOT use expensive and destructive Hollow-point and sniper rounds for 'training and target practice'. Even the government is not that stupid and wasteful (well...). This type of ammunition is used to kill individuals in the most efficient and devastating fashion. Period.

This latest purchase is on top of many previous purchases, and the amount our tax dollars used to acquire a vast stockpile of ammunition for our heavily-armed Federal Bureaucrats is truly staggering: at the HEIGHT of the Iraq War the U.S. Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. 1.6 billion rounds, therefore, would be enough to sustain a hot war like Iraq for 20+ years. In America. At best these purchases can be seen as a wasteful use of scarce tax dollars, and an unnecessary bloat to the already out-of-control Federal Budget. At worst, they are the wasteful appropriation of massive amounts of Taxpayers money to use against those very same taxpayers in a back-door attempt to disarm, control and suppress law-abiding Americans peacefully expressing their Constitutional rights. As usual, many in the National Media have been AWOL on this story for months, and even now are negligently misreporting or deliberately omitting the most important aspects of this issue- back-door gun control and a massive violation of Constitutional and Legal restrictions on the implementation and use of a National Military Police Force. 

Frightening as it is that our own government would be stockpiling Internationally illegal ammunition, what is truly insidious is their attempt to drive up prices of ammunition, as well as dry up (and possibly corner the market) on many types of popular ammo.One only has to walk into any Wal-Mart, Sporting Goods store, go on-line or ask any ammunition supplier to see how prices have skyrocketed, and how drastically supplies of ammo have dwindled or dried up. This purchase of outrageous amounts of ammunition is clearly being done as a way to avoid the will of the people, and the Constitutionally-mandated oversight by Congress in order to surreptitiously further the aims of the anti-Second Amendment clique in the Obama Administration and it's progressive collectivist allies. 

This government hypocritically wants to ban 'assault-style' weapons (a vague and fungible term that can mean whatever the proponents want), while gobbling up thousands of REAL 'assault-weapons' in yet more multimillion-dollar DHS contracts! These fully-automatic military-grade rifles and pistols that American Citizens have been forbidden from owning since 1934 are now in the hands of thousands of bureaucratic 'shock troops' from the IRS to the Fish and Wildlife Service. To add insult to injury, DHS has called these fully-automatic Military-Grade weapons 'personal protection' weapons, and is arming Federal Officers in agencies from the Postal Service to the Social Security Administration. I know those retirees at the SSA Office can get cranky, but I seriously doubt they need Machine Pistols and Hollow-Point ammo to keep them in line!

The most frightening part of this story for many Americans has routinely been pooh-poohed by the establishment Government flacks in the Mockingbird Press as 'conspiracy theory' and really, nothing to worry Americans' empty little heads about (when it has not been ignored completely). The Posse Comitatus act, passed in 1878 expressly forbids the use of Federal Military Personnel to enforce State or local laws. This act was in reaction to the excesses in the use of power by the Federal Government during reconstruction. In modern times, it has acted as a barrier to the U.S. becoming another 'Banana Republic' where the military routinely intervenes domestically for political purposes or to enforce unpopular, unjust or extra-Constitutional laws, edicts and Executive Orders. Anyone following current events over the last 10 years (or longer) has seen the steady creep of Federalization of Local and State Police Forces. Active-Duty U.S. Military units are now being routinely used for domestic policing and security around the country in violation of both the law and traditional American principles. Use of these regular military troops is justified by saying it is for 'security' and where local and state officials 'request' deployment. Such use by law is forbidden, and when needed, a State governor is the only official authorized to request such action, and then only with National Guard forces- not regular Federal military.

This 'mission creep' has been primarily achieved through 'grants' and other Federal programs that provide personnel, weapons, vehicles, training and other 'resources' to Local and State Law Enforcement entities. The strings attached to these 'resources' inexorably ties those entities to incrementally increasing Federal Control, both economically and logistically. The fact that most cities have over the last 10 years have been provided funds for, and have had the Feds set up Military SWAT-Type assault teams for use in what were once routine local actions. Of course, those local Police and Sheriffs are ALWAYS accompanied (and usually under the direction of) Federal forces, be they BATF, ICE, IRS or any of the other myriad of heavily-armed Federal Alphabet Agencies.

There is no logical or legitimate reason for the Government to making the massive purchases of Military-Grade weapons, vehicles and sniper ammunition- unless they intend to use them. One question that the press continually fails to ask (or follow up on non-answers to) the White House, the DHS and Secretary Napolitano is what many Americans are now asking themselves and their fellow citizens: Why are all these purchases being made, and for what purpose. When no answer is given, or (even worse) condescending and paternalistic euphemisms and outright lies are proffered instead of concrete answers, the distrust of our ever-more-powerful Federal Bureaucracy just grows. And the political ideologues in government and their lapdogs in the Mockingbird Press dismiss any attempts at valid discussion as 'whacko conspiracy theory', or worse yet categorize ANY questioning of Government actions or edicts as evidence of tendencies toward 'domestic right-wing terrorism'. Guess we know who they are planning to use all that firepower on- you and me!

To the shame of most of the National Press, this story has been around for many months, and (despite facts and Government documentation) has routinely been either ignored or summarily dismissed as 'conspiracy theory' by those who put obsequiousness to the Obama Administration above actual sound investigative reporting skills and actual journalistic ethics. Most Americans now either ignore major press outlets on stories like this, or routinely take them with a boulder of salt, as personal bias and outright dedication to proliferating Government Propaganda has so obviously replaced the reporting of facts and real occurances for many in the press corps.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Discussion America Cannot Avoid

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

We all have witnessed the flood of the 'usual articles' that appear in the media whenever a horrific school shooting erupts, where facts and figures, body counts, and rankings in 'American History' inevitable pop up- like these incidents are to be covered like sporting events with a scorecard, or some kind of TV Program or Movie review. Apparently, there isnot only a lack of standards in modern journalism, but also a lack of knowledge of history.  I recently read an article by By RACHEL QUIGLEY, THOMAS DURANTE IN NEWTOWN, CONNECTICUT and HAYLEY PETERSON in London's Daily Mail, which listed 'America's Worst School Massacres'. Incredibly, this pseudo-scorecard of 'worst school massacres' does not even include the very WORST one in American history.  Out of the 'top ten' listed and meticulously ranked by killed and injured- with dates and locations- and they failed to even mention the very WORST school massacre in American History!

The Bath School disaster is the name given to three bombings in Bath Township, Michigan, on May 18, 1927, which killed 38 elementary school children, two teachers, four other adults and the bomber himself; at least 58 people were injured. Most of the victims were children in the second to sixth grades (7–11 years of age[1]) attending the Bath Consolidated School. Their deaths constitute the deadliest mass murder in a school in U.S. history. Of course, pointing out this isn't a 'modern' phenomenon blows the prevailing politically correct meme of this being only a recent rash of ever-increasing violence. Fact is, human history is chock full of violent, horrific incidents and occurances. Dwelling on (many times false) statistics and histrionics only serves to treat this problem in a mere 'infotainment'-like manner, wherin the perpetrator is almost 'celebritized' in a twisted sort of way, while the victims are reduced to mere 'bit players' or props in a cynical ratings chase to the bottom of the journalistic standards bin.  

Rather than this degenerative 'anti-hero worship', what is desperately needed is a long perspective on the subject of mass, psychotic violence, and a razor-like focusing on the actual cause, which is mental illness, it's treatment (or lack thereof), and it's place in modern society. Distraction resulting from the anthropomorphic transference of motive, responsibility and a causal  relationship to an inanimate object such as firearms is not only counterproductive and totally ineffective, it loudly and pervasively takes the focus away from the REAL problem of mental illness and society's failure to even confront the issue- let alone seek to reduce and solve this massively under-reported problem. Of course, it is a perverse way to advance a cynically political agenda which is more related to advancing ideology, personal ambition and a paternalistically smothering version of collectivism.

As I have heard several advocates of stricter gun controls (and even outright BANS on firearms) say, it IS time to have a frank and open conversation about the violence in American (and human) society. But instead of being distracted by methods and tools used to commit these crimes, let's instead focus on the ROOT cause- human behavior and mental illness and it's treatment. We can take all the guns, knives, baseball bats, cars and other weapons and potential weapons away from every citizen, but until we recognize the problem is a behavioral problem and must be treated as such, people will use forks, rocks, their fists and whatever it takes to express their misguided rage against the outside world. Treat the PERSON as the problem- not the symptoms of the problem like motive or method- and we will slowly but surely move in the direction where incidents like this will be rarer, less horrific, and slowly becoming a thing of the violent past.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chicago Politics Consumes America

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Chicago Politics writ large over a failing America. It's not about Left vs. Right (as the big-money powers backing BOTH sides would like you to believe), It's about Right vs. WRONG! Our government is now being run as a criminal enterprise, where public funds are used to reward political allies, and private companies are being harassed, extorted and appropriated through the illegal use of the force of government. Agencies such as the EPA, FBI, and every other alphabet-gang (er... 'Agency'), now act as 'shake-down' agents and 'enforcers' for essentially a Government-run protection racket. Just look into the shady dealings of Barack and Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emmanuel and their jailhouse buddy, Chicago real-estate titan Tony Reszko! Why did President Obama lobby so hard for the Chicago Olympics and even GO to Europe to plead their case? It was more than just a rabid case of Chicago 'City Pride'! Perhaps one should look into the site plans for the Olympic Stadia and Villages- where the aforementioned people (either directly or through surrogates and shells) bought up the land and buildings in advance so as to make exorbitant profits!

Look at the GM and Chrysler 'Bailouts'- which actually were merely standard yearly Bridge Loans that the Companies were unable to get from their normal channels with the Big Banks- who shut down ALL lending in order to create a crisis in THEIR grab for more power (and Federal Money!). After the Loans, The Obama Cartel forced the Companies into a 'Managed Bankruptcy'- something that should have happened immediately, but was delayed as the Government continued to pour billions into essentially failed companies. However, the Obama Cadre decided to VIOLATE 100 Years of Bankruptcy law by voiding the Primacy of Bondholder debt. This decision not only sent shudders throughout the Bond Market (where start-up capital and expansion-promoting debt are financed), but also took away GUARANTEED equity from not only corporations, but many employees and retirees, who invested in those bonds primarily because of their legally-guaranteed 'safety'. President Obama's team of politically=driven whiz-kids took that equity out of the people that had bought those bonds legally and with good faith, and GAVE that equity to the United Auto Workers Union- a HUGE Obama Campaign supporter, organizer and CONTRIBUTOR!

This illegal process took precious income away from retired salaried Auto Workers, reduced and eliminated GUARANTEED Pensions for thousands – including raiding the Fully-Funded Pension of the SALARIED workers at GM spin-off Delphi, and used these illegal funds to help FULLY-FUND the grossly mismanaged Pension fund of the UAW! Not to mention the hits in Health Insurance, Life Insurance and other benefits that salaried workers and retirees had to give up- while their UNION co-workers saw the Companies, under the velvet-covered iron fist of the government, FULLY fund their pension, and give the UNION Bosses THEIR share of the company, and a seat at the board of directors- when the Union was at least as culpable for the downfall of the Companies as the incompetent management!

Of course, anyone FROM or Near Chicago or Detroit  recognize this particular form of Crony-Capitalism- it's been going on for decades at two of America's largest cities essentially run by the Democratic Machine! Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now on trial for running a RICO organization that is dwarfed by the scale and ruthlessness of the one being run out of Washington D.C.. If Americans want to see their future under the 'care' of The Obama (or Obama-Like) Machine, just look to the City of Detroit. The only businesses that are successful have deep ties to the Administrations, and deep pockets to keep paying the 'Protection Money' needed to maintain that success. Gleaming towers in developed areas lie next to where the common folk live (or USED to, in many cases!). Fear and divisiveness are cultivated among the electorate and distilled like a fine spirit to be used to manipulate and control the political process, which in turn controls the financial purse strings of the city. Favors are doled out, those who choose to ignore paying 'tribute' to cronies both public and private are tossed out, and through a Byzantine and opaque system, little to nothing is found out.

Sounds like what Washington has become under the Obama Regime!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why The Party and Media Elites Don't Understand 'The Liberty Movement'

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Writer Shirley Husar, in the 'Washington Times' Blogger community,  attempts to compare the Ron Paul 2012 campaign to a 'fad' using the 'Cabbage Patch Craze' of the 1980's as  a template to explain his popularity. Ms. Husar is making the same mistake that many are in dismissing the 'Liberty Movement' that Ron Paul is rallying around his campaign. Like many traditional pundits, politicos, media hacks and other slingers of bullpuckey, they attempt to filter what they cannot understand (or have poorly researched) through the lens of traditional campaigns that focus on sloganeering, pandering to special interests, pimping the candidate out for massive corporate donations, and relying on the 'cult of personality' to distract voters from the REAL campaign message (or lack thereof!).

You cannot judge the effects of the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign through the broken lens of past campaigns. Ron Paul may be the 'Focus' of the Liberty Campaign, but his nomination is surely not the end game. In many, many states, the local and state party apparatus is being taken over by Ron Paul Liberty Movement supporters. From Precinct Delegates on up to County, State and RNC posts, and from local races up to State and National Races, Liberty Movement Candidates are not looking at just 2012, but far beyond. Many state party elites have 'gamed' the system to prevent 'New' members- or even 'outsiders' within their own party- from having a short-term effect on their control over the party's political process. But they have failed to account for a DEDICATED and long-term strategy that not only is willing to put in the time and effort to work within the system, but also savvy enough to take advantage of the very rules supposedly put into place to keep them on the outside. This 'Liberty Movement' is not a one-off and done- it is merely a STARTING POINT, which has rallied many people WITHOUT the support of the Corporate Media, and against the best efforts of the Party Elites and insiders (or in spite of them!). These newly-awakened activists have also joined with many within the GOP who have been alienated and ostracized for many years due to their resentment towards the Big-Government Neo-Conservative direction the party has been pulled to (or bought and PAID to move to) for too long. 

This phenomenal growth in the Liberty Movement has been largely missed by the National Corporate Media for two major reasons. First, it doesn't fit into any of the neat little 'story-line' boxes that the infotainment-driven news-cycle feels it MUST portray EVERY public figure or movement within. If it doesn't focus on the 'Personality', any 'scandals', or bright, shiny glittering generalities of faux-'vision' statements, then the media does not know how to report on it, so it will either ignore it, or (if not possible to deny it) belittle and minimize it, or demonize it.  The second reason much of the Liberty Movement has been missed by the Corporate National Media, is that it's adherents and supporters have by and large IGNORED the Corporate Media, utilizing the 'alternative' media (which is less and less 'alternative' every day!), and rely on social media and direct peer-to-peer communications and media in order to organize, disseminate information, and promote ideas, candidates and gatherings. For many in the 'old' media, it is beyond their ken to imagine that large numbers of like-minded people who believe in the Constitution, INDIVIDUAL rights and the basic freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution are far, far greater than is portrayed or even talked about amongst the faux-cognoscenti in the mockingbird media. Many are so arrogant that they believe that if it is not reported by THEM, then it surely cannot exist!

Fortunately for the future of American Politics, and the future path to prosperity and freedom for our society as a whole, there exists outside of the Media/Corporate bubbles of DC, NYC and LA a true desire to end the corruption, corporatism and collectivist mind-rot though that has permeated BOTH wings of the Washington D.C. MONEY Party, as both Demopublicans AND Republicrats sell out to self-serving interests who put their own power, wealth and twisted idealism ahead of the best interests of the American people. Unfortunately for the Party Elites, as well as their Corporate Paymasters and their allies in the co-opted media, they are unable to understand the depth of resentment towards the Government/Corporate Status Quo. Nor can they cannot cognitively disassociate themselves from the dying Two-Party (One-Party?) Paradigm that has driven America to the brink of ruination and decline. Throughout American history, political parties and those who sought to control them for their own ends have seen once-mighty ruling classes' come swiftly crashing down under the massive weight of their fossilized, empty power structure.

Change is overtaking events in America, as information spreads like wildfire beyond the ability of the 'Old Media' gatekeepers to control it's flow. The 'Old' ideas of our Founders, enshrined in our Constitution, have become New once again, as more and more Americans wake up to the fact that there are those who would sacrifice our Lives, Liberties and ability to Pursue Personal Happiness merely in order to further their own power, wealth and position. The winds of Liberty are blowing through America once again, and are soon to be sweeping through the corridors of power, blowing awqay the detritus of failed policies, corrupt programs and empty promises. Those who cannot realize (or refuse to believe) in this sea-change in American politics will be left on the ash-heap of history, as events overtake them, and their illusions are shattered by a new paradigm- the Liberty Movement!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr. is an activist who has worked in Broadcast Media, Financial Services, Information Technology, Retail and services industries, and is passionate about Liberty and it's preservation and revival in America.

Monday, May 21, 2012

GOP Paradigm shift hits Michigan (And MN, NV, IA, ME, AK...)

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A well-written article by writer Dawson Bell in 'The Detroit Free Press' on May 20th takes note of the subtle, yet radical change that is taking place in not only the Michigan Republican Party, but in the local, state and national Party as well. As in many other states, Michigan Republicans (and members of other, or 'no' Parties) are waking up to the Liberty Movement. Ron Paul is not a 'Figurehead' for a wing of the GOP, nor does he cultivate a 'cult of personality' as so many in the media (incorrectly) try to portray. The movement led (currently) by Ron Paul goes well beyond the ideas, ideals and proposals of one man, and it surely differs from all the other campaigns, where 'winning' in the short term supercedes all other priorities, including integrity and morality.

After this election, even if Ron Paul does not win (although he is STILL running- and doing much better than the Party or the media is willing to admit), the grassroots organization will continue to grow, as the dedicated adherents of the Liberty Movement continue to replace the old guard, whose failed and hollow 'ideals' have been finally revealed to be nothing more than a willingness to do anything to maintain power at any price. From Precinct Delegate to County Party positions to state and Federal offices, people of the Ron Paul ilk are organically taking over the GOP, and the party Elites are both clueless and powerless to stop it. 

People are finally waking up to the fact that, despite a slight (or radical) difference in rhetoric, a Big-Government Republicrat is no different in action from a Big-Government Demopublican. Activists in the Republican Party are now starting to replace those whose loyalties lie more with the REAL One-Party Ruling Washington DC- The MONEY Party! For too long Washington DC has been run less as the 'House of the People', and more as a 'House of Ill-Repute'. Or more like a Charnel house, where the carcass of American Liberty is carved up and sold by the pound to the highest bidder.

It's time to end the corruption, and not just saying you want to 'end the corruption'. Electing the same people over and over who tell you one thing and do another once elected is, to Paraphrase Albert Einstein 'The insanity of repeatedly doing the same thing yet expecting a different result'. The corrupt actions of the old guard fossil GOP neo-cons  both here in Michigan and across the country in using un-American tactics to get 'their ' candidate nominated by any means possible is appalling to many people, even some of those 'old guard' Republicans. Ballot stuffing, election fraud of multiple types, disregard of established party rules (especially by the same people who actually WROTE the rules!), 'disappearing' ballots, secret vote counts, illegal shutting down of conventions when the results don' 'come out right', assault and arrest of those who dare to question the unethical and illegal methods and actions of party leaders, the list goes on and on.

While many people don't realize or even believe that all of the above has occurred, that is probable because it is NOT being covered, and in many cases actively distorted, suppressed or censored by many in the national corporate media. But the New Media has blown the lid off of the lies and cover-ups of the old media. Live-streaming of conventions and news events on the web , the ability to watch local news reports and read media reports form other localities, and (especially) 'citizen reporters' who stand at the front lines and report the news that the National Corporate Media is either too afraid or bought-off not to report.

Ron Paul may win the Presidency. He may not. But the American People have won in this election, thanks to the Ron Paul Campaign. Not only has his run torn the mask off of the biased bought-and-paid for Presstitute class in the media, but it has also exposed the seamy underbelly of Republican (and, I'm sure Democrat) politics, where winning is everything, and integrity and morality are an afterthought, at best. But most important, Dr. Ron Paul has ignited the flame of Liberty and the desire to restore America to it's original ideals in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans- many of who had seen that light flicker and die many years ago through apathy and disgust for 'the system'. This election is NOT an end for this movement- it s the BIRTH of a new, and (strangely) old movement in American politics. Liberty is a relatively New Idea on the world stage, but it's appeal is deep, and it's ideals are infectious. And the numbers of it's adherents are growing rapidly in America!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The New Political Paradigm- Why The Media And Party Bosses are Missing it.

BY: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Recently, quite a few articles have appeared, speculating that Ron Paul 'really' wants is a 'speaking spot' at the Tampa GOP Convention, or that he 'really wants' to add delegates to 'influence the platform'. Some even suggest that what Ron Paul is really doing is 'paving the way' for his son Rand's political Future. Perhaps the latter has a grain of truth, but the reality is much bigger and more important than that.

The Platform? A 'speaking slot'- Hardly... As a grass-roots organizer, I can assure you that the strategy of the Ron Paul Campaign goes FAR beyond these small goals, and even beyond the 2012 Campaign altogether. A few political observers, like US NEWS' Kenneth T. Walsh actually are getting close to the REAL truth-= but they are few and far between, and are usually ignored, buried or scoffed at- just as the Ron Paul Campaign has been! What the savvy (but growing) few HAVE noticed is that, just as Ronald Reagan did after the 1976 election, Ron Paul is remaking the Republican Party in a Liberty and Constitution-oriented image. While most of the media focuses on the small minority of aberrant members in the Paul campaign who act out of turn (and there are even less of those in the Paul ranks than in most other campaigns), the vast majority of dedicated, motivated and educated Paul supporters are busy getting themselves and others elected to everything from Precinct Delegates to slots on the Republican National Committee.

The Romney Campaign merely signifies the last dying gasp of the 'Old' GOP- ruled by a coalition of Neo-Con Big Government Progressives and Right-Wing Evangelical Ideologues. The rapidly diminishing level of support for these two factions in the Party at large is evidenced by the failure of these groups to 'turn out the vote' for Romney in state after state- as well as by the ease with which Ron Paul supporters are driving out the old leadership in state after state, even as the 'Old Guard' uses every underhanded trick and back-room tactic to try to cling to the last vestiges of party power. The growing numbers and momentum are now favoring the rise of  the Liberty-Minded wing of the GOP. Perhaps not enough to overcome the huge Media Bias and the entrenched old money currently attempting to retain the grasp on power in the GOP, but this mass movement of Young newcomers, once-active Republicans who were alienated by the Party Leadership, and disaffected Independents and even *GASP* DEMOCRATS are now on the ascent- and by the next election cycle will probably be the largest segment- if not the dominant one- in the new Republican Party.

The utter failure of the National Corporate Media to accurately report this story (If reporting on it at all) has only backfired on hem, as it has only served to drive even more curious outsiders and previously disaffected Republicans to consider this new movement, as (for a large segment of the American Public), anything the Mass Media either distrusts, denigrates or ignores must be at least somewhat worthwhile to look into! The dissatisfaction in both the electorate and the Public at large is both real and palpable. While those in the agenda-driven media seek to channel or control this distrust for their own aims (or the aims of their paymasters!), their obvious and consistent bias has merely served to reinforce the perception in the public that not only are most media outlets bereft of any redeeming journalistic qualities, but that the vast majority of the media is so in the pocket of special interests as to have rendered themselves virtual propaganda arms of those same special interests. Fewer and fewer are falling for the false 'Left/Right' paradigm, as they see little difference (other than rhetorically) between those big-government 'left-wing' progressives,  and the big-government 'right-wing' progressives. Further attempts to divide Americans along racial, social, economic and ethnic lines is similarly losing it's power to influence, except among those who will be malleable and subservient no matter who is 'in charge'.

A full paradigm shift in American politics is taking place, and while those in power and their lackeys in the captured media seek to either foolishly deny it, or actively fight the overwhelming tides of inevitable change, the American people are ready, willing and able to embrace (at Last) a REAL movement whose aims are to restore the republic, root out big-government corruption and waste, and return the control of the levers of power to the people- instead of those who have bought and paid for access, control and the ultimate monopoly on power for far too many years.

Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign, unlike any we have seen in years, is not an end unto itself. It is merely a marker, an important way-station for a growing Liberty movement to rally around and use as fuel for growth and expansion. From 1976 to well into the 1980 campaign, professional pundits, entrenched party bosses and those political insiders 'in the know' all said that Ronald Reagan was a 'lool'- a 'fringe' guy who was out of touch and would fade away. Perhaps they should have listened to ol' Ronnie, as they slowly started to see first the grassroots, then the local, state and finally the national Republican Party give way to the growing tide of the Reagan Revolution. It started at the grass roots, just as the Liberty Movement has done. Now we are seeing the Reagan Revolution being repeated, as local and state party officers and elected officials are being replaced ever more rapidly by those favorable to, or leading the Liberty Movement. 

Maybe that's why the RNC Leadership appears to be scared... VERY scared of the rapid advances the Ron Paul Campaign has fostered within the Party. As well they should be!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Time to "Throw The Bums Out' Of the GOP!

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Today, in Oklahoma and Arizona, we witnessed the appalling behavior of the Republican Party Leadership and it's blatant disregard for it's own rules. In an attempt to railroad the supporters of any other candidate than the party leadership's hand-picked Mitt Romney, the Oklahoma State GOP (with the apparent blessing of the Republican National Committee) disregarded not only Roberts Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure, Not only the GOP's OWN rules for conducting a State Caucus, but also the very will of the majority of it's OWN MEMBERS! The usual attempts will be made by GOP leadership operatives (and, of course seconded by the bought-and-paid-for Mockingbird National Media) to blame the utter fiasco that occurred on 'Ron Paul supporters' who 'tried to hijack the conventions'. Of course, local media reports, eyewitnesses and even numerous streaming and recorded live video show that it was the PARTY LEADERS who, in fact 'hijacked' the convention, by totally disregarding long-established rules (and common sense) by imposing (rather than electing) a caucus Chairman, who proceeded to violate State and National rules and hundreds of years of precedent by refusing to recognize valid questioning of his obvious and intentional attempts to unilaterally impose officers, delegates and rules in direct opposition to the majority of delegates present. A quorum of delegates were forced to convene a 'Rump Convention' in the parking lot. What was different was, this 'Rump' Convention actually FOLLOWED the rules, had a QUORUM present, allowed valid motions from the floor not only to be heard (which was not the case in the elite's illegally run convention), but even allowed OPEN and TRANSPARENT votes to occur! Imagine that! A report from a local Oklahoma TV Station will give you more information about what REALLY happened in less than a minute-and-a-half than you will probably receive in watching 24 hours of CNNcBSMSNBCABCFOX or watching, listening to or reading from any of the other corporate-controlled media outlets!

This same type of scurrilous 'Hijacking' by the party elites of a State GOP Convention (over the objections of the majority of delegates present) also occurred today in Arizona, where valid and legally elected delegates supporting Ron Paul were physically removed and (illegally) LOCKED OUT of the arena. The Romney-Led Arizona GOP leadership became unglued after delegates objected to cameras being banned from recording anything, including the numerous irregularities, stunning illegalities and rampant disregard for both Party Rules and the rules of decency! This ham-handed railroading of the State Convention became so blatant and overwhelming as to be embarrassing for even the corrupt party stalwart perpetrators, who decided it was better to conduct their nefarious 'business' behind closed doors with as few witnesses (and NO recording devices!) present. Even with these Stalinist tactics, there were still many eyewitness accounts of ballot stuffing , continual refusal to hear VALID and LEGAL challenges, nominations and requests for motions and votes from the floor by anyone EXCEPT Romney supporters, and other illegal and unethical actions by the Arizona GOP Leadership, and their partners in the Romney Campaign. Unfortunately for the Romney folks and their lackeys in the corrupt AZ leadership, a video was surreptitiously recorded after the Ron Paul delegates were unceremoniously (and illegally) removed. In it, the lack of understanding of basic Roberts Rules of Order, and disregard of Party Rules by those in the Arizona GOP who REALLY 'hijacked' the convention is displayed with unbelievable clarity. The leadership proceeded to 'nominate' and 'elect' a slate of hand-picked ROMNEY national delegates and officers WITHOUT a Quorum, and amidst a remarkable amount of confusion for what is apparently a premeditated 'show trial' of a convention. 

This type of illegal and corrupt behavior by GOP Leadership is typical of what has been occurring across the country in Convention after GOP State Convention. Where the Rule of Law and the Following of Party Rules HAS occurred, the majority of states have overwhelmingly voted to support Ron Paul, including Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington State, Nevada and elsewhere. In many of these states, Ron Paul supporters have also been elected State GOP Chairmen and other top Posts, including Republican National Committee members. While this information is readily available from numerous and reputable state and local TV, Radio, Print Media and Online resources, this important and striking news has been strangely and consistently ABSENT from the national corporate-controlled media! If nothing else, the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign has served to expose the morally and intellectually bankrupt National Media for the biased propagandists that they truly are. But against the hopes of those who have controlled the Republican Party for so long, this will NOT be the only effect Ron Paul and his supporters will have on the 2012 Elections.

Despite the fervent wishes of the Party elites of both the left AND right wings of the DC Demopublican/Republicratic MONEY PARTY, as well as the tireless efforts of the corrupt and intellectually bankrupt National Media, the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign continues to gain support and DELEGATES at an increasing pace. One only has to look at the size, enthusiasm and exponential growth of the crowds who continue to flock to Ron Paul Town Halls and rallies to put lie to the biased reporting (and NON-reporting) by the national corporate media of the Ron Paul Campaign. Add to that the fact that most National Media outlets refuse to report ANY State Convention wins by Ron Paul (except to say he 'hijacked' them!), and the ridiculously falsified and vaporous 'estimated delegate counts' that woefully underreport Paul Numbers and grossly OVERestimate Romney delegate support, and you can understand the growing disconnect between the informed populace and a captured media that doesn't report what is HAPPENING, but attempts to tell people WHAT to THINK!

The dirty BIG secret that the GOP Party Elites, the National Media and their corporate paymasters don't want being boradcast is that Ron Paul supporters are, in fact TAKING OVER the Republican Party- plain and simple. There is ample precedent for this, even in recent American history. Ronald Reagan is the man who showed us how it can (and MUST) be done. Ron Paul is using Ronald Reagan's strategy of taking over the party from the grass roots up, gaining everything from Precinct Delegates to State Leadership to seats on the Republican National Committee. Back in 1976-1980, the media first ignored Ronald Reagan, then ridiculed and belittled him as 'Fringe', Wacko' and other epithets like 'failed, washed-up former actor'. They even tried to cut off his microphone in the middle of a debate! Does all that sound eerily familiar?  

It surely won't be easy for Liberty-Minded people in the Ron Paul mold to evict the entrenched and fossilized Old Guard Republican Leadership. But persistence and a true cause will ultimately prevail over cowardice, treachery and corruption. The advocates of TRUE Liberty will never take no for an answer. In 1776, King George dismissed the American Revolutionaries as 'merely farmers with pitchforks', and assumed that, since they were not in the majority, his use of unbridled force and immoral tactics would prevail and even be supported by the majority of the Colonists. But as Samuel Adams famously said, "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. In 2012, Ron Paul's millions of supporters are today's 'farmers with pitchforks'. One of the tasks farmers use pitchforks for is to remove the BULLSH- er... 'droppings' from the barnyard. The caucuses and primaries this year, and in particular the actions of those who think they 'rule over' us rather than serve us)  have clearly identified the Bulldroppings in the Republican Party. It's time to clean up America's political barnyard- do YOU have your pitchfork ready?