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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The REAL Choice in 2012

Any media outlet calling Ron Paul 'an afterthought' or some other denigrating term is merely whistling past the graveyard along with the rest of the self-appointed 'elites' in the media and the GOP leadership. His fundraising acumen is second to none. Sure, he can't get Wall Street and establishment 'bundlers' to pny up millions in one fell swoop. But he CAN get enormous amounts of cash from individuals, which is another indication of a strong grassroots following- and not a 'fringe' or 'cult' following either. Look beyond the fungible numbers (Pledges vs. Donations), and at the demographics of where each candidate is receiving his campaign contributions. Ron Paul is scary good at getting contributions from across the political spectrum, and not from just a few special-interest groups or one-issue PAC's. If ANY OTHER candidate were to do that, they would easily be anointed the 'undisputed front-runner', and have the pundits, flacks and media lackeys salivating to lick their boots.

Unfortunately, the conventional thinkers in the Party and the old media fail to recognize the new paradigm- that the 2012 Presidential race will no longer be a Personality-Driven media love-fest like in previous elections. This election is being driven by ideas and issues, to the consternation of old-school media types who still want to cover elections like coronations or horse-race-style 'American Idol' events. Ron Paul's 2012 Campaign is driven by issues and ideas, and is underpinned by his unmatched integrity and perseverence. Not one of the other candidates can match him in his depth of economic knowledge, his breadth of ability to focus on the big picture while still being able to debate points of minutae, nor his ability to appeal to voters of ALL political stripes by using common-sense principles grounded in Constituional Tradition.

While other GOP candidates mouth the Paulisms that their teleprompters or handlers' talking points tell them to, Ron Paul is the SOURCE of their most popular and inspiring rhetoric- even if it diametrically opposed to their OWN OPINIONS a few short months or years ago. So the REAL choice is: Do you want someone who will TELL you something you agree with all of the time (and do something ELSE after the election!), or do you want to vote for the candidate who will tell you the hard truths you might not want to hear, but will help save this country from collapse?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Ron Paul: Electorate moving toward me - The Hill's Ballot Box

Ron Paul: Electorate moving toward me - The Hill's Ballot Box

Ron Paul Goofy? Kooky? Insane? Fringe?

Goofy: Sound money and not balancing the Welfare/Warfare Bankster-Industrialist complex on the backs of the Middle Class and Poor through currency-manipulated inflation to fund unnecessary, wasteful and corrupt spending practices.

Kooky: Getting American troops out of the endless wars that kill tens of thousands, spend money we don't have and accomplish nothing other than enriching the coffers of those war profiteers and international banksters and bureaucrats who benefit from them.

Insane: Standing up for the rights of Americans to privacy and against unlawful search and seizure through the Patriot Act- which merely created another Bureaucracy in the DHS and TSA that doesn't keep us safer by utilizing phony 'security theater' like searching men, women and babies at airports who pose NO THREAT to our safety, while downplaying or actively ignoring the real threats we face.

Fringe: Wanting the Federal Government out of our Boardrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Unconstitutional over-reach by the Feds is not only destructive to our individual liberties, but is also unnecessary and costly- creating taxes, inflation and regulations that drain individuals and small-to-medium businesses of the ability to better themselves, create jobs and drive our economy. Instead, adding to the bloated and unnecessary Washington bureaucracy that only consumes and wastes, blocks and stifles economic growth and makes the average American poorer by the minute, while enriching the politically-connected and those who game the system through lobbying cash.

If that's true, I and many of my fellow Americans must be 'Goofy', 'Kooky', 'Insane' and 'Fringe'- since we rely on common sense, critical thinking skills and the U.S. Constitution- rather than the status quo of corruption, waste and fraud that have become the hallmarks of the Federal Government.

Friday, June 3, 2011

President Obama: Economy on bumpy 'road to recovery' - Abby Phillip -

President Obama: Economy on bumpy 'road to recovery' - Abby Phillip -

As a lifelong Detroiter with a family that has been involved at all levels of the auto industry, it is sad to see what has become of the Big 3. The Auto 'Bailouts' (which were actually loans- unlike the billionaire cash-giveaways to the Wall Street banksters) were supposed to PREVENT bankruptcy. That was a blatant lie. Instead, they led to a government-controlled bankruptcy, which violated over 100 years of bankruptcy law, voided Bondholder and Shareholder rights (which raided many retiree's economic lifelines), and ended up being a political payback to the UAW, which received stakes in the companies that they played a large part in driving into the ditch!

If there had been an actual, LEGAL bankruptcy proceeding, then GM and Chrysler would probably have emerged in virtually the same condition they are now, but with a diffferent ownership mix and FAR less Taxpayer dollars down the drain. GM and Chrysler were caught in the credit crunch in 2007-08 when the banks they routinely relied on to finance operating capital (which is a standard industry practice) put them in a corner by refusing to loan them ANYTHING. Picture a small business or a family farm that relies on a revolving line of credit for operating expenses. Imagine that credit line being revoked with no prior notification or valid reason. That is what happened to the US automakers.

In steps the Bush/Obama Bankster Money Machine, where 'no crisis goes to waste', and the law, fairness and common sense go out the window- since the government can virtually take over an industry and make political paybacks to their Union supporters. If a real bankruptcy had been allowed, GM would have been able to raise capital, reorganize and retool in virtually the same manner that it did with Government interference... er 'help'. Chrysler, meanwhile has been de fact taken over by Fiat, which is also a probable outcome that would have taken place in a normal bankruptcy. THe only difference is the political paybacks to the Union, the voiding of the BOndholders' rights, and Billions of dollars in taxpayer money down the drain would NEVER have taken place.

As Ronald Reagan once said, "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help you."