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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Iran, Ron Paul, and What's REALLY the Cause of the 'Crisis'.

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Much is being written about what is snarkily referred to in the media as Presidential Candidate Ron Paul's 'dangerous' foreign policy. Most are using the current 'bad actor' on the World stage, Iran, as their favorite sounding board to misrepresent, then knock down the 'Straw Man' creation that they unfairly allege represents Ron Paul's foreign policy. Most times, they fail to interview or even QUOTE Ron Paul or his campaign, then proceed to present a near-total fabrication as if even remotely resembled Ron Paul's ACTUAL Foreign Policy! We are told that 'Iran wants to attack the U.S. (and, of course, Israel), and closing the Strait of Hormuz is an 'Aggressive' and 'antagonizing' act of defiance (and of course, that Ron Paul would 'do nothing'). While the policies and tactics of the Iranian Regime are despicable in so many ways As are many of the regimes in the Middle East- many of them our 'close allies!), when you strip away the domestic American political rhetoric from this story, and examine it purely from a geopolitical, diplomatic and strategic viewpoint, an entirely different story emerges.

In most accounts of this situation in the American Mainstream Media, you consistently seem to only hear the standard political talking points about 'Iranian Aggression', most always calling it 'unprovoked'. But what they intentionally (or incompetently) always forget to mention is the most important geopolitical action that has precipitated this whole 'Strait of Hormuz' incident. This entire 'confrontation' in the Strait of Hormuz has been spurred primarily by one event: The European Union, backed by the United States, has threatened a 'Death Penalty' sanction on the Iranian Central Bank (as part of the Massive National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA) in response to it's Nuclear Program'. Even Conservative Republican sites like agree with Ron Paul's view on the nature of this crisis, and how dangerous it is for the US to engage in economic and military brinksmanship like this. By taking this serious economic action, the US and it's allies will effectively shut down Iran's ability to not only sell oil, but will effectively make it impossible for Iran to maintain ANY banking relationships on the world markets- precipitously collapsing the Iranian Economy, and forcing their hand militarily. Threatened with this economically unacceptable possibility, most informed observers find that Iran has responded in a predictable and wholly understandable (and economically balanced) manner to this overt (let's put it bluntly) act of Economic War. In essence, the Iranian Regime said that if The West cuts off their ability to sell oil, they will respond in like kind by shutting off the straits of Hormuz, so NO ONE can sell oil from the Gulf. SO this 'confrontation can actually be seen as a DEFENSIVE measure in response to the overtly aggressive economic threats made by the U.S. and it's European allies.

Strip away the emotionalist sabre-rattling and American Political manipulation of this story, and you can boil it down to cold-hard geopolitical and economic facts, backed by predictable diplomatic and military strategies and outcomes. Unfortunately, most in the press are pliantly following the Propaganda lead of the Establishment War-Monger/Profiteers and are using their fear-tactic talking points to demagogue this story in an unfairly manipulative and emotional way in order to further THEIR interests- which are at odds with the interests and safety of the American People, who oppose unnecessary and dangerous wars of aggression. Many Americans are listening to Ron Paul, who accurately points out that these Unconstitutional, undeclared wars and 'conflicts' benefit not the American People, but instead those like the manipulative Internationalist Banksters and the War-Profiteering Military/Industrial Complex.  These people and entities- and NOT the American People- are the ONLY ones who benefit from War, the Instability and distortion of markets and economies, and the pre-emptive use of force to insure that their interests are pre-eminent, if not moral or even lawful. 

In the coming days and months, Americans are being asked to answer one question: Are you going to believe the demagogues running for the GOP nomination who use emotion-heavy and fact-light arguments like 'they hate us because we're free' and other simplistic bumper-sticker Foreign Policy statements designed to inflame emotions and obscure or stifle rational debate? The ones who viciously and personally attack ONE other candidate by misrepresenting his ACTUAL policies and positions? Or are you going to LISTEN to Ron Paul, who looks at foreign policy as a STATESMAN, refuses to engage in personal attacks, but instead forcefully highlights policy differences and factual differences between himself and his GOP opponents, and (in the specific case of the 'Iranian' situation, as with all foreign policy decisions) would, coolly and rationally taking into account all the underlying facts and motivations of ALL the players, then making an assessment based on NOT not what's best to advance his own political future, but instead what's best for AMERICA'S future? 

Just make sure you make an INFORMED decision. Ron Paul ALWAYS does.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Media 'Acknowledge' Ron Paul IS a 'Contender'

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A story by Peter Wallsten in today's Washington Post comes with the headline: 'Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race' Shouldn't the headline read: 'Media and Party Elites FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that Ron Paul Is A Serious Contender'? The Washington Post and the rest of the media are  apparently finally catching up to what is happening outside of the media and political bubbles in NY and DC! The grass roots support has ALWAYS been there for Ron Paul, but the media and the Party Bosses have been suppressing this information, along with any mention of Dr. Paul himself. Through selectively worded and carefully sampled polls (many of which are STILL being foisted on the public as 'scientific'- though their accuracy and methodology is dubious at best), Ron Paul's ACTUAL support among the American electorate has been minimized and disregarded- even to the point where, when he breaks through even the most biased polls, the media either simply omits him, or else ignores it's OWN data- instead perplexingly talking about those finishing just above and even BELOW him! 
Since it has now become impossible to ignore Ron Paul and his obviously growing support, and the tactic of dismissing him and his supporters through condescendingly snarky reporting has backfired, the media and GOP knives have been sharpened, and the REAL attacks have begun. Phony racist charges from 20+ years ago that have been thoroughly and publicly disproven and debunked time and time again seem to be the only 'dirt' that the yellow journalist mafia can dig up about the good Doctor. But that isn't stopping them from attacking, as many articles making outrageously unprovable or easily disproven charges are now floating around in the media like scum rising to the top of a fetid pond.  
Unfortunately for Ron Paul's detractors, since there isn't any REAL evidence, and since the public's regard of the Media's integrity hovers somewhere between Congress' and Serial Killers', the false charges and accusations are actually ADDING to Ron Paul's strength, as most people who are undecided read or see these scurrilous accusations and say: 'If the media and the Party Establishment hate this guy THAT much, I need to find out more about him!'. That inevitably leads to a sort of revelation of the fact that most of the media is either clueless about, incorrect on, or  shamelessly actively working against Ron Paul. 
Ron Paul is doing all Americans a great service, whether they like him or Hate him, as his campaign has exposed (and continues to expose) the hypocrites, liars, sell-outs and the clueless in both the media and in the Political Arena. Among those who are not actually consciously attacking him, it seems that many are truly confused and bewildered by Ron Paul. Maybe they don't know how to respond to a public figure that; tells the truth, even when people don't want to hear it; is consistent on (and actually HAS) his principles, and remains so after 30 years in public life; doesn't seek power for power's sake- even to the point of campaigning to DIMINISH the power of the Presidency and the Federal Government in general; and (most importantly) actually UNDERSTANDS the vital issues of our time, being able to expound at length on ANY subject without benefit of a teleprompter; talking points, 'handlers' or safety net of 'crisis managers'. 
Ron Paul is every bureaucrat's nightmare, and every crony capitalist's nemesis, as he threatens to derail the twin Social Welfare/Corporate Warfare-Welfare Machine that has been draining the life out of the American economy for so long.  Alone among all the Presidential contenders, the is proposing ACTUAL budget cuts- not merely the sleight of hand 'cuts' that only reduce the rate of growth, and in many cases don't take place until 5, 10 or more years into the future (in the altered reality of Washington that = NEVER!). Ron Paul, alone among the contenders proposes REAL regulatory reform, and not the phony reform that allows lobbying mega-corporations to 'buy up' regulations (and regulators!) in order to squeeze consumers and the American taxpayers even tighter. Finally, Ron Paul threatens the Military  Industrial Complex, who, through a combination of scare tactics, a rigged contract bidding system and crony capitalist lobbying, maintain a 'perpetual warfare' state against a vague and ever-shifting enemy. This profitable swindle has enriched the coffers of the very few, while actually weakening America's REAL defense by expending Blood and Treasure abroad in never-ending and wasteful adventurist follies.

What the Crony Capitalists, and their proxies in both wings of the Washington MONEY party (along with their surrogates in the media) are most afraid of the American people seeing clearly for the first time how big business, hand in hand with big government, are raping our rights and freedoms, looting our economy, and turning most Americans into virtual wage-slaves, unable to achieve the American Dream when they are shackled to strategy of mere subsistence.

Ron Paul represents REAL change- and that SCARES those who profit from the corrupt status quo!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Michelle Bachmann- Muslim Hater or Political Opportunist?

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

On 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'on Friday night, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul was asked his opinion on each of his GOP opponents. He said Mitt Romney was 'a nice guy', Newt Gingrich 'should  run for Speaker of the House', and that John Huntsman was 'a good diplomat' and 'a thoughtful person'. But many people are talking about his opinion that Michelle Bachmann 'doesn't like Muslims, she hates Muslims'.

Maybe Michelle Bachmann doesn't 'Hate Muslims', or maybe she does. But the real question is: do people like her,  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum (among many others) in reality LOVE to STIR UP hatred TOWARDS Muslims. These are the same people that decry President Obama for stirring up 'Class Warfare' for political purposes, yet they stir up hatred of Muslims for their OWN political purposes! What did Ron Paul call that? Oh yeah... Serial Hypocrisy. Here in America today we now hear the loud beating of the same tone-deaf tin-drum of war that the Neo-Con and Liberal Progressives LOVE to bang on, as it  deflects blame and attention from the lousy job they are BOTH doing, as well as helping them to consolidate power by taking away our Liberties (and our MONEY!) allowing Big Government to ' keep us safe' from those evil ______ (Insert Target Group Here).

This is an old (but effective!) Propaganda tactic that always works well with that group of people in a society who can't or won't use their OWN critical thinking skills, and abrogate that responsibility to the pundits, the party or their favorite spewer of propaganda on Radio or TV. This tactic relies on the emotionalism of those hearing the hateful message, and the resulting suspension of debate, as ANYONE who disagrees with them MUST, of course, hate America, apple pie and Chevrolet! It is truly astonishing (and more than a little bit frightening) to see otherwise rational people automatically go into mental DEFCON 4 whenever anyone merely questions any aspect of their fragile world view. It used to be that we Americans welcomed open debate as a healthy sign of our democratic Republic. Apparently, we aren't so 'democratic' anymore, and that means we are in danger of LOSING our Republic to those who put power, money an demogoguery ahead of our basic Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Let The Attacks Begin!

                                  Apparently, many 'conservatives' are adopting Progressive tactics!

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

The onslaught of 'Hit Pieces' attacking Ron Paul begins! this anonymous piece of trash in 'Conservative Byte' is just a preview of the type of propagandistic and baseless 'hit pieces' that will now pop up due to Ron Paul's surging popularity. I guess when you can't argue on the merits or the issues, slanderous, unfounded and anonymous attacks are all you have left...

Conservative Byte.... Who is the Cowardly yellow journalist that wrote this piece of tripe filled with unfounded rumours, misleading assertions, faulty conclusions and outright lies? I mean, if you're going to write a slanderous hit piece, at least TRY to get your facts the APPEARANCE of being straight! Unsigned slams like this only tend to debase the work of every writer on this site. Have the courage to stand by your unfounded mudslinging, instead of hiding behind the anonymous banner of the entire site.

I won't waste time refuting any of the scurrilous allegations you asserted, as they have been totally debunked time and time again. Every time Ron Paul starts to get some traction (or is actually WINNING, as he is in Iowa), some hack (or many pseudo-journalists) dredge up this meme in order to try to 'scare' voters into not even considering him. Putting aside the fact that there has NEVER been one video, audio or written piece by Ron Paul to support any allegation of 'racism' (or anti-semitism as well- oops! Spoiler alert on your NEXT unfounded attack piece!), even his opponents will tell you Ron Paul is one of the nicest, most open-minded people you will ever meet. Attacks like this sorry piece of filth only serve to denigrate the writer- except in the minds of those too feeble to think for themselves, or those so blinded by ideology that they react in a hateful, knee-jerk manner to anyone who challenges their limited and divisive world view.

I suggest that you disavow this article immediately, and discontinue this cheap and hateful method of demagoguery, since you not only anger ROn Paul supporters, but you also insult the intelligence of even those who disagree with him. Baseless and propagandistic attacks are usually the last bullet left in the gun of a desperate and morally bankrupt person. You are only hurting yourself and your website's reputation by allowing this type of foolish and hateful propaganda to be spread through it.

Stop this nonsense and talk about the REAL issues that affect America and Americans.  The tactic of tearing others down only results in the weakening of America by crowding out valuable and productive discourse. Even if you vehemently oppose Ron Paul, you have to logically agree that he offers an thoughtful alternative to the mindless lockstep ideas of so many others in all areas of American political thought.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TIME Magazine's Squatter of the Year Award

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

TIME Magazine, in their annual propaganda issue- er... 'Person Of The Year' Issue, has named 'The Protester' as their choice as the most influential individual of the last 12 months. While it is hard to disagree with the choice of the brave individuals in the Middle East and elsewhere who have stood up against tyrannical dictators by risking their very lives, TIME Magazine does a brave disservice to these courageous men and women by conflating their bold efforts with the largely unfocused, disorganized and ultimately ineffective 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters here in the United States. The OWS Protesters perhaps risked their lives by creating many unsanitary and potentially hazardous conditions for themselves, but to equate protesting torture, execution and subjugation by your government with complaining about your student loans, whining about others being richer than you are, as well as  'Climate Change', Animal rights and heaven knows what else is insulting to the very nature of the valid human rights protests in other countries. 

While the OWS protests started with some very basic and arguably sound issues, such as the failure to prosecute ANYONE responsible for the Financial Collapse of 2007-08, and the oversize influence of the corrupt Financial industry, it's unfocused nature has simultaneously allowed it to  devolve into the twin-headed monster of both an anti-capitalist protest, and it's capture as a vehicle for both the Democratic National Committee and the Obama Presidential Campaign to advance their Class-Warfare theme for 2012. Moreover, the OWS protests' failure to even QUESTION- let alone focus on- Government's role in the current crisis, let alone the corruption stretching from Capitol Hill and the White house through K-Street directly to Wall Street undermines and bankrupts and Moral or logical high ground the protesters may have tried to claim. As Napoleon the Pig said in Orwell's 'Animal Farm'- "All animals are created equal- some are just more equal than others". TIME seems to have adopted this theme as their template for reporting on the OWS protests! 

Another of Orwell's books '1984' accurately defines the media reportage on this 'protest', as the 'Doublespeak' on the reporting of the unruly, unlawful and generally confused OWS protests seems to be using a wholly different criteria than that used by most outlets for the orderly, law-abiding and focused Tea Party protests in 2007-2010. Many of the 'People's Microphone' tactics seem to eerily echo the 'Two Minutes Hate' tactic that Big Brother used to channel public outrage into 'acceptable' outlets, while the early Tea Party Protests were quite egalitarian in allowing anybody and everybody to have their say, even if their was disagreement with a particular viewpoint.  Of course, the label 'Tea Party' has become somewhat muddled, as Big-Money GOP interests have insinuated many Neo-Con 'Wolf' Organizations in Tea Party 'Sheep' clothing since the 2010 elections, and many supposed 'Tea Party' events now more resemble GOP fundraisers and Party-Line echo chambers than the original open-mic Tea Parties of the early days. 

Giving credit where credit is due, the DNC moved more swiftly and efficiently in it's infiltration (and instigation of) many OWS protests than the GOP Elites did in their attempted co-option of the Tea Party. It is truly contemptible, and unbelievably transparent the way the White House and the DNC have used the OWS protests to further their agenda, taking an amorphous and unfocused protest and seemingly 'channeling' their message of class warfare, Government entitlements and hatred of the Capitalist system as the 'face' of this movement. The pliant Progressive media also seems to be marching to the Progressive drum circle beat in eerily pushing the same 'talking points' propaganda themes about OWS in unison. More troubling, however, is their deliberate ignoring of the darker side of these protests- the disregard of private property rights, the open flaunting of public laws regarding protests, public health and even rape, robbery and illegal substance abuse. 

Everything the Progressive media (unfairly) accused the Tea Party protesters of has unfortunately been the hallmark of many of the OWS protests. Many of the incidents of racism, violence against women, incitement to violence and other heinous things at the OWS protests that the Media were NEVER able to find evidence of at the Tea Party gatherings (though not for lack of trying or even fabricating!) were on open display at many OWS gatherings,(But curiously were ignored or downplayed in reporting!). In many cases, if you look in-depth at the reportage of the OWS protests, the terminology, optics and tone used by the sympathetic media types were similar to the coverage of a 'garden party' or an ice cream social. Coincidentally, while there were some incidents of Police over-reaction to protesters, many of the 'incidents' of 'police brutality' were a direct result of the tactics of provoking such incidents by protesters who took 'classes and instruction from groups like the Marxist 'Working  Families Party' who actually recruited, trained and paid many of the protesters.

When TIME Magazine refused to even ACKNOWLEDGE the Tea Party protester as one of their 'top stories of the year' in 2009 it was flabbergasting, as the Tea Party Movement turned out to be one of the largest populist political movements in the last 50 years! Of course, when they even covered it at all during that year, it was through the filter of a progressive East-Coast Media elite viewpoint, where massive anti-government protests in 'flyover country' are viewed as mere distractions, while smaller protests for the 'correct reasons' are magnified and shouted from the rooftops of their penthouse coktail parties on Manhattan's upper east side. So it is no surprise that TIME now overemphasizes what is actually a smaller, less focused and more 'astroturfed' (as Nancy Pelosi would say) protest movement as it's 'Person Of The Year'. One thing you can say about TIME Magazine and much of the insular Establishment Progressive Media: they certainly ARE consistent- in their biases.

It is no surprise to anyone except the true believers in the Progressive cause that the readership and confidence (if any) in 'Old' Mdia such as TIME Magazine continues to plummet, as their increasingly insular and warped world view is rejected by those with even a minimum of critical thinking ability. With every article published, and every misguided analysis, it would seem that TIME has adopted as their motto "Who are you going to believe, US, or your own lyin' eyes?"

Monday, December 12, 2011

The NEW Media Tactic to Marginalize Ron Paul

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

In this piece by Gerald F. Seib in the Wall Street Journal, the media unveils it's newest tactic to combat the continuing growth in popularity of Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign. Since the policy of ignoring him completely failed, then the tactic of dismissing him and his supporters as a 'fringe movement' has been eclipsed by his mainstream successes, the MONEY Party elites and their toadies in the corporate media are now attempting to marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters by backhandedly 'accepting' his successes, while relegating him to a 'spoiler' role.

In his article, Mr. Seib still manages to hit all the major GOP Establishment 'talking points' to minimize and demean Ron Paul and his supporters. However,  in what now appears to the new strategy of 'damning with faint praise' has been passed around for mass consumption (since the previous strategy of totally ignoring him has proven unworkable, and his supposed 'ceiling' of support has moved higher- first it was 5%, then 10%, then 15%). Now, it seems, Ron Paul doesn't have 'supporters' like other candidates, he has 'followers'- so you can isolate and mock them as if they are not expressing their Right to support a candidate like every other American. He is a 'spoiler' and not a 'contender'- since he 'spoils' the establishment's strategy of putting in yet another corporate, big-government shill like Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc.. When other candidates (insincerely) advocate 'small government', it is praised- with Ron Paul, it's a 'Gospel of small government and hard money'- as if this is some 'cult' idea, not actually what mainstream America identifies with- as Mr. Seib hypocritically  points out later in the very same article! If Ron Paul wins Iowa, it's not a 'win', but an 'inconclusive outcome', 'muddying the waters' and a 'boon to Romney'. Kind of strange how a loss by a candidate who has spent a lot of money is a 'boon', and a win by a media and establishment underdog is not actually a 'win'!

Later in the article, Mr. Seib states:  "If Mr. Paul really exceeds expectations in Iowa, that also might set the stage for him to break away from the GOP down the road and mount an independent presidential run. After all, he ran once before as a Libertarian Party candidate, in 1988." Really? Whose expectations? The Media Pundits? The Party Establishment? Surely not the 'expectations' of the electorate, since we have yet to cast the first ballot, and the process is designed to vet candidates, not handicap it like a horse race. Because many reputable and respected news outlets, some nationally but many INSIDE Iowa are now saying that Ron Paul has the most support in both breadth and depth, the best organization and the best chance of winning, most GOP Party apparatchiks and their surrogates in the Media will now continue to bring up the despicably crass propaganda theme of a Ron Paul 'possible third-party run'- in the hopes of dissuading undecided primary voters and caucus-goers, and soft supporters of other candidates from voting for Paul by unfairly smearing his consistently Conservative Republican reputation. This tactic, which includes calling him a (Big 'L') 'Libertarian' instead of a REPUBLICAN as much as possible, is clearly a media-driven theme, as it totally discounts the fact that Ron Paul is a long-time elected REPUBLICAN who is in the Top Tier of candidates in most reputable polls, and actually has a shot at winning the nomination (highlighting another tactic of constantly calling him a 'long-shot' and always saying 'but of course he has NO CHANCE of winning').

Constantly citing Polls that show his 'support is primarily among young people' is another propaganda tactic of trying to marginalize him. Disregarding the fact that Polls can be easily manipulated in numerous ways (and usually ARE), even by these flawed means of measuring support Ron Paul surely DOES attract a large number of young people. But the propagandistic pundits and selectively deceptive polls conveniently fail to mention he also attracts a lot of middle-aged, retiree and young adult supporters as well as Students and new, young voters. More over, Ron Paul- more than ANY other GOP contender- attracts overwhelmingly more independents and even DEMOCRAT supporters than any of his competitors! That fact alone- if it applied to any of the other GOP candidates-  would have ANY of his rivals being declared by the media and the party as the odds-on favorite to win the nomination and beat Obama. But of course, it's 'Ron Paul', who isn't in the pockets of the K-Street Lobbyists and the Goldman Sachs Mafiosos who suck up Government money and power like mother's milk! So instead, it's called an 'abberation', and thus makes him 'less Republican'.

No, Ron Paul is NOT the 'Wild Card' in the race as Mr. Seib painfully tries to assert... He is actually the Republican Party's 'Ace-In-The-Hole'- if they truly wish to defeat Barack Obama. Compared to Ron Paul, his broad and deep support base, and his record of consistently Conservative positions, the other candidates are merely flawed contenders with a strong but limited appeal. Most importantly, the GOP Leadership seems to want to ignore the fact that the DNC and the Obama Campaign will have a field day tearing Gingrich, Romney and the others to shreds in the General Election- simply by using their own words and record to do so. 

It's time for the GOP Leadership and the Media to stop treating Ron Paul and his supporters as the pariahs of the GOP. Remember in 1976 and 1980? The Republican establishment and the media all treated Ronald Reagan and his supporters EXACTLY the way Ron Paul and HIS supporters are being treated now. Remember how THAT turned out? The 'washed-up actor' and his 'band of fringe conservatives' won the election by the biggest landslide in modern American political history. Whether The GOP Elites and the media like it or not, Ron Paul and his supporters represent the future of the Republican Party. He alone brings new and youthful (and middle age and retiree) blood back into the party. He does that by returning to the basic policies and ideals of small-government and individual liberties that USED to define Republicanism. The American people are also realizing that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who will truly turn this country away from the corporatist corruption that has insinuated itself into the core of BOTH parties.

Republicans now have a choice: reinvigorate the party with a return to it's Core Principles that Ron Paul espouses, or go the way of the Whig Party, which (after dominating politics for decades) decided it would ignore it's grass roots supporters, discard it's core principles and attempt to impose it's 'preferred' candidates upon the electorate in 1856 in a desperate attempt to maintain it's power in Washington. By 1860, the once-dominant Whig Party was gone... Replaced by the upstart and grass-roots responsive- REPUBLICAN PARTY! Ron Paul is pointing the way to a new era, not only for the Republican Party, but for ALL Americans! It is time to cast off the jaundiced eyepiece of the corporate media, ignore the sour siren's song of the corrupt and morally bankrupt politics of the past, and to embrace a return to the basic principles and policies that made America the Greatest Country on Earth. It is time to elect President Ron Paul.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you a Con Man, or one of the conned?

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

In an article in TIME MAGAZINE, Massimo Calabresi puts forth the proposition that the Federal Reserve 'Saved The World Economy' by bailing out all it's member banks and their affiliates by creating tens of Trillions of dollars, then paying themselves off with it!  Maybe the Fed 'Saved the World' for the Uber-Large International Banking Cartel and those FInancial services companies well-connected to it, , but in doing so it has nearly destroyed the American economy. While you sit in your ivory tower,  Mr. Calabresi, those of us in 'Flyover Land' have had to deal with our savings' and investments' value being wiped out, our home values being decimated, and we are just now beginning to deal with the incipient runaway inflation. No, not the phony 'government statistical' inflation, the REAL WORLD inflation of energy, food, health care and housing that the government 'conveniently' omits from it's fantasyland figures. Likewise, the REAL WORLD unemployment rate remains at over 20%- not the relatively rosy 9% or so that the government concocts by only counting those on the dole, and not those who no longer qualify, or are what is so Orwellian-ly termed 'under-employed'. 

There has been no 'recovery' since 2007- despite the flat-noted trumpeting of such an occurrence being regularly broadcast every quarter since the downturn began. We've been 'right around the corner' so many times that the entire block has been worn smooth, and now most pundits and economists are reduced to running in circles of logic around it when explaining away what is obvious to everybody else. TIME, like the rest of the captured corporate media, is reduced to the role of a cheerleader in a prison camp. Nobody believes what they are pushing, but everybody is either too afraid to speak out, or else stifled from stating what is clearly obvious to everyone: America is Broke; the International Banksters and their revolving-door allies the Government Bureaucrats are looting the economy; and no one in the Media. government or industry (is there a difference anymore?) is willing to level with the American people.

Articles like this one are being taken in three ways by the American Public: They are swallowed whole by the sheeple who are trained to believe whatever anyone 'in authority' tells them; They are believed on faith by those who have been bathed in ignorance for many years by the education system and the government schools; or else they are derided as outrageously bombastic propaganda by those who have enough critical thinking skills to figure out a con job when they see it.

The only question is, Mr. Calabresi: Are you one of the con men, or one of the conned?

Ron Paul's Strength in the 'Youth' Vote... And the Middle-Aged, and the Senior...

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Sarah Palermo of the scripps-Howard News Service writes in her latest column in The Republic , dismissing the Youthful Enthusiasm of young Ron Paul supporters, that "Young voters tend not to pay very much attention," to politics, until "they get that first steady job, they get married, have kids, have a house."

They ARE paying attention, Mr. Smith. Just like middle-aged and older voters. They can't FIND that 'steady job', or are working at one well below their qualifications. They are worried about getting married- or BEING married- because they don't know if they can raise a family, even on two incomes. They may not be able to afford a house, or might be in danger of LOSING their house (or already lost it) due to the above reasons.

Too many pundits are reading the electorate by the old paradigms- Party Loyalty, affiliation with groups like age, race, ethnicity or income. But the 2010 election was just the beginning of a huge paradigm shift in American politics. Most people are NOT swayed by that 'influential talking head or news network. Most people won't vote for someone merely because of their party (many in fact will vote AGAINST them!). Even the older voter no longer will vote for someone because they 'trust him to protect Social Security'.

There is more information floating around than just the TV News and Newspapers. The electorate is more informed than at any time in our history, and they are downright ANGRY at what they have learned! Pundits and Party Elites are still trying to put voters in their 20th-Century 'boxes' and spoon-feed them the same old horse manure that 'always works'. What they still fail to realize is that, while you may preach to the choir successfully, whole sections of that choir have bolted and are deciding to sing solo. The American electorate is now leaving the old Two-Party (or One-And-One-Half Party) behind. They are coming more and more to realize that while the rhetoric from both wings of the ruling MONEY Party may SOUND different, the end results out of Washington are still the same wasteful, corrupt and managed Big-Government that has driven this country into literal bankruptcy.

Ron Paul is confounding traditional pundits and the party elites by saying what he believes instead of what he THINKS people want to hear. They are realizing he was the only 'voice in the wilderness' who actually warned us of our current catastrophe YEARS ago. They also are waking up to the fact that Ron Paul's most vociferous critics are the same people who called him 'a 'kook',  'fringe' and other demeaning names when he was ACCURATELY predicting the coming American Financial Meltdown.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate not afraid to speak unpopular truths- no matter the audience. Perhaps his many years experience as a practicing Physician trained him in telling people the hard truths they needed to hear, and in prescribing the harsh medicine they needed to endure in order to restore their health. Dr. Paul is now writing the prescription to save America from financial, social and societal catastrophe. While many wish to cover their ears and shout 'crazy' while he gives them their needed prescription, more are heeding the call to take the harsh medicine for America that the Good Doctor is prescribing. Many are also waking up to the fact that the alternative economic medicine being prescribed by the Snake-Oil salesman who oppose him is actually just more of the same bad medicine that got us deeper and deeper into the mess we now find ourselves in.

Don't take my word for it- do your own research. Look at ALL the candidates and their proposals. Match them up against their rhetoric and their record. I think you may just end up where I am at- not liking what Dr. Paul is prescribing, but realizing it's for the good of America's very survival.

Listen to the Good Doctor. Ron Paul 2012

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Space Exploration Funding vs. Feeding The World

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.
Whenever the topic of space exploration comes up, neo-luddites always seem to rear their rock-swaddled heads and scream 'we could better spend that money HERE on EARTH!'. The Apollo program (by even the most conservative estimates) yielded roughly seven dollars in new technology, processes and other economic benefits for every one dollar spent! Space exploration is probably the most cost-effective expenditure the U.S. Government has ever made. I mean, you wouldn't have as advanced a computer (if one at all!) to post your anti-technology rants on if it weren't for the space program, and nearly every beneficial aspect of our modern society is built on a foundation laid by some aspect of the original space program. SO arguments against the benefits of a robust and vital space exploration program usually are politically-motivated and rarely are based in a factual costs/benefits analysis.

But this bias against the true benefits of scientific exploration is not limited to space. This irrational and emotional failure to actually comprehend what is right in front of us can be extended to criticism of ALL basic scientific research- as money 'wasted' on theoretical physics, biology and other esoteric areas will inevitably yield the next breakthroughs in energy, genetics or food production that will save countless lives, employ millions and increase the standard of living for all humanity.

Still, many cling to the false idea that we must 'choose' between research and 'spending here on Earth'. Let's look at this with a jaundiced eye: We can spend the money instead by propping up third-world dictators with 'humanitarian aid' that is either used as a weapon, or sold to actually BUY weapons. Or we can waste money trying to 'fight global climate change' by funding corrupt grant-chasing scientists and money-grubbing politicians joined at the hip with well-connected 'businessmen' who care not a whit about the environment, but only about increasing their own net worth by gaming a corrupt economic crony capitalist system to their own benefit. Or maybe we can pump more money into the hands of the corrupt international bankster junta so THEY can squeeze third, second and FIRST-world nations and drive all of humanity further into poverty and deeper into their dystopic control regime.

It's your choice. You can gather information and assess it based on the probable positive outcomes, both socially and economically. But please make it an INFORMED one, rather than a knee-jerk reaction based on propaganda and mis-information designed to further someone's ends that probably don't coincide with your own.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Don't Go Down the Chute at the Charnel House!

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

I post, comment and generally spout off on a LOT of message boards and news sites- from international Media Conglomerates all the way down to the Little Blogs That Could. In my travels around cyberspace, I see a lot of anti-intellectual arguments about Ron Paul, such as "OMG, the Paulites are out tonight", "what a Paultard" and on and on ad-nauseum. Many posters (and even journalists) then proceeded to 'add nothing to the debate' with dismissive (and inaccurate) comments about things like the ridiculously inaccurate "Ron Paul's an isolationist" neo-con talking point, or just plain rude and sophomoric name-calling. This is (unfortunately) typical of much of what Ron Paul and his supporters are up against. Even if you wikipedia the vast difference between 'isolationism' and 'non-interventionism' (apparently many MUST get their info from there!), it's easy to dissemble that argument, and quite frankly, most of the simplistic and fallacious arguments against Dr. Paul.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul's supporters (most of them) soldier on through the ad-hominem attacks, the glittering generalities, the straw man attacks and all the other dishonest propaganda tactics, and continue to ask the hard questions in a reasonable manner. They also persist in deflecting and destroying the jingoistic bumper-sticker neo-con big government talking points thrown at them that are the only intellectual (!) ammunition many opponents seem to have against Dr. Paul.

Denigrating a candidate or his supporters in a simplistic and non-productive way is not 'debate'. It is propaganda. But it IS effective in deflecting the debate away from the issue being argued, and causing the attackee to either defend himself, or go back at the attacker in a similar manner. This is EXACTLY the purpose of such attacks- just ask Saul Alinsky! We, as supporters of Ron Paul and even more importantly, advocates of the principles that he espouses, must resist the temptation to respond in like fashion to the puerile attacks that we continually endure.

Instead, we need to continue the REAL debate and wake people up to how they are being robbed, jobbed and lobbed into the flaming pit of economic serfdom! We need to keep alive debate about the REAL issues facing America; the horrible cost in both lives and economically of the 5 (at least)  wars; the downward spiral that crony capitalism and corruption in D.C. have put this country into both economically and socially; the deleterious effects of the 'War On Terror' and War On Drugs'- whose only REAL effects seem to be the enrichment of those well-connected to the government (crony capitalism) and the massive consolidation of government power at the expense of the wealth, welfare and Civil Liberties of the vast majority of Americans; the phony and destructive 'efforts' of Congress and the President to negotiate a budget (none for three years now!) and the even more ridiculous Kabuki Dance about 'cutting' the budget that doesn't even use real or real-time numbers- let alone accomplish anything within the realm of reality!

Now, they may call us 'Paultard' or say how 'loony' these ideas are.... I welcome such attacks! They only serve to prove the points I have outlined above, and to put lie to the empty arguments being used against the fight for Liberty. When we respond in a rational and calm manner (yet still forceful and determined), we begin to win the argument by staking out the moral and intellectual high ground, and refusing to climb in the quicksand pit of emotional propaganda.

We need to wake up America- or else we will ALL continue to be led like political sheeple down the chute at the Government Charnel House.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

CBS News owes the candidates on it's Debate stage, as well as it's viewing audience an apology.

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

What Follows is the text of my formal complaint to CBS News over the farcical and blatantly biased 'debate' the network hosted on November 12, 2011. I suggest anyone who was as shocked, disappointed and disgusted with the outrageous and shameless promotion of 'certain' candidates, and the obvious exclusion and dismissal of others will follow the link above to register your own complaint.

I am very disappointed with the format and execution of your GOP 'Debate' this evening. The distribution and time given to each candidate was so grossly disproportionate as to go beyond mere bias into the area of 'advocacy journalism'. Edward R. Murrow is spinning in his grave to see such a sham being peddled as a debate! All you have to do is look at the distribution of questions and time allotted to each candidate to see how unfair and ridiculously biased this affair was.

Contrasting this fiasco with the recent CNBC debate on the economy is a study in extremes. CNBC was EXTREMELY fair to each candidate, allowing EACH candidate to respond to EACH topic, and using follow-up questions to elucidate and expand on their answers. By comparison, the debate on CBS obviously and purposefully AVOIDED asking certain candidates ANY questions on MOST topics. Furthermore, follow-up questions were ONLY directed at Romney, Gingrich and (occasionally) Perry and Cain, and most times were mere restatements which allowed the candidates to add nothing to their previous answers.

CBS News owes the candidates on stage who were denied a fair chance to respond to the questions given to the 'chosen few' candidates, as well as it's viewing audience an apology. We were all expecting an actual 'debate', when in reality what was aired was essentially a joint press-conference for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. If no apology is proffered, or worse, justification for what is essentially an indefensible presentation is instead served, then greater damage to the reputation of the once 'Tiffany Network' and it's tarnished 'Crown Jewel' of a News Department will be done than has already been suffered by the mere presentation of this debacle of a debate.

I sincerely hope that you are able to look beyond the prospects of future political advertising and favors from those candidates who were 'promoted' by CBS through this program, and see the damage CBS has done to the American political system through it's attempt to unduly influence an election by showing blatant bias towards certain candidates, and against others.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Listen to the good Doctor and take your medicine, America.

Listen up, America. I've heard the criticisms of Ron Paul. No, not the irrational name-calling, weird 'conspiracy' and carnival-mirror characterizations of his policies or the Mainstream Media deliberate ignorance. No, I'm talking to the "I like Ron Paul, but..." segment of those with actual critical thinking skills who've actually read his policies, but have doubts based on either the part of his postition they disagree with, or the irrational 'he's unelectable' argument that is the fallback slam of a lazy, bought-and-paid-for corporate media.

You like Ron Paul. You say he is straightforward, intelligent, and understands limited government philosophically and practically better than all his opponents. But you are also saying that in order for Ron Paul to be taken seriously as a Republican, he has to sacrifice his principles, intellectual honesty an credibility on the altar of 'Party Loyalty'?

That's the problem with American Politics in general and Washington D.C. in particular- too many people sacrifice their principles to 'get along' and just 'get something passed'. That's how we end up with abominations like the bloated debt and spending morass we are now in, as well as the total inability of the Federal Government to even function in a realistic and rational manner! Compromise on tactics and implementation is one thing, but compromising basic ideals and principles amounts to a slow (or not so slow) societal suicide.

So many Politicians, pundits and bureaucrats have bargained away their core principles to 'go along and get along' that they can't even comprehend RIGHT and WRONG anymore- economically, socially or morally. When someone like Ron Paul comes along, they are confused because he doesn't fit in any of the standard ethically-challenged boxes that most politicians gladly slide into. Maybe the politicians, pundits and bureaucrats need to wake up, as many of the American people have, to the fact that 'Business as Usual', and the culture of morally relative compromise are not 'ideals' for politicians in D.C. to aspire to, but the CORE PROBLEM that has caused America's major crises in the present day.

Ron Paul isn't afraid to be brutally honest- about America's problems, their root causes, and the painful steps needed to solve them. Too many people seem willing to accept comfortable lies that dig us deeper in the hole, rather than confront the hard truths about our situation. Only Ron Paul has a record of stating honestly (if sometimes un-popularly) what our misguided policies will lead to. Many of those in the GOP who now echo Ron Paul's cautionary explanation of our predicament are the same ones who only a few short years ago either excoriated or laughed at him for stating the very same positions they now purportedly espouse!

The time is getting very late America, and we are now peering over an economic and societal tipping point. Our choice is clear: Do we want to continue the failed policies that have led to our current crisis, hoping for a different result? Or do we need to listen to the man who who has warned over the last 30 years that these policies will lead to the very dire situation that America now finds itself in? You may not like the taste of the Medicine that Dr. Paul is prescribing, but if you are fully informed, you will know that it is necessary. Your choice is do you want to swallow the economic and policy potions of the usual snake-oil salesman, hoping that THIS time the cure will work? Or do you want to listen to REAL Doctor, and take the medicine that will make America Healthy, Sound and whole once again?

Ron Paul 2012.

Listen to the good Doctor and take your medicine, America.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Does Herman Cain's Situation REALLY Mean?

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Let's look at this whole Herman Cain situation soberly and without the lens of partisanship and campaign spin from ANY side. It's not about race. It's not about 'allegations' (there WAS a settlement after an investigation, after all). When you get right down to it, it's not even about sexual harassment. It's about competence, character and the ability to manage and get through a crisis.

It's about how a candidate handles the pressure of a tough campaign, and all the curveballs thrown at him or her. Disregard the actual substance of the 'allegations', 'charges' or 'findings'- because ultimately, they are merely the template upon which a candidate is tested. This glimpse of how a candidate will perform under pressure is a window into how he or she will perform as President under much more enormous pressure.

If you disregard the Republicans' fundraising hyperbole about 'high-tech lynching' and the hypocritical bluster about 'hypocrisy' from the Democrats, you have to judge Herman Cain's reaction and handling of this crisis in his campaign with a critical and jaundiced eye.

It is obvious he has failed miserably. Walking back statements. Claiming to know nothing about multiple charges of sexual harassment- who could 'forget' being accused about something like this? Especially if they were 'false charges' as Mr. Cain is asserting? Just think in your OWN personal life if you were the target of such allegations- I know I would have such an incident seared into my memory for life!

The only conclusions we can draw are: Mr. Cain deliberately lied and hoped the whole incident would blow over- as if THAT would happen in a hotly contested Presidential Campaign!; That he thought since the records are 'sealed' with a confidentiality agreement that he could say anything to defend himself, and there could be no rebuttal- OOPS! A 'confidentiality' agreement works both ways, and you have to know the press will dig it up anyway.; Lastly, perhaps Mr. Cain actually DOESN'T remember this incident from only 12 years ago. THAT would be the most damning indictment against his ability to lead this country, as 'forgetting about' such an intense episode that occurred only 12 years ago can only indicate that Mr. Cain possesses a severely faulty cognitive reasoning process, that could, in the future, endanger not only his potential Presidency, but the Nation as a whole.

Once you get past the Partisan rhetoric, and even the facts of the cases that were settled by Mr, Cain and the National Restaurant Association, you have to use this incident to judge the character and abilities of one Herman Cain. I, for one find those qualities severely lacking in what I am looking for in a President.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Student Loan Crisis-REAL Solutions- Not Demagoguery!

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Anything in the private sector the Government Subsidizes, guarantees, bails out, or takes over (either outright or de facto) inevitably increases in cost beyond what it would be in a free and fair market. Subsidizing student loans has allowed the Education Establishment to raise tuition rates outrageously for years and years, because they know that students would always have 'Uncle Sugar' to 'guarantee' those loans. This subsidy of the education market by government has allowed colleges and universities to inevitably increase costs to the point where NO ONE (except the VERY wealthy) could afford a college education without taking on a massive amount of (government-guaranteed) debt! Since the loans are guaranteed, the lenders have had no qualms about the ever rising costs, since they would be 'bailed out' by the government on an individual basis when students defaulted. The educational institutions also had no qualms about continually raising tuition, since the students (who because of their age and inexperience) generally didn't think about the consequences of amassing a debt big enough to make them 'wage slaves' for much of their ensuing careers! Thus, educrats encouraged generations of students to 'not worry' about the eventual costs that they would eventually be required to repay, since that was 'far in the future', and college would get you 'a good job with high pay'. This is similar to how drug dealers 'hook' young impressionable kids, by only pushing the 'upside'- and hiding the risks, REAL costs and negative effects of the products they are selling.

Moreover, the educational finance system, in the form of the economic monster it ha now devolved into, is an unfair 'redistribution of wealth'- which forces the average American- whether they are college educated or not- be obligated through taxpayer support to take on the massive burden of those who cannot (usually through no fault of their own) sustain the crushing burden of Student Loan Debt. Those who are NOT college educated are unfairly asked to subsidize those who CHOSE to pursue a higher education, and those who are ALREADY college educated are asked to subsidize and absolve of responsibility those who cannot repay- even as they themselves are required to pay back THEIR Student Loan Debt load- WITHOUT a government subsidy or bail-out! Talk about creating class divisions between Americans! What is NOT needed to remedy this untenable situation is MORE of the same behavior and failed economic policy that got us into this mess in the first place. That is EXACTLY what President Obama is proposing, as he seems to do on just about every other economic problem- doubling down on failed policy with an even BIGGER failure!

What Ron Paul proposes is a drastic change- but it is a REALISTIC and workable solution. It will NOT throw those currently in the system 'out on the street', as the fear-mongering demagogues from the left and right are suggesting (the 'throw grandma off the cliff' propaganda tactic). Dr. Paul is clear that those in the present system will have the promises made to them honored, but is also adamant that what is needed to fix this massive problem- PERMANENTLY- is a structural change away from Government policies that distort, inflate and ultimately destroy whatever market they intend to 'help'- be it Student Loans, the Housing Market, 'Green Energy' and on and on ad-nauseum. Students deserve to have access to a quality higher education, but the present system is progressively and exponentially making that impossible by artificially inflating the costs, so much so that the ultimate College Education price tag is beyond the reasonable capability for even a higher-income career path to repay in a reasonable amount of time. Whatever the quality of the job you get after receiving your degree, if too much of your income during your employment life is going to be sucked up by the repayment of debt, the quality of your life that your receive from having that degree is profoundly diminished, as your income is stolen by the usurers in league with the government and the educational establishment that have conspired to steal your money, your future, and any hope of having a productive life beyond college.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Insidious Nature of the 'Flat' and Fair' Income Tax

'9-9-9'? A flat 20%? On the face of it, they both sound good. Catchy, simple- and grossly unfair when you scratch below the surface! How about 0-0-0? Or a REALLY flat 0%? Ron Paul says that the income tax is the Government saying it OWNS you, AND your income- 'graciously' allowing you to keep a portion after it takes it's big cut off the top. What most of these candidates fail to mention (as well as most of the media), is that '9-9-9' or a flat 20% is so regressive- in that both tax schemes unfairly take from the poor and the middle class a larger share of their income than either does from the moderately rich or the very wealthy. If you make $20,000,000 a year, 20% is $4,000,000. That's a hefty sum, but you STILL have $16 mil! If you make $30,000 (and are trying to raise a family!), that's $6000, leaving you with only $24,000 for food, shelter, energy, education, clothing and other necessities. 

But the solution is not the job-killing and also patently unfair 'soak the rich' plan that so many Big-Government Progressives favor. Even if you make $1,000,000, if you're a business owner, you likely don't BANK all your income, but re-invest it in your company. That $4 mil the gov't takes is $4 mil that you WON'T be using to hire new employees, expand your business creating new jobs or investing in plant and equipment that also create jobs. And the VERY wealthy ALWAYS will find a way to hide, stash or (most destructively) EXPORT their income overseas. Again, money being taken out of the U.S. economy that could be put to productive job-creating investment here at home.

When you eliminate the income tax totally, with he revenues STILL there from the remaining revenue streams, you will only go back to about 2002 revenue levels. The government ran without too many problems w-a-a-a-a-y back ten years ago, so why can't it now? Too many bureaucrats trying to protect their useless jobs, too many individuals and corporations feeding off of the government trough, and too many lawyers, lobbyists and crooks siphoning taxpayer money out of the government that could be better used in the private sector to create REAL jobs! Ron Paul proposes paring down the total workers, eliminating useless and counter-productive agencies (while still rolling their USEFUL programs into more streamlined agencies), and getting America back to work by getting the Federal Government Monster off the backs of every American, out of their wallets, and out of the job of micro-(mis)managing every economic decision that every small, medium and large business makes.

A message for Big Government Demopublicans AND Republicrats: Quit hiding behind 'the children', first responders and other vital parts of LOCAL and STATE governments! The Federal government should NOT be funding those jobs in the first place! State and local governments, while not perfect, are more responsive to the needs of their constituents, and FAR more responsible in utilizing those dollars. All the Federal Bureaucrats and their enablers in D.C. do is take our state and local money, then dole a PORTION of it back to us, and tell us we 'can't get along without Federal dollars'! What a joke. How about leaving ALL of our money at the state and local level- without the strings, unfunded mandates and ridiculous and counterproductive Federal rules and regulations that go along with it?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blame America? NO! Blame American Foreign Policy!

American support of murderous dictatorial regimes is the ROOT CAUSE of much of the Terrorism in the world today. This is not what the uninformed or hopelessly indoctrinated call 'blaming America', nor is it a 'conspiracy theory'- it is simply rationally assessing the cause and effect of over 100 years of adventurist American Foreign Policy, and the myriad unintended consequences of that flow from the policy of interference in the internal affairs of other nations. Most times, 'Vital American  National Interests' have nothing to do with American support for the Worst Of The Worst, though vital ECONOMIC Interests of the International Banksters, the Military Industrialists, and their proxies in the Government most assuredly DO!

Clockwise, from left: King Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaKing Abdullah II of JordanTeodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial GuineaIslam Karimov of UzbekistanKurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan

Examples? Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, General Suharto of Indonesia, Anastazio Somoza of Nicaragua, Saddam Hussein (yes!) of Iraq, Fulgencio Bautista of Cuba, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Muammar Khadaffi (yes!)- and that's just the SHORT list from the PAST of murderous dictators supported, encouraged or actually put in power by America! How did all of our support for THOSE thugs work out? Just look at how the people of those countries feel about America to this day. Many of the people in those countries harbor a deep-seated hatred for America, in what CIA Analysts call 'blow-back'- a hostile retaliation motivated by a deep-seated resentment toward US Policies and support of Dictators. Blow-Back invariably leads individuals and groups to strike out at American Interests. That is not justification for the heinous acts of criminals and madmen, but goes a long way to explaining the motivation and reasons behind peoples' intense hatred that drives them to murder and mayhem. 

In today's American-supported rogue's gallery of murderous dictatorships, we can include King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan, Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov of Turkmenistan, Teodoro Mbasogo of Equitorial Guinea, the current and former regime in Pakistan- and the list (and the murders, torture, rape, looting and exploitation) go on and on! How many of the current dictatorships we support around the world are currently provoking people to attack America and Americans for simply our government's supporting those who attack, exploit and murder THEM? How much of this could have been prevented by the U.S. simply NOT interfering in the internal affairs of other sovereign nations? There always seems to be some justification for interference- usually 'American Vital Interests' are cited, or some large threat that invariably turns out to be inflated or wholly bogus- but there is ALWAYS someone or some group that profits from such interventionist foolishness. All you have to do is 'follow the money' to get to the basic motivation behind the continually beating war drums- something the American press seems to have forgotten how to do (or is prevented from doing by someone 'above their pay grade'!).

If you choose to ignore history, as well as the reality that exists in U.S. Foreign Policy to this present day, it is a comfortable ignorance to believe that they 'hate us for being free', or that 'we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here'. But it is foolish to not listen to what our own CIA has found, as well as countless respected experts who study terrorism, international relations, the sociology of oppressed people and the origins of terrorist thought and action. It most certainly is NOT a 'conspiracy theory' or 'anti-American to say that America's foreign policy actually CREATES anti-American terrorism- if it can be backed up so easily with readily available and openly discussed FACTS!  Turn a blind eye to what our government actually does abroad, and you will NEVER understand the root causes for the intense HATRED many feel for the American Government (Note- NOT the American PEOPLE!).  

Or maybe, just ask yourself a simple question: How would you feel toward those responsible if you were an innocent bystander, and death rained down upon you or your family members? The root cause of most terrorism is not ideological- it is personal, visceral, and deeply emotional. America's failure to recognize this basic fact will only lead to more hatred, more attacks, and more Americans unnecessarily wounded and dying.