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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Obama and the Fat Cat Banksters

What is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day is the extent to which President Obama and his paymasters in the International Bankster and Industrialist community are deliberately dismantling the American system, including downsizing the Engine of Prosperity, the Middle Class. Their dream is an Orwellian system like China's, where government determines the corporate winners and losers, dissidents are silenced, and the growing middle class yearning for more freedom are bought off by material goods, and incarcerated in prisons or mental hospitals when they refuse the payoff.

His allies in this crusade to 'transform America' include those in the pliant and sycophantic Progressive press, who trumpet Obama's every minor success, ignore his every misstep, and whose fawning creation of a 'cult of personality' would be the envy of Woodrow Wilson's Creel and Bernays, Jozef Goebbels and Vyacheslav Molotov. But by far, Obama's greatest allies are those 'fat cat' international Banksters and industrialists that he rails against publicly.. While he hypocritically decries their actions in public speeches to 'the great unwashed', in private he aggressively promotes legislation and extra-constitutional regulations and Executive Orders that promote the internationalist agenda better than they could do themselves! One only needs to look within his own Administration to see this in action. GE head Jeffrey Immelt is Obama's chief economic advisor, and heads the President's Economic Recovery Advisory board. Not coincidentally, Immelt's GE has received numerous Government contracts in such wide-ranging fields as Defense, Power generation, and transportation. Topping the list are the multi-billion-dollar 'Smart Grid' power project, with which the government can monitor (and REGULATE!) everyone's power usage, and the big enchilada- the potentially Trillion-Dollar program to implement the information systems for the health-care bureaucracy. Worth mentioning as well is the fact that BP has been Obama's top political campaign contributor not only as President, but all the way back to his Senatorial campaigns. No one on any side of the issue can deny that during the BP Gulf oil spill, the Obama Administration let BP take the lead in both cleaning up the spill and managing the flow of information about it. The administration even let BP totally disregard the EPA's restrictions on using the highly toxic COREXIT to 'disperse' the oil. Corexit not only allowed most of the oil to settle on the bottom of the Gulf, where it remains- just out of sight of the public- but it also is an endocrine disruptor, which inhibits production of critical brain enzymes and hormones.

Speaking of oil, it is curious that while the official administration line is to 'wean America off of foreign oil', the administration pushed for U.S. Government funding of a $2 Billion dollar loan to the Brazillian Oil Company PETROBRAS for exploration and implementation of offshore oil drilling. The most outrageous part of this story is the fact that days before the deal was announced, international Socialist Billionaire and heavy Obama/DNC/Progressive/Far-Left media puppetmaster George Soros invested heavily in Petrobras stock! Just in time to reap the fat profits that his comrade Barack had enabled.

Topping the list, however, has to be the appointment of William Daley, the Midwest chairman of J.P. Morgan Chase to replace Rahm Emmanuel as White House Chief of Staff. In addition to receiving billions in bailout funding at J.P. Morgan Chase, as well as benefitting from the Banking Laws that allow firms such as JP Morgan Chase to operate as (and take over) bank and bank holding companies, Daley was also instrumental in crafting the Controversial North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many respected economists and businessmen, as well as millions of unemployed Americans, credit NAFTA with accelerating the wholesale dismantling of the Industrial Manufacturing base in America, as well as opening up the U.S. Economy to unfair and predatory foreign business and investment. While resigning from the boards of directors of both Boeing Co. and Abbott Laboratories (one of the largest aerospace companies, and one of the largest multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates), White House lawyers also are reviewing whether Daley will have to recuse himself from some White House discussions- to avoid potential conflicts stemming from his work as vice chairman of JPMorgan and his memberships on the boards of Abbot Laboratories and Boeing Co. Daley also divested about $6.3 million in JP Morgan stock, but SEC Filings indicate the the net effect of the transaction was to actually INCREASE his holdings by 61,264 shares to a total of 175,678, with a current market value of $7.66 million. That's reassuring. No conflict of interest there!

With so many internationalist Bankster and Industrialist fingers in the Obama Administration pie, it is difficult to near impossible to make any distinctions between the Obama and Bush Administrations- despite all the class-warfare and anti-business rhetoric coming out of the White House, the DNC and their many surrogates. WHat is clear, however, is the overwhelming influence and control the International Banksters and Industrialists hold over the American Government, it's elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats. In order to root out the corruption in American Government at it's source, what is needed is to sever the ties between the international financial community and Washington D.C.. Until that is even attempted (let alone achieved), any efforts to effect REAL change and reform in our government will be futile efforts that serve only as window dressing to cover up the rot that lies at the core of American Politics.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bipartisan Seating or Kabuki Theater?

Photoshop credit: Reader iPOTUS
 So now the Democrats in Congress want to have 'Bipartisan Seating' for the State of the Union Address, in a “symbolic gesture of unity”. Interesting how the Democrats NEVER floated this idea- or exhibited ANY interest in 'bipartisanship'- until they became the Minority Party! This phony debate inside the echo chamber of the Progressive Left Media about 'Civility' and Bipartisanship' is nothing more than a cynical propaganda ploy. What makes America unique, different and FUNCTIONAL above and beyond other countries is our ability to  engage in, withstand and especially THRIVE on spirited debate, heated exchanges and differences of opinion. 

Attempts to stifle debate, label ANY disagreement as 'Hate Speech' or 'Incitement to Violence' or to muzzle dissenting or unpopular opinion is anathema to what this Country was founded on, and what keeps this nation a shining example of how to conduct a functional government WITHOUT violence. By keeping people silent or asking them to 'temper' their opinions, you fall into the trap of less successful forms of government that, by such actions, encourage and promote more violence. Violence usually stems from a frustration of not being heard, or the fact that your viewpoint is being actively and unfairly suppressed in both the media and political and governmental forums.

We can have Congress sit together at the State Of The Union, sing 'kumbaya' and paeans to 'bipartisanship' and 'tolerance'. But ultimately this pure symbolism means absolutely nothing, and serves only to obscure the real divisions in our political discourse that need to be debated thoroughly and openly in an appropriate forum. Americans are sick to their core with 'symbolic gestures' and empty actions and rhetoric. Stop the political Kabuki theater in Washington and get down to the business of the American People. So what if a few feelings are hurt, or one side of the aisle feels slighted. We don't hand out participation trophies in the US Congress, and nice words and gestures don't advance the business of the American People.

Grow up, thicken your skin and realistically and rationally engage in a debate with real substance and impact in moving America forward and upward.

Friday, January 14, 2011

After some rumination, I find I am not alone in being uneasy and troubled at the spectacle that the Tuscon Memorial for the victims of the horrific attack last week. Witnessing, attending and participating in many Memorial Services, both small and large, I was astounded at the lack of sensitivity in the planning and execution of this service. While several speakers maintained a solemn and decorous tone, there was an odd 'manufactured vibe' in much of the proceedings.

The uneasy tenor of the event was set at the very beginning of the rally, when Dr. Carlos Gonzales, a  Native American Man of Mexican descent, (which he oddly trumpeted and expounded upon DURING his invocation!)  gave a long and rambling 'Opening Prayer', which was more of a political and social statement than a prayer or invocation, and failed to even mention 'God'- except in vague and oddly Paganistic 'Creator' references. I am familiar with Native American culture and ceremony, and while Dr. Gonzales used some Native American imagery and ritual in his invocation, it rapidly degenerated into a hodge-podge of new-age 'Earth Worship', secular humanist philosophy, and (most oddly) 'shout outs' to his Son in Afghanistan and a personal genealogy lesson on his family!  Turns out, he's not even a Native American religious figure, which he stated DURING the invocation, but a Doctor and Professor at the University where the Rally/Memorial was held! Apparently it was more important to show 'diversity' and push an agenda, as well as to avoid the religious beliefs of the victims than to actually memorialize those who had fallen. Don't most Memorials include at least a token representative of the deceased's faith, since the whole point is to celebrate their life and give spiritual comfort to their loved ones?

As to the rest of the 'memorial', it played out with a weird 'campaign rally' atmosphere, with cheering and hooting and applause, rather than as a more appropriate solemn memorial of remembrance and healing. Even more uncomfortable was watching victims' family members literally squirming in their seats as this spectacle continued, clearly uncomfortable with both the atmosphere and content of what devolved into a political rally. Having been to memorials and wakes on many occasions, I am comfortable with this type of remembrance in a personal, private setting- not in a Public Mass Rally-type situation. I considered the Tuscon rally overall to be rather disrespectful of the memory of those who had fallen.

President Obama delivered a well-crafted speech, with all the right statements, but in an oddly detached and emotionless way. He seemed most emotional when playing to the crowd's cheering and fawning. In the end, the rally seemed to be more about the President than the victims he purportedly was memorializing. 

Finally, some questions need to be asked. Why were there no members of the victim's faith included at the memorial? Why were there elements in the crowd whose behavior was more fitting of a college pep rally or political gathering? Why were there tee-shirts printed up just two days after the massacre, and distributed to the crowd like 'goodies' given to campaign rally attendees. Why did those shirts 'just happen' to resemble  Obama Campaign symbolism, with a tag line 'Together We Thrive' taken straight from campaign literature from the President's '08 Campaign? Why was a 'slogan' and 'promotional material' even needed- let alone deemed appropriate for this type of event?

As Rahm Emanuel once paraphrased Saul Alinsky, 'Never let a crisis go to waste.' It seems like the Obama/DNC machine was ready to go and quick out of the blocks on this crisis. Maybe a little too quick, as most rational-thinking Americans can recognize a crass politicization of what should have been a somber and non-partisan memorial. You have to give the Obama/DNC Machine credit for being slick, though. Anyone criticizing their blatant politicization of this event is all-too-easily smeared with the 'insensitive to the victims' attack, along with the new DNC Mantra of 'tone down the rhetoric'. Couching political advocacy within a Memorial service for victims of a public tragedy is distasteful at best, opportunistic in the politically sleazy sense, and most definitely not without much precedent in history.