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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bipartisan Seating or Kabuki Theater?

Photoshop credit: Reader iPOTUS
 So now the Democrats in Congress want to have 'Bipartisan Seating' for the State of the Union Address, in a “symbolic gesture of unity”. Interesting how the Democrats NEVER floated this idea- or exhibited ANY interest in 'bipartisanship'- until they became the Minority Party! This phony debate inside the echo chamber of the Progressive Left Media about 'Civility' and Bipartisanship' is nothing more than a cynical propaganda ploy. What makes America unique, different and FUNCTIONAL above and beyond other countries is our ability to  engage in, withstand and especially THRIVE on spirited debate, heated exchanges and differences of opinion. 

Attempts to stifle debate, label ANY disagreement as 'Hate Speech' or 'Incitement to Violence' or to muzzle dissenting or unpopular opinion is anathema to what this Country was founded on, and what keeps this nation a shining example of how to conduct a functional government WITHOUT violence. By keeping people silent or asking them to 'temper' their opinions, you fall into the trap of less successful forms of government that, by such actions, encourage and promote more violence. Violence usually stems from a frustration of not being heard, or the fact that your viewpoint is being actively and unfairly suppressed in both the media and political and governmental forums.

We can have Congress sit together at the State Of The Union, sing 'kumbaya' and paeans to 'bipartisanship' and 'tolerance'. But ultimately this pure symbolism means absolutely nothing, and serves only to obscure the real divisions in our political discourse that need to be debated thoroughly and openly in an appropriate forum. Americans are sick to their core with 'symbolic gestures' and empty actions and rhetoric. Stop the political Kabuki theater in Washington and get down to the business of the American People. So what if a few feelings are hurt, or one side of the aisle feels slighted. We don't hand out participation trophies in the US Congress, and nice words and gestures don't advance the business of the American People.

Grow up, thicken your skin and realistically and rationally engage in a debate with real substance and impact in moving America forward and upward.

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