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Friday, February 25, 2011

CBC News: Libya unrest: Hundreds of US citizens STILL stranded as Obama pressure to act grows | Mail Online

CBC News: Libya unrest: Hundreds of US citizens STILL stranded as Obama pressure to act grows | Mail Online

U.S. Citizens are threatened abroad, and President Obama sends an UNDERSIZED CHARTER BOAT to evacuate them???? The President should have dispatched the Sixth Fleet several weeks ago when all this started. In the past, such as in the 2006 Lebanon/Israeli conflict, the U.S. Military have taken the lead in insuring the safety of U.S. Citizens caught in uprisings abroad, even if utilizing civilian transport. WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP BY THE U.S. NOW? The President says we have to 'consult' with our allies about a response. Reality Check For the President- Our allies are waiting to take their cue from the U.S.! WE are the leader of NATO, not just another member. This is a golden opportunity to win the 'hearts and minds' of the people on the Arab Street by taking bold, decisive and morally-driven action by supporting the Libyan People and ending the carnage. A well-planned evacuation and insertion of defensive troops to stabilize the situation would do wonders for bot ending the slaughter and enhancing the United States' reputation in the region.

Instead, our deliberator-in-chief is waiting for... WHAT? For our allies to tell him what to do? For the situation to get a whole lot worse? For the U.N. to tell him what to do? The world's leadership is paralyzed by fear and indecision, and instead of President Obama leading the way, he is holed up with his 'advisors' (I use the term loosely), and can't even make a statement until NINE DAYS of carnage, bloodshed and thousands murdered by their own government. Even now, the Libyan People have taken over a majority of the country, and the only thing keeping the murderous Qaddafi Regime from toppling are a few hard-core supporters bolstered by thousands of mercenaries from Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe. If the U.S. leadership had an ounce of foreign relations knowledge, they would realize they could ally with the Libyan People (through a nominally pan-national alliance) and scrub the stain of Moammar Qaddafi off of the world stage once and for all.

Just like in Iran Last year and Egypt this year, President Obama and his team have failed to respond adequately and in a timely manner to crises abroad. Far from taking proactive measures to insure stability and safety, the Obama White House has contributed to instability and exacerbated an already violent and explosive situation by failing to even RESPOND to the crises- let alone take action. Instead, amateur hour at the White House continues, and innocent people continue to die as a result of President Obama's indecision and total lack of leadership.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Real Leadership: Sarah Palin Calls on NATO to Save Libyan People – NATO Responds | The Gateway Pundit

Real Leadership: Sarah Palin Calls on NATO to Save Libyan People – NATO Responds | The Gateway Pundit

Amateur hour at the WH continues. America thought they were getting FDR in '08- joke's on America! We got Neville Chamberlain. With Obama's so-called 'Foreign Policy', everything has to be studied, everyone else has to be consulted, and God Forbid we should offend anyone. It's like America's house is burning down, and he wants to get three estimates for repairs before calling 911! Meanwhile, on domestic issues, he just charges ahead like a bull in a china shop, running roughshod over his 'enemies' (his word!), dismissing his critics, ignoring the American People and the Constitution- all the while rewarding his political cronies with favors, backroom deals and exemptions from policies that are enforced with a heavy hand on everyone else.

Lobbyists and ideologues run this White House, and the foreign policy appears to be run by the Keystone Kops on hallucinogens. Who need Ahmedinijad to bring on armageddon, when Obama's incompetence is greasing the skids to send the world to he!! in a handbasket!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Xtrabiggg News: Dr Paul Explains it all..

Xtrabiggg News: Dr Paul Explains it all..: "With His Rock-Solid Libertarian principles, Ron Paul appeals to voters across the spectrum (Except for Neo-Cons and Socialists!). That's w..."

Dr Paul Explains it all..

With His Rock-Solid Libertarian principles, Ron Paul appeals to voters across the spectrum (Except for Neo-Cons and Socialists!). That's why both parties, the media, pundits and his colleagues continually try to marginalize him- Independent thinking threatens the leadership of both parties. Making sense and telling the truth is painfully confusing and scary to most of the Establishedt MediaCoroproGovernMilitarMONEY International Bankster Machine... REALLY Opposing the high-speed money train going from Your Street through Washington to Wallstreet (Not just mouthing the words every 2-6 years then betraying your promise) also gets a LOT of people mad at you, too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Your Tax Dollars Hardly Working @ The U.N.

Susan Rice kicks off U.N. series - Mike Allen and Jake Sherman -

“The U.N. provides a real return on our tax dollars..." Your first clue as to the fact you are dealing with someone who is:

A. Clueless economically- What does the UN 'Produce' other than international Discord, a spectacularly corrupt bureaucracy and a US-Paid forum to bash America.

B. Such a Kool-Aid Drinking socialist/progressive ideologue that they figure they can just make things up, and everybody will believe them, 'cause they sounds smart!' and they have the finest indocrinatio- er.. 'education' money can buy.

C. Someone hell-bent on destroying U.S. Sovereignty by bending the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law to the arbitrary whims of foreign Courts, international NGO's and a corrupt U.N. fiscal and regulatory bureaucracy.

D. Someone who probably doesn't believe in American Exceptionalism, and fills that void with logic-defying moral relativity.

If the UN is such a beacon of freedom and stability, and supposedly is better equipped to handle the world's problems, let me ask you one question: What rock was the U.N. hiding under since January 14th, when the biggest revolution of this century was taking place?

Where are they now?

Imoptent, bloated, corrupt, dangerously meddlesome in affairs it only makes worse (Darfur, anyone?), and willing to 'take America down' by any means necessary, and no matter the consequences in human lives, suffering and money going town a Swiss Bank Account rat-hole.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ron Paul Speaks Common Sense@ CPAC- Media Confused!

Ron Paul speaks common sense, the kind you find in dusty old documents like The Constitution. He was right back in 2008, when most media outlets refused to cover his campaign. When he set fundraising records (#1 among active military), the media finally had to pay attention, but only to belittle him personally and treat him like a 'curiousity'. At the Reagan Library GOP debate in 2008, mikes were left open when Dr, Paul was speaking. Other candidates (particularly the media -picked 'front runners' could be heard snorting and guffawing when Dr. Paul outlined all the things bankrupting the economy. Turns out the good Dr. was right, and all the establishment GOP candidates were clueless on the economy.

FOX news was no different from the MSNBCCBSABCCNN miasma as well! This time around, how about giving Ron Paul a fair shake, a proper hearing and, by the way, try not to insult his supporters. He has the largest grassroots organization in the country, can raise millions seemingly on command, and is building his base toward 2012. They said the same type of things about Ronald Reagan in 1976. He spent four years organizing at the grassroots and fundraising, and look how he went from a 'washed-up former actor' to one of America's Great Presidents!

Ronald Reagan inspired people with Great Ideas. Ron Paul led the Texas Reagan Delegation to the GOP convention in 1976. He remains as true to his conservative principles today as he did back when he helped Ronald Reagan win the Nomination and the White House in 1980 and 1988. The Tea Party Movement has shown that America is awake, mobilized and ready to make this great country even greater, by standing up for Conservative Principles and making the hard decisions that will restore our country to the Shining City On The Hill that Reagan spoke of.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

"Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus"

Listening to reactions from across the country to the Chrysler 'Imported From Detroit' Super Bowl ad, I am struck (but not surprised) by the dichotomy of most opinions. The majority of people seem to take heart from the uplifting portrayal of Detroit as a gritty, tough comeback city that still remains upbeat through tough times, while others predictably tick off the same tired cliches about the city that were outdated 20 years ago. Those who have studied Detroit's long, 310-year history know it as the ultimate 'Comeback City'. Those who live here today know what the rest of the country appears to be just finding out- that Detroit's heart is as big as it's tough reputation. Detroiters also know that this city is not just poised for (yet another) comeback, but through determination and hard work ethic is ready to show America once again the path to prosperity.

As usual, the repetetive Greek Chorus of naysayers and misanthropes are determined to find the cloud around every silver lining in the city. Detroiters, have grown tired of all the outdated and misinformed opinions that outside journalists and people who have never even visited here fall back on when describing 'the poster child for post-industrial America'. We also know that it's not hard to find examples of those stereotypes- not only in Detroit, but in every major American city. That one-dimensional view of Detroit is not only erroneous today, but is also at odds with history. Detroit is a city that has been knocked down many, many times- it has repeatedly been written off and left for dead. But Detroit has always remained true to it's motto: "Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus" ("We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes”). That tough but hopeful bit of Latin came from Detroiter Father Gabriel Richard after the 1805 fire that nearly destroyed the city. Like few before or since, Father Richard embodied the Detroit spirit, and for that spirit he was respected by Detroit's Americans, French and even the Native Americans whom he ministered to. When captured by the British in the War Of 1812, Father Richard showed Detroit determination when he refused to swear allegiance to his captors. He was only released when the great Indian Chief Tecumseh, though allied with the British, refused to fight for them until the good father's release.

Since Father Richard's time, the ebb and flow of economic health in Detroit has paralleled, and many times presaged that of the whole of American society. Consequently, many people in other parts of the country were resentful of Detroit's success when it was booming, then expressed almost gleeful shadenfreud when an inevitable downturn hit. True students of history know that when Detroit flourished, wealth flowed not just into the coffers of those in positions of power and influence, but also into the pockets of a growing middle class that conceived of then realized the American Dream- through the Detroit virtues of hard work and determination. Perhaps that is why it's perplexing (and more than a little sad) that so many individuals bad mouth the 'greedy and lazy Auto Workers', and decry Detroit's story as an example of 'American failure'. A minority of EVERY workforce fits that description (hell-O Washington D.C. bureaucrats!), but perpetuating that tired old stereotype betrays a profound ignorance of what it takes is to work hard and sacrifice your body and your life on the factory floor. Anyone who has worked for any time building cars knows that the work is far from easy on the body or the mind. Anyone who thinks auto workers are overpaid for the job they do is seriously misinformed, and obviously have never spent the better part of their health and lives working hard 'on the line' to better themselves and their family.

Then again, maybe this misperception by many of what Detroit is all about serves to point out what's sorely missing in America today: Detroit Pride. Like not being held down by either yourself or the opinions of others when your situation is dire, but pulling yourself up- with the help of your family, friends, community and your own hard work. Or maybe it's not being afraid to be proud of your community- even when the average American's picture of your town is largely formed by short hit-pieces from drive-by national journalists- who only parachute in briefly to find support for their preconceived negative viewpoint. These superficial wordsmiths then predictably scurry off back to their East or West Coast bubble, after failing to perform their job as chroniclers of the reality of their times. They don't even begin to scratch beneath the surface of the city and find the REAL story: of Detroiters' perseverance amidst hardship and success through hard work. This indomitable Spirit permeates the people and institutions of the city and state of mind known as Detroit.

A well-kept national secret is Detroit's stubborn rebound attempt amidst the worst economic climate in over 70 years. Because of the grit, determination and character of it's people, this city perseveres through the most difficult times, and thrives when times recover. That's why so many are proud to call themselves 'Detroiter'. As an aside, (and for those not from the Southeast Michigan area), you are still considered by most to be a 'Detroiter' even if you live in the north, west, eastside suburbs or even Downriver. Many people still proudly call themselves 'Detroiters' long after they have moved away, drawing the sometimes mystified stares of outsiders when they proudly wear their 'D' on their sleeves! Conversely, many people in itinerant professions such as athletes, journalists and entrepreneurs unexpectedly end up calling themselves a 'Detroiter' after the Spirit of the City inevitably percolates up through their heart and soul. Detroit is a place on the map, but also a state of mind. Detroit is the poor neighborhood being fed by the community gardens where rows of houses used to be. Detroit is the artists, musicians and college students living in Midtown, in what used to be warehouse space and abandoned houses, and is now some of the coolest (and most affordable!) loft apartments and restored homes in the country. Detroit is a suburban mother and father, who teach their children valuable life lessons in service, humility and humanity by volunteering in the Capuchin soup kitchen every month. Detroit is the entrepreneur who, though never even visiting before, found welcome in the warm and friendly people, found motivation in the city's generationally-instilled hard work ethic, and found inspiration in the willingness of the city's people who support outsiders willing to take a chance on a once-and-future thriving city. Detroiters are happy to share the fruits of yet another Renaissance in the city that has always come back- no matter how hard it's been knocked down.

Detroit is my town, and I'm proud to call myself a Detroiter.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

McCain says a 'much more centrist' Obama 'much' easier to work with - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

McCain says a 'much more centrist' Obama 'much' easier to work with - The Hill's Blog Briefing Room

McCain's comments are further evidence that the establishment Republicrats and Demopublicans have merged into the left and right wings of the MONEY PARTY. GOP Elites (or 'Neo-Cons, or 'Progressives' or 'Bubble-Puppies'- names are irrelevant) have passed on their policies of a big, overweening government to their colleagues across the aisle in a monumental example of passing from one status quo to another. With many of the same foreign, domestic and economic policies remaining in place from the Bush years (with much of the same personnel), differentiating between the Obama and Bush administrations many times comes down to a hair splitting contest.

While railing against 'fat-cat bankers' and 'Wall Street', the Obama Administration has put many of those same people in positions of power, from his new Chief of Staff from JP Morgan, to abdicating government financial regulatory authority to a PRIVATE and secretive consortium of International Bankers- The Federal Reserve! Of course, the same Cabal of Banksters also contributed heavily to Obama and the Demopublicans in 2008- while still heavily hedging their bets and paying off- er… 'contributing' to the campaigns of many Republicrats as well.

There is nothing wrong with Capitalism and free enterprise. However, when you have big (and international) business in bed with, and in some cases RUNNING government, that is neither Capitalism nor free enterprise. There is another word for that, but I wouldn't want to use any 'inflammatory' appelations and upset the PC Word Police at the Media's self-Imposed Ministry of Truth! But the word starts with 'F', ends with an 'ism', and leaves most of the American People trapped in the middle.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frances Fox Piven- Marxism is alive and well on Campus

In his latest column in the Washington Times, Matthew Vadum takes Frances Fox Piven to task for blaming Glenn Beck (among others) for the heated and sometimes angry response she is getting for advocating the violent overthrow of the United States Government for over 40 years. This curious act of logical acrobatics by Ms. Piven is a typical reaction of far-left radicals when they are called on the morally relativistic tactics they use to promote their treasonous agenda.

Calling Glenn Beck responsible for the threats against Ms. Piven is logically equivalent for blaming a fire on the person who fingers the arsonist in a police lineup. However, considering the fact that for violent radicals such as Ms. Piven facts are merely fungible tools to be used in furthering their political and social agenda, it is not surprising to see them blaming others who are merely pointing out their hateful agenda and amoral methods of spreading it. People like Piven and her ilk live in a morally relativistic world where the ends always justify the means, and people that are hurt or killed along the path to their Marxist 'utopia' are either 'useful idiots' who deserve to be used and disposed of, innocents who can be written off as justifiable 'collateral damage'.

Frances Fox Piven is a prime example of the moral, social and intellectual rot that has taken hold in our educational system. They are at liberty (and paid very well) to advocate the overthrow of the very system which allows them the freedom to spout their hateful rhetoric and calls for violent insurrection, all the while insulated form the real world in their ivory towers of academia. The rest of us 'great unwashed' are merely tools for them and the rest of their Marxist elitists to be used either as pawns in their treasonous game of encouraging insurrection and rebellion- or else as cannon fodder to be manipulated into our graves as a means to economic, social and literal enslavement to their dystopian statist 'Workers Paradise'.

Socialism, Marxism and every other form of 'Statism' should be already discredited in the minds of every free-thinking human- after the the tens of millions of innocents who have died at the hands of those championing the morally bankrupt and socially destructive ideology of Marxism. Unfortunately, those in the media such as Glenn Beck (whether you love him or hate him) end up being the targets of those who don't want their hidden agendas exposed to the very masses they purport to be advocating for. Throughout history, Marxists have lied, cheated, stolen, beaten, murdered, burned, looted, raped, and committed all sorts of atrocities both in the name of, and TO those for whom they ostensibly are fighting for. I have only one thing to say to those who stand up and defend violent revolutionaries like Frances Fox Piven: Do you REALLY advocate the violent overthrow of the United States Government, discarding the U.S. Constitution and the enslavement of the American people? Or are you merely a 'useful idiot', who will be used up and discarded when the Marxist Elites are done with you?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.