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Friday, February 25, 2011

CBC News: Libya unrest: Hundreds of US citizens STILL stranded as Obama pressure to act grows | Mail Online

CBC News: Libya unrest: Hundreds of US citizens STILL stranded as Obama pressure to act grows | Mail Online

U.S. Citizens are threatened abroad, and President Obama sends an UNDERSIZED CHARTER BOAT to evacuate them???? The President should have dispatched the Sixth Fleet several weeks ago when all this started. In the past, such as in the 2006 Lebanon/Israeli conflict, the U.S. Military have taken the lead in insuring the safety of U.S. Citizens caught in uprisings abroad, even if utilizing civilian transport. WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP BY THE U.S. NOW? The President says we have to 'consult' with our allies about a response. Reality Check For the President- Our allies are waiting to take their cue from the U.S.! WE are the leader of NATO, not just another member. This is a golden opportunity to win the 'hearts and minds' of the people on the Arab Street by taking bold, decisive and morally-driven action by supporting the Libyan People and ending the carnage. A well-planned evacuation and insertion of defensive troops to stabilize the situation would do wonders for bot ending the slaughter and enhancing the United States' reputation in the region.

Instead, our deliberator-in-chief is waiting for... WHAT? For our allies to tell him what to do? For the situation to get a whole lot worse? For the U.N. to tell him what to do? The world's leadership is paralyzed by fear and indecision, and instead of President Obama leading the way, he is holed up with his 'advisors' (I use the term loosely), and can't even make a statement until NINE DAYS of carnage, bloodshed and thousands murdered by their own government. Even now, the Libyan People have taken over a majority of the country, and the only thing keeping the murderous Qaddafi Regime from toppling are a few hard-core supporters bolstered by thousands of mercenaries from Sub-Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe. If the U.S. leadership had an ounce of foreign relations knowledge, they would realize they could ally with the Libyan People (through a nominally pan-national alliance) and scrub the stain of Moammar Qaddafi off of the world stage once and for all.

Just like in Iran Last year and Egypt this year, President Obama and his team have failed to respond adequately and in a timely manner to crises abroad. Far from taking proactive measures to insure stability and safety, the Obama White House has contributed to instability and exacerbated an already violent and explosive situation by failing to even RESPOND to the crises- let alone take action. Instead, amateur hour at the White House continues, and innocent people continue to die as a result of President Obama's indecision and total lack of leadership.

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