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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frances Fox Piven- Marxism is alive and well on Campus

In his latest column in the Washington Times, Matthew Vadum takes Frances Fox Piven to task for blaming Glenn Beck (among others) for the heated and sometimes angry response she is getting for advocating the violent overthrow of the United States Government for over 40 years. This curious act of logical acrobatics by Ms. Piven is a typical reaction of far-left radicals when they are called on the morally relativistic tactics they use to promote their treasonous agenda.

Calling Glenn Beck responsible for the threats against Ms. Piven is logically equivalent for blaming a fire on the person who fingers the arsonist in a police lineup. However, considering the fact that for violent radicals such as Ms. Piven facts are merely fungible tools to be used in furthering their political and social agenda, it is not surprising to see them blaming others who are merely pointing out their hateful agenda and amoral methods of spreading it. People like Piven and her ilk live in a morally relativistic world where the ends always justify the means, and people that are hurt or killed along the path to their Marxist 'utopia' are either 'useful idiots' who deserve to be used and disposed of, innocents who can be written off as justifiable 'collateral damage'.

Frances Fox Piven is a prime example of the moral, social and intellectual rot that has taken hold in our educational system. They are at liberty (and paid very well) to advocate the overthrow of the very system which allows them the freedom to spout their hateful rhetoric and calls for violent insurrection, all the while insulated form the real world in their ivory towers of academia. The rest of us 'great unwashed' are merely tools for them and the rest of their Marxist elitists to be used either as pawns in their treasonous game of encouraging insurrection and rebellion- or else as cannon fodder to be manipulated into our graves as a means to economic, social and literal enslavement to their dystopian statist 'Workers Paradise'.

Socialism, Marxism and every other form of 'Statism' should be already discredited in the minds of every free-thinking human- after the the tens of millions of innocents who have died at the hands of those championing the morally bankrupt and socially destructive ideology of Marxism. Unfortunately, those in the media such as Glenn Beck (whether you love him or hate him) end up being the targets of those who don't want their hidden agendas exposed to the very masses they purport to be advocating for. Throughout history, Marxists have lied, cheated, stolen, beaten, murdered, burned, looted, raped, and committed all sorts of atrocities both in the name of, and TO those for whom they ostensibly are fighting for. I have only one thing to say to those who stand up and defend violent revolutionaries like Frances Fox Piven: Do you REALLY advocate the violent overthrow of the United States Government, discarding the U.S. Constitution and the enslavement of the American people? Or are you merely a 'useful idiot', who will be used up and discarded when the Marxist Elites are done with you?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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