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Friday, February 11, 2011

Ron Paul Speaks Common Sense@ CPAC- Media Confused!

Ron Paul speaks common sense, the kind you find in dusty old documents like The Constitution. He was right back in 2008, when most media outlets refused to cover his campaign. When he set fundraising records (#1 among active military), the media finally had to pay attention, but only to belittle him personally and treat him like a 'curiousity'. At the Reagan Library GOP debate in 2008, mikes were left open when Dr, Paul was speaking. Other candidates (particularly the media -picked 'front runners' could be heard snorting and guffawing when Dr. Paul outlined all the things bankrupting the economy. Turns out the good Dr. was right, and all the establishment GOP candidates were clueless on the economy.

FOX news was no different from the MSNBCCBSABCCNN miasma as well! This time around, how about giving Ron Paul a fair shake, a proper hearing and, by the way, try not to insult his supporters. He has the largest grassroots organization in the country, can raise millions seemingly on command, and is building his base toward 2012. They said the same type of things about Ronald Reagan in 1976. He spent four years organizing at the grassroots and fundraising, and look how he went from a 'washed-up former actor' to one of America's Great Presidents!

Ronald Reagan inspired people with Great Ideas. Ron Paul led the Texas Reagan Delegation to the GOP convention in 1976. He remains as true to his conservative principles today as he did back when he helped Ronald Reagan win the Nomination and the White House in 1980 and 1988. The Tea Party Movement has shown that America is awake, mobilized and ready to make this great country even greater, by standing up for Conservative Principles and making the hard decisions that will restore our country to the Shining City On The Hill that Reagan spoke of.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.
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