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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Media 'Acknowledge' Ron Paul IS a 'Contender'

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A story by Peter Wallsten in today's Washington Post comes with the headline: 'Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race' Shouldn't the headline read: 'Media and Party Elites FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that Ron Paul Is A Serious Contender'? The Washington Post and the rest of the media are  apparently finally catching up to what is happening outside of the media and political bubbles in NY and DC! The grass roots support has ALWAYS been there for Ron Paul, but the media and the Party Bosses have been suppressing this information, along with any mention of Dr. Paul himself. Through selectively worded and carefully sampled polls (many of which are STILL being foisted on the public as 'scientific'- though their accuracy and methodology is dubious at best), Ron Paul's ACTUAL support among the American electorate has been minimized and disregarded- even to the point where, when he breaks through even the most biased polls, the media either simply omits him, or else ignores it's OWN data- instead perplexingly talking about those finishing just above and even BELOW him! 
Since it has now become impossible to ignore Ron Paul and his obviously growing support, and the tactic of dismissing him and his supporters through condescendingly snarky reporting has backfired, the media and GOP knives have been sharpened, and the REAL attacks have begun. Phony racist charges from 20+ years ago that have been thoroughly and publicly disproven and debunked time and time again seem to be the only 'dirt' that the yellow journalist mafia can dig up about the good Doctor. But that isn't stopping them from attacking, as many articles making outrageously unprovable or easily disproven charges are now floating around in the media like scum rising to the top of a fetid pond.  
Unfortunately for Ron Paul's detractors, since there isn't any REAL evidence, and since the public's regard of the Media's integrity hovers somewhere between Congress' and Serial Killers', the false charges and accusations are actually ADDING to Ron Paul's strength, as most people who are undecided read or see these scurrilous accusations and say: 'If the media and the Party Establishment hate this guy THAT much, I need to find out more about him!'. That inevitably leads to a sort of revelation of the fact that most of the media is either clueless about, incorrect on, or  shamelessly actively working against Ron Paul. 
Ron Paul is doing all Americans a great service, whether they like him or Hate him, as his campaign has exposed (and continues to expose) the hypocrites, liars, sell-outs and the clueless in both the media and in the Political Arena. Among those who are not actually consciously attacking him, it seems that many are truly confused and bewildered by Ron Paul. Maybe they don't know how to respond to a public figure that; tells the truth, even when people don't want to hear it; is consistent on (and actually HAS) his principles, and remains so after 30 years in public life; doesn't seek power for power's sake- even to the point of campaigning to DIMINISH the power of the Presidency and the Federal Government in general; and (most importantly) actually UNDERSTANDS the vital issues of our time, being able to expound at length on ANY subject without benefit of a teleprompter; talking points, 'handlers' or safety net of 'crisis managers'. 
Ron Paul is every bureaucrat's nightmare, and every crony capitalist's nemesis, as he threatens to derail the twin Social Welfare/Corporate Warfare-Welfare Machine that has been draining the life out of the American economy for so long.  Alone among all the Presidential contenders, the is proposing ACTUAL budget cuts- not merely the sleight of hand 'cuts' that only reduce the rate of growth, and in many cases don't take place until 5, 10 or more years into the future (in the altered reality of Washington that = NEVER!). Ron Paul, alone among the contenders proposes REAL regulatory reform, and not the phony reform that allows lobbying mega-corporations to 'buy up' regulations (and regulators!) in order to squeeze consumers and the American taxpayers even tighter. Finally, Ron Paul threatens the Military  Industrial Complex, who, through a combination of scare tactics, a rigged contract bidding system and crony capitalist lobbying, maintain a 'perpetual warfare' state against a vague and ever-shifting enemy. This profitable swindle has enriched the coffers of the very few, while actually weakening America's REAL defense by expending Blood and Treasure abroad in never-ending and wasteful adventurist follies.

What the Crony Capitalists, and their proxies in both wings of the Washington MONEY party (along with their surrogates in the media) are most afraid of the American people seeing clearly for the first time how big business, hand in hand with big government, are raping our rights and freedoms, looting our economy, and turning most Americans into virtual wage-slaves, unable to achieve the American Dream when they are shackled to strategy of mere subsistence.

Ron Paul represents REAL change- and that SCARES those who profit from the corrupt status quo!

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