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Friday, December 16, 2011

Let The Attacks Begin!

                                  Apparently, many 'conservatives' are adopting Progressive tactics!

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

The onslaught of 'Hit Pieces' attacking Ron Paul begins! this anonymous piece of trash in 'Conservative Byte' is just a preview of the type of propagandistic and baseless 'hit pieces' that will now pop up due to Ron Paul's surging popularity. I guess when you can't argue on the merits or the issues, slanderous, unfounded and anonymous attacks are all you have left...

Conservative Byte.... Who is the Cowardly yellow journalist that wrote this piece of tripe filled with unfounded rumours, misleading assertions, faulty conclusions and outright lies? I mean, if you're going to write a slanderous hit piece, at least TRY to get your facts the APPEARANCE of being straight! Unsigned slams like this only tend to debase the work of every writer on this site. Have the courage to stand by your unfounded mudslinging, instead of hiding behind the anonymous banner of the entire site.

I won't waste time refuting any of the scurrilous allegations you asserted, as they have been totally debunked time and time again. Every time Ron Paul starts to get some traction (or is actually WINNING, as he is in Iowa), some hack (or many pseudo-journalists) dredge up this meme in order to try to 'scare' voters into not even considering him. Putting aside the fact that there has NEVER been one video, audio or written piece by Ron Paul to support any allegation of 'racism' (or anti-semitism as well- oops! Spoiler alert on your NEXT unfounded attack piece!), even his opponents will tell you Ron Paul is one of the nicest, most open-minded people you will ever meet. Attacks like this sorry piece of filth only serve to denigrate the writer- except in the minds of those too feeble to think for themselves, or those so blinded by ideology that they react in a hateful, knee-jerk manner to anyone who challenges their limited and divisive world view.

I suggest that you disavow this article immediately, and discontinue this cheap and hateful method of demagoguery, since you not only anger ROn Paul supporters, but you also insult the intelligence of even those who disagree with him. Baseless and propagandistic attacks are usually the last bullet left in the gun of a desperate and morally bankrupt person. You are only hurting yourself and your website's reputation by allowing this type of foolish and hateful propaganda to be spread through it.

Stop this nonsense and talk about the REAL issues that affect America and Americans.  The tactic of tearing others down only results in the weakening of America by crowding out valuable and productive discourse. Even if you vehemently oppose Ron Paul, you have to logically agree that he offers an thoughtful alternative to the mindless lockstep ideas of so many others in all areas of American political thought.

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