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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Michelle Bachmann- Muslim Hater or Political Opportunist?

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

On 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno'on Friday night, Presidential Candidate Ron Paul was asked his opinion on each of his GOP opponents. He said Mitt Romney was 'a nice guy', Newt Gingrich 'should  run for Speaker of the House', and that John Huntsman was 'a good diplomat' and 'a thoughtful person'. But many people are talking about his opinion that Michelle Bachmann 'doesn't like Muslims, she hates Muslims'.

Maybe Michelle Bachmann doesn't 'Hate Muslims', or maybe she does. But the real question is: do people like her,  Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum (among many others) in reality LOVE to STIR UP hatred TOWARDS Muslims. These are the same people that decry President Obama for stirring up 'Class Warfare' for political purposes, yet they stir up hatred of Muslims for their OWN political purposes! What did Ron Paul call that? Oh yeah... Serial Hypocrisy. Here in America today we now hear the loud beating of the same tone-deaf tin-drum of war that the Neo-Con and Liberal Progressives LOVE to bang on, as it  deflects blame and attention from the lousy job they are BOTH doing, as well as helping them to consolidate power by taking away our Liberties (and our MONEY!) allowing Big Government to ' keep us safe' from those evil ______ (Insert Target Group Here).

This is an old (but effective!) Propaganda tactic that always works well with that group of people in a society who can't or won't use their OWN critical thinking skills, and abrogate that responsibility to the pundits, the party or their favorite spewer of propaganda on Radio or TV. This tactic relies on the emotionalism of those hearing the hateful message, and the resulting suspension of debate, as ANYONE who disagrees with them MUST, of course, hate America, apple pie and Chevrolet! It is truly astonishing (and more than a little bit frightening) to see otherwise rational people automatically go into mental DEFCON 4 whenever anyone merely questions any aspect of their fragile world view. It used to be that we Americans welcomed open debate as a healthy sign of our democratic Republic. Apparently, we aren't so 'democratic' anymore, and that means we are in danger of LOSING our Republic to those who put power, money an demogoguery ahead of our basic Constitutional Rights and Liberties.

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