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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ron Paul's Strength in the 'Youth' Vote... And the Middle-Aged, and the Senior...

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Sarah Palermo of the scripps-Howard News Service writes in her latest column in The Republic , dismissing the Youthful Enthusiasm of young Ron Paul supporters, that "Young voters tend not to pay very much attention," to politics, until "they get that first steady job, they get married, have kids, have a house."

They ARE paying attention, Mr. Smith. Just like middle-aged and older voters. They can't FIND that 'steady job', or are working at one well below their qualifications. They are worried about getting married- or BEING married- because they don't know if they can raise a family, even on two incomes. They may not be able to afford a house, or might be in danger of LOSING their house (or already lost it) due to the above reasons.

Too many pundits are reading the electorate by the old paradigms- Party Loyalty, affiliation with groups like age, race, ethnicity or income. But the 2010 election was just the beginning of a huge paradigm shift in American politics. Most people are NOT swayed by that 'influential talking head or news network. Most people won't vote for someone merely because of their party (many in fact will vote AGAINST them!). Even the older voter no longer will vote for someone because they 'trust him to protect Social Security'.

There is more information floating around than just the TV News and Newspapers. The electorate is more informed than at any time in our history, and they are downright ANGRY at what they have learned! Pundits and Party Elites are still trying to put voters in their 20th-Century 'boxes' and spoon-feed them the same old horse manure that 'always works'. What they still fail to realize is that, while you may preach to the choir successfully, whole sections of that choir have bolted and are deciding to sing solo. The American electorate is now leaving the old Two-Party (or One-And-One-Half Party) behind. They are coming more and more to realize that while the rhetoric from both wings of the ruling MONEY Party may SOUND different, the end results out of Washington are still the same wasteful, corrupt and managed Big-Government that has driven this country into literal bankruptcy.

Ron Paul is confounding traditional pundits and the party elites by saying what he believes instead of what he THINKS people want to hear. They are realizing he was the only 'voice in the wilderness' who actually warned us of our current catastrophe YEARS ago. They also are waking up to the fact that Ron Paul's most vociferous critics are the same people who called him 'a 'kook',  'fringe' and other demeaning names when he was ACCURATELY predicting the coming American Financial Meltdown.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate not afraid to speak unpopular truths- no matter the audience. Perhaps his many years experience as a practicing Physician trained him in telling people the hard truths they needed to hear, and in prescribing the harsh medicine they needed to endure in order to restore their health. Dr. Paul is now writing the prescription to save America from financial, social and societal catastrophe. While many wish to cover their ears and shout 'crazy' while he gives them their needed prescription, more are heeding the call to take the harsh medicine for America that the Good Doctor is prescribing. Many are also waking up to the fact that the alternative economic medicine being prescribed by the Snake-Oil salesman who oppose him is actually just more of the same bad medicine that got us deeper and deeper into the mess we now find ourselves in.

Don't take my word for it- do your own research. Look at ALL the candidates and their proposals. Match them up against their rhetoric and their record. I think you may just end up where I am at- not liking what Dr. Paul is prescribing, but realizing it's for the good of America's very survival.

Listen to the Good Doctor. Ron Paul 2012

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