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Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you a Con Man, or one of the conned?

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

In an article in TIME MAGAZINE, Massimo Calabresi puts forth the proposition that the Federal Reserve 'Saved The World Economy' by bailing out all it's member banks and their affiliates by creating tens of Trillions of dollars, then paying themselves off with it!  Maybe the Fed 'Saved the World' for the Uber-Large International Banking Cartel and those FInancial services companies well-connected to it, , but in doing so it has nearly destroyed the American economy. While you sit in your ivory tower,  Mr. Calabresi, those of us in 'Flyover Land' have had to deal with our savings' and investments' value being wiped out, our home values being decimated, and we are just now beginning to deal with the incipient runaway inflation. No, not the phony 'government statistical' inflation, the REAL WORLD inflation of energy, food, health care and housing that the government 'conveniently' omits from it's fantasyland figures. Likewise, the REAL WORLD unemployment rate remains at over 20%- not the relatively rosy 9% or so that the government concocts by only counting those on the dole, and not those who no longer qualify, or are what is so Orwellian-ly termed 'under-employed'. 

There has been no 'recovery' since 2007- despite the flat-noted trumpeting of such an occurrence being regularly broadcast every quarter since the downturn began. We've been 'right around the corner' so many times that the entire block has been worn smooth, and now most pundits and economists are reduced to running in circles of logic around it when explaining away what is obvious to everybody else. TIME, like the rest of the captured corporate media, is reduced to the role of a cheerleader in a prison camp. Nobody believes what they are pushing, but everybody is either too afraid to speak out, or else stifled from stating what is clearly obvious to everyone: America is Broke; the International Banksters and their revolving-door allies the Government Bureaucrats are looting the economy; and no one in the Media. government or industry (is there a difference anymore?) is willing to level with the American people.

Articles like this one are being taken in three ways by the American Public: They are swallowed whole by the sheeple who are trained to believe whatever anyone 'in authority' tells them; They are believed on faith by those who have been bathed in ignorance for many years by the education system and the government schools; or else they are derided as outrageously bombastic propaganda by those who have enough critical thinking skills to figure out a con job when they see it.

The only question is, Mr. Calabresi: Are you one of the con men, or one of the conned?

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