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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The REAL Choice in 2012

Any media outlet calling Ron Paul 'an afterthought' or some other denigrating term is merely whistling past the graveyard along with the rest of the self-appointed 'elites' in the media and the GOP leadership. His fundraising acumen is second to none. Sure, he can't get Wall Street and establishment 'bundlers' to pny up millions in one fell swoop. But he CAN get enormous amounts of cash from individuals, which is another indication of a strong grassroots following- and not a 'fringe' or 'cult' following either. Look beyond the fungible numbers (Pledges vs. Donations), and at the demographics of where each candidate is receiving his campaign contributions. Ron Paul is scary good at getting contributions from across the political spectrum, and not from just a few special-interest groups or one-issue PAC's. If ANY OTHER candidate were to do that, they would easily be anointed the 'undisputed front-runner', and have the pundits, flacks and media lackeys salivating to lick their boots.

Unfortunately, the conventional thinkers in the Party and the old media fail to recognize the new paradigm- that the 2012 Presidential race will no longer be a Personality-Driven media love-fest like in previous elections. This election is being driven by ideas and issues, to the consternation of old-school media types who still want to cover elections like coronations or horse-race-style 'American Idol' events. Ron Paul's 2012 Campaign is driven by issues and ideas, and is underpinned by his unmatched integrity and perseverence. Not one of the other candidates can match him in his depth of economic knowledge, his breadth of ability to focus on the big picture while still being able to debate points of minutae, nor his ability to appeal to voters of ALL political stripes by using common-sense principles grounded in Constituional Tradition.

While other GOP candidates mouth the Paulisms that their teleprompters or handlers' talking points tell them to, Ron Paul is the SOURCE of their most popular and inspiring rhetoric- even if it diametrically opposed to their OWN OPINIONS a few short months or years ago. So the REAL choice is: Do you want someone who will TELL you something you agree with all of the time (and do something ELSE after the election!), or do you want to vote for the candidate who will tell you the hard truths you might not want to hear, but will help save this country from collapse?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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