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Friday, July 1, 2011

TODAYonline | Commentary | A new isolationism in the US

TODAYonline | Commentary | A new isolationism in the US

Non-Interventionism is NOT, repeat NOT isolationism. Conflating or attempting to confuse the two indicates either a deliberate attempt to confuse the issue or an unintentional, but serious inability to intellectually comprehend the distinct and clear differences between the two. Ron Paul advocates a clearly open policy towards other nations, but one that it not imperialistic or corporatist protectionism. One could argue the present 'policeman of the world' interventionist policy of the OBama/Bush Administrations is clearly more isolationist, in that it isolates the US economically and diplomatically by creating enemies of the peoples of foreign lands by supporting those within or without their countries who will exploit and oppress them.

'Good Intentions' is not he basis for a sound foreign policy, as the unintended consequences of interventionism and imposing governments on foreign peoples ultimately become too costly both in American lives and treasure. War Hawksalways seem to have some absurd justification for their adventurism abroad, but it RARELY involves the REAL defense of America or it's sovereign interests. It usually just benefits the multinational Banksters and arms merchants who profit off of the blood of our Soldiers.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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