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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ron Paul raises most campaign cash from military workers- On Politics -

Ron Paul raises most campaign cash from military workers- On Politics -

Why does the Mainstream Media continue to dog Ron Paul with ad-hominem attacks like 'kook', 'fringe' and 'unable to win'? Because he cuts through the demagoguery and political BS and cuts right to the heart of the matter- that corporatism is DESTROYING America! International Banksters and megacorporations care more for their bottom line and extending their power than they do for what's best for America. They spend BILLIONS of dollars in lobbyists on K Street to get favorable contracts, exemptions from Taxes and laws, and regulations that let them either buy out their smaller competitors for pennies on the dollar, or else strangle entrepreneurial competition in it's cradle.

The 'Government' we now have in America resembles not so much the Constitutional vision of our forefathers, but more the Corporatist Fascism of Benito Mussolini and the International Bankster-Funded 'Workers Paradise' of the Soviet Union. The American People are fed a steady diet of the false 'left/right' paradigm, in order to keep us divided. That way, we won't unite against the TRUE domestic enemies of our country- who OWN the government, OWN the Media, and now want to OWN everything else in this country. It's not about 'D' vs. 'R', it's not about 'Left' vs. 'Right'- it's about RIGHT vs. Wrong, and Freedom vs. Slavery. The middle class which created the greatest society on Earth is being decimated, and we are all being reduced to wage-slaves to both the Government and it's Corporatist Masters.

People are starting to (finally) realize that there is little difference (other than rhetoric) between Obama, Bush, Clinton or any other leader from at least the past 50 years. They ALL sell their souls to the highest bidder, then proceed to sell out America to those who would pillage, loot and destroy us for their own gain. Just look at the Top Donors to all the Presidential Candidates, and you will see the same group of Banksters and Industrialists funding them all (except for Ron Paul!). Giant Financial companies, Military Contractors, Pharmaceutical conglomerates and the like don't just give away their money- they expect a good return on it. And with EVERY politician that they buy, they get an EXCELLENT return!

It's time to push against the tide of those who would turn America into the world's largest Banana Republic, and America's citizens into a mass of techno-serfs. Stop the erosion of our economic and Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms. Vote INFORMED, and not with the rest of the pack of sheeple. Look beyond the empty and ever-changing rhetoric of most politicians, and research their records, character and integrity. You'll never agree 100% with ANY candidate (unless he or she is 100% LYING to you!), but vote for the ONE candidate that has a record of consistent integrity, and who has an in-depth knowledge of what needs to be done to restore America to greatness- Ron Paul 2012!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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