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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ron Paul: Electorate moving toward me - The Hill's Ballot Box

Ron Paul: Electorate moving toward me - The Hill's Ballot Box

Ron Paul Goofy? Kooky? Insane? Fringe?

Goofy: Sound money and not balancing the Welfare/Warfare Bankster-Industrialist complex on the backs of the Middle Class and Poor through currency-manipulated inflation to fund unnecessary, wasteful and corrupt spending practices.

Kooky: Getting American troops out of the endless wars that kill tens of thousands, spend money we don't have and accomplish nothing other than enriching the coffers of those war profiteers and international banksters and bureaucrats who benefit from them.

Insane: Standing up for the rights of Americans to privacy and against unlawful search and seizure through the Patriot Act- which merely created another Bureaucracy in the DHS and TSA that doesn't keep us safer by utilizing phony 'security theater' like searching men, women and babies at airports who pose NO THREAT to our safety, while downplaying or actively ignoring the real threats we face.

Fringe: Wanting the Federal Government out of our Boardrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Unconstitutional over-reach by the Feds is not only destructive to our individual liberties, but is also unnecessary and costly- creating taxes, inflation and regulations that drain individuals and small-to-medium businesses of the ability to better themselves, create jobs and drive our economy. Instead, adding to the bloated and unnecessary Washington bureaucracy that only consumes and wastes, blocks and stifles economic growth and makes the average American poorer by the minute, while enriching the politically-connected and those who game the system through lobbying cash.

If that's true, I and many of my fellow Americans must be 'Goofy', 'Kooky', 'Insane' and 'Fringe'- since we rely on common sense, critical thinking skills and the U.S. Constitution- rather than the status quo of corruption, waste and fraud that have become the hallmarks of the Federal Government.

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