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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chicago Politics Consumes America

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Chicago Politics writ large over a failing America. It's not about Left vs. Right (as the big-money powers backing BOTH sides would like you to believe), It's about Right vs. WRONG! Our government is now being run as a criminal enterprise, where public funds are used to reward political allies, and private companies are being harassed, extorted and appropriated through the illegal use of the force of government. Agencies such as the EPA, FBI, and every other alphabet-gang (er... 'Agency'), now act as 'shake-down' agents and 'enforcers' for essentially a Government-run protection racket. Just look into the shady dealings of Barack and Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Rahm Emmanuel and their jailhouse buddy, Chicago real-estate titan Tony Reszko! Why did President Obama lobby so hard for the Chicago Olympics and even GO to Europe to plead their case? It was more than just a rabid case of Chicago 'City Pride'! Perhaps one should look into the site plans for the Olympic Stadia and Villages- where the aforementioned people (either directly or through surrogates and shells) bought up the land and buildings in advance so as to make exorbitant profits!

Look at the GM and Chrysler 'Bailouts'- which actually were merely standard yearly Bridge Loans that the Companies were unable to get from their normal channels with the Big Banks- who shut down ALL lending in order to create a crisis in THEIR grab for more power (and Federal Money!). After the Loans, The Obama Cartel forced the Companies into a 'Managed Bankruptcy'- something that should have happened immediately, but was delayed as the Government continued to pour billions into essentially failed companies. However, the Obama Cadre decided to VIOLATE 100 Years of Bankruptcy law by voiding the Primacy of Bondholder debt. This decision not only sent shudders throughout the Bond Market (where start-up capital and expansion-promoting debt are financed), but also took away GUARANTEED equity from not only corporations, but many employees and retirees, who invested in those bonds primarily because of their legally-guaranteed 'safety'. President Obama's team of politically=driven whiz-kids took that equity out of the people that had bought those bonds legally and with good faith, and GAVE that equity to the United Auto Workers Union- a HUGE Obama Campaign supporter, organizer and CONTRIBUTOR!

This illegal process took precious income away from retired salaried Auto Workers, reduced and eliminated GUARANTEED Pensions for thousands – including raiding the Fully-Funded Pension of the SALARIED workers at GM spin-off Delphi, and used these illegal funds to help FULLY-FUND the grossly mismanaged Pension fund of the UAW! Not to mention the hits in Health Insurance, Life Insurance and other benefits that salaried workers and retirees had to give up- while their UNION co-workers saw the Companies, under the velvet-covered iron fist of the government, FULLY fund their pension, and give the UNION Bosses THEIR share of the company, and a seat at the board of directors- when the Union was at least as culpable for the downfall of the Companies as the incompetent management!

Of course, anyone FROM or Near Chicago or Detroit  recognize this particular form of Crony-Capitalism- it's been going on for decades at two of America's largest cities essentially run by the Democratic Machine! Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is now on trial for running a RICO organization that is dwarfed by the scale and ruthlessness of the one being run out of Washington D.C.. If Americans want to see their future under the 'care' of The Obama (or Obama-Like) Machine, just look to the City of Detroit. The only businesses that are successful have deep ties to the Administrations, and deep pockets to keep paying the 'Protection Money' needed to maintain that success. Gleaming towers in developed areas lie next to where the common folk live (or USED to, in many cases!). Fear and divisiveness are cultivated among the electorate and distilled like a fine spirit to be used to manipulate and control the political process, which in turn controls the financial purse strings of the city. Favors are doled out, those who choose to ignore paying 'tribute' to cronies both public and private are tossed out, and through a Byzantine and opaque system, little to nothing is found out.

Sounds like what Washington has become under the Obama Regime!

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