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Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Does DHS need 1.6 Billion Rounds of Illegal Anti-Personell Ammo?

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A recent story in FORBES Magazine by Ralph Benko talks about a small item in the Denver Post from the Associated Press discussing the recent purchases by the Department ofHomeland Security of over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition- much of it either for sniper use or of an anti-personnel type that is banned militarily by the Geneva Convention for it's horrific effects on human tissue. The AP article, as fits the usual Government-Lockstep Propaganda, first mentions 'Conservative Radio Host Alex Jones', who broke the story months ago, and dismissively brushes aside any concerns with the false rubric that the ammo is only intended for 'shooting ranges and training exercises'. As any person with even a rudimentary knowledge of firearms knows, a person DOES NOT use expensive and destructive Hollow-point and sniper rounds for 'training and target practice'. Even the government is not that stupid and wasteful (well...). This type of ammunition is used to kill individuals in the most efficient and devastating fashion. Period.

This latest purchase is on top of many previous purchases, and the amount our tax dollars used to acquire a vast stockpile of ammunition for our heavily-armed Federal Bureaucrats is truly staggering: at the HEIGHT of the Iraq War the U.S. Army was expending less than 6 million rounds a month. 1.6 billion rounds, therefore, would be enough to sustain a hot war like Iraq for 20+ years. In America. At best these purchases can be seen as a wasteful use of scarce tax dollars, and an unnecessary bloat to the already out-of-control Federal Budget. At worst, they are the wasteful appropriation of massive amounts of Taxpayers money to use against those very same taxpayers in a back-door attempt to disarm, control and suppress law-abiding Americans peacefully expressing their Constitutional rights. As usual, many in the National Media have been AWOL on this story for months, and even now are negligently misreporting or deliberately omitting the most important aspects of this issue- back-door gun control and a massive violation of Constitutional and Legal restrictions on the implementation and use of a National Military Police Force. 

Frightening as it is that our own government would be stockpiling Internationally illegal ammunition, what is truly insidious is their attempt to drive up prices of ammunition, as well as dry up (and possibly corner the market) on many types of popular ammo.One only has to walk into any Wal-Mart, Sporting Goods store, go on-line or ask any ammunition supplier to see how prices have skyrocketed, and how drastically supplies of ammo have dwindled or dried up. This purchase of outrageous amounts of ammunition is clearly being done as a way to avoid the will of the people, and the Constitutionally-mandated oversight by Congress in order to surreptitiously further the aims of the anti-Second Amendment clique in the Obama Administration and it's progressive collectivist allies. 

This government hypocritically wants to ban 'assault-style' weapons (a vague and fungible term that can mean whatever the proponents want), while gobbling up thousands of REAL 'assault-weapons' in yet more multimillion-dollar DHS contracts! These fully-automatic military-grade rifles and pistols that American Citizens have been forbidden from owning since 1934 are now in the hands of thousands of bureaucratic 'shock troops' from the IRS to the Fish and Wildlife Service. To add insult to injury, DHS has called these fully-automatic Military-Grade weapons 'personal protection' weapons, and is arming Federal Officers in agencies from the Postal Service to the Social Security Administration. I know those retirees at the SSA Office can get cranky, but I seriously doubt they need Machine Pistols and Hollow-Point ammo to keep them in line!

The most frightening part of this story for many Americans has routinely been pooh-poohed by the establishment Government flacks in the Mockingbird Press as 'conspiracy theory' and really, nothing to worry Americans' empty little heads about (when it has not been ignored completely). The Posse Comitatus act, passed in 1878 expressly forbids the use of Federal Military Personnel to enforce State or local laws. This act was in reaction to the excesses in the use of power by the Federal Government during reconstruction. In modern times, it has acted as a barrier to the U.S. becoming another 'Banana Republic' where the military routinely intervenes domestically for political purposes or to enforce unpopular, unjust or extra-Constitutional laws, edicts and Executive Orders. Anyone following current events over the last 10 years (or longer) has seen the steady creep of Federalization of Local and State Police Forces. Active-Duty U.S. Military units are now being routinely used for domestic policing and security around the country in violation of both the law and traditional American principles. Use of these regular military troops is justified by saying it is for 'security' and where local and state officials 'request' deployment. Such use by law is forbidden, and when needed, a State governor is the only official authorized to request such action, and then only with National Guard forces- not regular Federal military.

This 'mission creep' has been primarily achieved through 'grants' and other Federal programs that provide personnel, weapons, vehicles, training and other 'resources' to Local and State Law Enforcement entities. The strings attached to these 'resources' inexorably ties those entities to incrementally increasing Federal Control, both economically and logistically. The fact that most cities have over the last 10 years have been provided funds for, and have had the Feds set up Military SWAT-Type assault teams for use in what were once routine local actions. Of course, those local Police and Sheriffs are ALWAYS accompanied (and usually under the direction of) Federal forces, be they BATF, ICE, IRS or any of the other myriad of heavily-armed Federal Alphabet Agencies.

There is no logical or legitimate reason for the Government to making the massive purchases of Military-Grade weapons, vehicles and sniper ammunition- unless they intend to use them. One question that the press continually fails to ask (or follow up on non-answers to) the White House, the DHS and Secretary Napolitano is what many Americans are now asking themselves and their fellow citizens: Why are all these purchases being made, and for what purpose. When no answer is given, or (even worse) condescending and paternalistic euphemisms and outright lies are proffered instead of concrete answers, the distrust of our ever-more-powerful Federal Bureaucracy just grows. And the political ideologues in government and their lapdogs in the Mockingbird Press dismiss any attempts at valid discussion as 'whacko conspiracy theory', or worse yet categorize ANY questioning of Government actions or edicts as evidence of tendencies toward 'domestic right-wing terrorism'. Guess we know who they are planning to use all that firepower on- you and me!

To the shame of most of the National Press, this story has been around for many months, and (despite facts and Government documentation) has routinely been either ignored or summarily dismissed as 'conspiracy theory' by those who put obsequiousness to the Obama Administration above actual sound investigative reporting skills and actual journalistic ethics. Most Americans now either ignore major press outlets on stories like this, or routinely take them with a boulder of salt, as personal bias and outright dedication to proliferating Government Propaganda has so obviously replaced the reporting of facts and real occurances for many in the press corps.


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