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Friday, May 22, 2015

Climate Change-ism

We are constantly told we need to change our lifestyle in order to 'Save the Planet'. But if you dig into the 'plans' to combat this dreaded menace, while there is little scientific evidence to support ANY climatologic outcomes. there is, however, quite a lot of certainty on the actual Economic effects of this massive global machine. Top IPCC Officials have unapologetically called 'Climate Change' a wealth redistribution plan. This Forbes Article lays out, in their own words, how they intend to 'deindustrialize' the West. The plan is to use 'Carbon Taxes', rules and regulations to transfer wealth from average Westerners (Read Americans) directly to the members of the Third-World Billionaire Dictators' Club- also known as the United Nations. The usual Banksters and bureaucrats will take their share, like trolls charging tolls on the slimy scam highway to Climate Change hell. While I don't 'deny' Climate change (since any idiot knows Climate has been changing for, say... the last Four Billion Years) What I AM is a skeptic- on the man-made causes of Climate Change and the curious marginalization or outright dismissal of such large factors as variations in Solar output, the orbital and tilt variations our planet experiences over long and short cycles, and such natural sources of heating and cooling here on Earth as volcanic activity and the massive amounts of methane hydrate beneath the ocean floor-

When 'educated' and powerful people proclaim that they 'believe' in climate change, know that the Anthropogenic Global Warming scammers have found a Useful Idiot to promote their cause. One can only 'believe' in a religion or a faith-based ideology. REAL Science discards beliefs, biases and preconceived conclusions. Instead, the scientific method requires a theory, an unbiased way to test it, and a conclusion either proving or disproving the theory in part or whole. The data should be open, the test easily repeatable and the any conclusions open to free debate. What is seen in the actions of the AGW cabal is rather antithesis to the scientific method. Skewed secret data, directed results, unreplicable tests, and final conclusions drawn, not by climatologists or even SCIENTISTS, but instead by politicians and technocrats. Couple that with so-called 'Peer Review' that is used in a Stalinesque manner to browbeat, silence and ruin ANY scientist who dares disagree with the orthodoxy of 'Climate Change' beliefs- or even those who merely try to point out factual errors, data inconsistencies or other basic scientific errors.

This has happened in the Scientific Community before. Ask Galileo and Copernicus. They dared challenge the 'settled science' of the time agreed on by a majority of scientists. While not being threatened with their lives, many scientist' livelihoods, careers and reputations are being steamrollered by a big-money, collectivist global redistribution scheme know (this week) as 'Climate Change'. The actions of those true 'believers' in AGW display not a whit of reason and scientific integrity, but more resemble the words and actions of a religion or cult. They refuse to engage rationally and confront facts that may contradict their beliefs, and punish 'heretics' with personal and professional attacks. Just follow the money. Find who benefits and who loses and you will find the TRUE reasons this 'Cult of Gaia' has sunk it's fangs into the neck of the American economy.

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