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Sunday, June 4, 2017

What We Need For American Renewal

By Thaddeus S, Kaczor, Jr,                                                                                                   June 4, 2017

In many countries around the world, the government ALLOWS you to worship only ‘approved’ religions, or restricts some religions, while actively promoting others. As we see on the nightly news, there are many extreme groups and governments who would have you submit to their views and beliefs, or be happy to see you die. This is anathema to America and Americans. In America, the government doesn't allow any religion. Rather, it guarantees EVERY religion’s adherents the right to worship in the manner they please. The only restriction is the same for Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, and all other religions, as well as those of  uncertain religion, and those of no religion whatsoever: Just do not infringe on the rights of others, and obey the laws all Americans must.

It only takes a very small, determined minority to wreak havoc in a free society. Those who wish to disrupt and undermine our society know the best way to achieve this goal is to pit Americans against one another, using Americans to do just that! Those wishing ill on our society also know there is much advantage (and money) to be made by taking advantage of peoples' fears- as well as many powerful and influential people who would put their personal gain ahead of the safety and security of all Americans and who would willingly politicize ANY issue if there were a profit in it. 

Oddly enough, the loudest voices seem to be the small, radical minorities on all sides of any issue. I say seem, because there is much money to be made in the outrage industry, as Media, Politicians and others wishing to exploit the situation for their own means and benefit give the loudest megaphone and biggest stage to their most extreme false examples of the majority of their opponents. Many individuals and organizations use Identity Politics tactics to isolate people who are members of various ethnic, religious and other social groups to exploit their differences with other groups, or the majority, in order to achieve crass personal gains, or vague and destructive hardened ideological goals, There is a bias in media and politics to focusing exclusively on what divides, angers and provokes, rather than a focus on moving forward to common, agreed upon and necessary goals.

There is something broken in American Society. Economically, Politically, in the Religious sphere and in the Educational System. We need to end the era of insular ideological rigidity and crass exploitation dominating our culture and politics. We need people from all backgrounds and ideologies to reach out and cooperate with opponents and achieving the necessary goals we can all agree must be reached. Despite the cartoon portrayals of 'Divided America', there are many more who just want a good job and a safe environment to raise a family than want to tear others down and shut down opposing speech. But that type of news doesn’t sell soap, pain medication or life insurance. Nor does it elicit wealthy donors of all stripes to open their coffers to those who promise them favors and exemptions.

This ‘dark’ mood meme the media is carpet bombing our TV screens, smart phones and the few newspapers that still exist with appears to exist only in newsrooms, DC strategy sessions, and the minds of many in the far-removed-from-reality entertainment industry. For the most part, Americans of every background remain as we always have been- tolerant, generous, hard-working and believing we can make a better life for ourselves and the ones we love.

Many of us are more than a little annoyed that the people we elect to do our business waste our money and time, and insult our intelligence with the sloppy and corrupt way that MOST of them allow our country to be run. Furthermore, most of us could care less about 90% of what the media seem to want to report about- which seems more designed to confuse and incite anger rather than to elucidate arguments and work toward solutions. 

Our esteemed legislators need to straighten out Immigration, Trade, Infrastructure, TAXES and repair a broken process in Washington- while ensuring America and Americans’ rights are not trampled by individuals, companies, foreign entities or our OWN government. This last election may have shown some deep divisions in this country, but I have always believed, and I will continue to believe, that there are ALWAYS more things Americans agree upon than disagree about. We just like to argue more. 

And our media needs to get out of their bubbles and into America, where MOST of their viewers, readers and customers live, work, sweat, cry and die. Nobody is watching because the issues and ideals you present bear little to no relationship to the worries, cares, concerns and goals of most Americans. Give your opinion. But realize there could POSSIBLY be an opinion opposed to yours that MAY be right!

We will get through these troubled times as we always have: We will come together, ignore the naysayers and tools of the corrupt, and do what is necessary to insure a safe, fair and prosperous country for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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