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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fire burns- Media Blames GM- Was It The SUZUKI????

Hmmm... Fire starts in garage where TWO plug-in electric vehicles are parked. One (the Volt) is a factory-made vehicle that meets or exceeds all industry standards for this powertrain. The other (Suzuki) was 'retrofitted' to use and store electricity. I wonder which one was responsible? All the mainstream press was willing to jump on the GM product even before ANY investigation was conducted, let alone concluded. The 'FrankenSuzuki' wasn't even mentioned in nearly all initial press reports! Seems to me that most ink-stained wretches are quick to pile on GM, without even KNOWING the facts in the case.

Maybe it was the GE-Designed charging system that started the fire... Or maybe racoons chewing the wires... The point is, when you jump to conclusions and smear a company or an individual, it not only unfairly tarnishes someone's good name, it also exposes the accuser's gross lack of critical thinking skills, as well as a bias so deep that it trumps any logic or common sense.

Perhaps the Volt may ultimately be responsible for the fire. At this point we STILL don't know. However, we DO know that a big portion of the media in this country have exposed their journalistic irresponsibility and lack of objectivity by being willing to jump on and exploit ANY story that fits their social, economic or political agenda.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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