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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CNN investigation: Obama born in U.S. -

Hey everybody, look at this shiny object in my left hand! Meanwhile, the media ignores the plummeting dollar, rampant inflation, chronic unemployment, 5 wars escalating, corporate ripoffs (with NO-ONE going to jail!), and numerous other heinous acts being committed against the American People. This 'Birther issue' is a convenient 'Red Herring' propaganda effort by the corporate media to distract people from the issues that REALLY matter! And the President and the DNC (and their union and corporate puppetmasters) are more than happy to let this pseudo-controversy fester, since it distracts the public from what a horrible job the Obama Administration is doing.

The Question that those in the lapdog media SHOULD be asking is: Why does the President not END this 'controversy once and for all, and in keeping with his 'transparency' promises, just release ALL relevant documents associated with his murky past? He refuses to do it because of two reasons: There is obviously something in his birth, school, political and personal records that is embarrassing to him (Don't slur me with the Birther' label- THAT is NOT the issue!); and (more importantly) this whole 'Birther' issue gives Obama's political operatives a big propaganda hammer to beat down ANY opposition- without having to use any facts or refute any allegations!

Nixon didn't get in trouble for the crimes committed under his watch- he got taken down by THE COVER-UP! If there's nothing to hide, then why spend time, money and government resources to stymie any release of basic documents? ANd why does the mere asking of valid questions about the President of the United States get every questioner attacked, slandered and marginalized? I thought it was the patriotic duty of every American to question authority- not bow down with unquestioned loyalty before our leaders... Is this still America? Or just another statist regime that hides things from the people?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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