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Monday, May 2, 2011

LA Times' Andrew Malcom: WH Flacks Cite 'Brave' Obama in USB Raid

Very insightful article, Mr. Malcom! Thank you for not buying into the Kabuki-Theater Propaganda Parade now on display at the White House. Seriously, is there ANYTHING this clutch of political hacks will NOT exploit for political purposes? I feel so much safer knowing ideologues like Leon Panetta and just plain blithering idiots like John Brennan are now in charge of U.S. Intelligence! I'm sure the bravest thing President Obama did over the weekend was to say 'uh... Yeah.' When presented this plan as a fait accompli. SItting around and watching a video feed, no matter what the operation, does NOT constitute 'bravery'. As for the gutsy call, when has BHO in the last two years either deviated from the Bush/CHeney script, or else made an intelligent and independent decision in time to achieve anything?

The myth of this President's 'Intelligence' and 'eloquence' has rapidly unravelled with every misstep, missed opportunity and mistake. THe guy seems to be on autopilot most of the time, and seems to delgate every decision to aides, Congress or another 'Commission' or 'Panel'. The one thing he ISquick to do is jump in and take credit for the work of others, after he has failed to provide any leadership or direction. Two more years of this hyper-political drift in the WH and we are going to be in even worse shape than we are now, even if the WH and their flacks in the media continue to insist that the Emperor INDEED has new clothes- instead of the empty invisible suit that any clear-thinking American can plainly see.

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