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Monday, May 16, 2011

Let The Media Smears Against Ron Paul Continue!!!

The more sense Ron Paul makes, the more nonsense the Establishment lapdog media tries to throw at him. If you watch the whole interview (not just the slice-and-dice edits) you will see Ron Paul repudiating the outlandish 'racism' charges that Matthews and others try to slam him with. The irony is that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that presents a truly color-blind view of government, and the race-baiters and corporatist-controlled media try to slam him with phony 'racism' charges, so that people of color will dismiss him out of hand- instead of actually researching his ideas on their own. That's because Dr. Paul's common-sense ideas are so foreign to the tortured pseudo ideologies of both the progressive left AND the neo-con right!

Individual liberty and freedom is anathema to the corporatist bankster-controlled and bureaucrat-implemented power structure that this Demopublican/Republicrat duopoly in America uses to divide, conquer and vassalize the American people in neo-feudal technological serfdom. If implemented, Ron Paul's programs and ideas would revitalize our country economically, socially and morally. It's real simple- take responsibility for your own actions, don't infringe on the rights of individuals and allow people to succeed on their own merits. Instead, we get too many who want the government to do all the heavy lifting, and exchange their personal liberty for a false sense of security and a dependency-creating handout. This equally applies to the government-dependent individual AND the corporate-welfare leeches in the Military-Industrial International Bankster Complex. If we cut out ALL government subsidies to both individuals AND mega-corporations, then the average individual, the small and medium business and the truly moral big corporations would all thrive. The only ones who thrive under the present system are those individuals and groups that game the system to their own advantage- living off of the productivity of others while contributing nothing.

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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