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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OPINION: Ron Paul driving Republicans' White House campaign -

OPINION: Ron Paul driving Republicans' White House campaign -

In 1976, the 'experts' and party elites told us that a Peanut farmer from the backwaters of Georgia had no chance to become President. Also in 1976, a former actor saw his hopes for the Presidency dashed when the GOP decided that he was 'washed up', and 'too fringe' to be elected. These same self-appointed 'experts' and party insiders used the same arguments in 1980... and that 'fringe' candidate with 'fringe' views won not only the GOP nomination, but also the Presidency by one of the largest margins in American history.

We now stand on the razor's edge of history. Previous economic, social and political paradigms that once seemed rock-solid are now being swept aside like so many grains of sand in a whirlwind. The American people are tired of being lied to; sick of being used as pawns; angry at being discounted, marginalized and talked down to by 'experts' who have proven their own irrelevant pomposity and inability to forecast their own bowel movements- let alone the political mood and future of the country.

Ron Paul confuses the 'experts' and angers the political establishment precisely for the reasons he appeals to the American electorate: He is consistent in his positions, which are backed by historical truths and concrete. He actually UNDERSTANDS what he says, instead of just skillfully mouthing the words of others or reading off of a teleprompter. Most importantly, he is the epitome of the ANTI-POLITICIAN. He may not be the most polished speaker, but the meaning of what he speaks of rings true, and can stand up to scrutiny.

I, for one, will vote for the one man who can confuse, anger and scare the hell out of those who simply take advantage of our problems. Ron Paul wants to solve those problems, and actually knows how to go about it

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