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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TSA Searches 6-Year Old- Potential Terrorist???????

So, the TSA says it's "officer followed proper current screening procedures." THAT is the problem! If 'proper procedures' include invasive searches of six-year-old girls, then it's not the officers that are the problem- IT'S THE PROCEDURES! Not only do procedures like this NOT enhance U.S. Security, by wasting time, labor and money on ridiculous procedures on people that should be at the BOTTOM of the list of suspects, the TSA is WASTING precious time, money and resources that could be better used in actually intercepting someone who MIGHT be a terrorist.

Of course, they always come back with 'social norms will be exploited' by terrorists. Really? How many typical Midwestern American families with Six-Year-Olds along have tried to commit terrorism? The mind-numbing adherence to political correctness instead of common sense by the TSA is what the Terrorist will seek to exploit- not any 'social norms'. The only result of such unconstitutional and. frankly IRRATIONAL searches is that of the American public being inured to the repeated violations of their rights and freedoms by the government. All this is being done in the name of 'Safety and Security'. But such actions and procedures actually weaken our safety and security, by keeping agents from focusing on REAL potential terrorists. Instead, thousands of innocent Americans are forced by the government to give up their Fourth Amendment rights simply for the ability to exercise their First Amendment right to free association by traveling in an accepted means of normal travel.

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