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Thursday, March 24, 2011

White House: Libya fight is not war, it's 'kinetic military action' | Byron York | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

White House: Libya fight is not war, it's 'kinetic military action' | Byron York | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

Where did these people running the Obama Administration acquire their critical thinking skills (if any)- the 'George Orwell school of Journalism'? Ask any competent General, from Sun Tzu to George Washington to Norman Schwarzkoff, and thy will tell you that the military's purpose is two-fold: Kill People and Break Things. They are a tool of last resort in the arsenal of democracy- not a social engineering mechanism to achieve 'Nation Building', 'democracy' or any other Progressive code word for influence and control. Usage of our military in the way President Obama is utilizing it it precisely what got us into most of the foreign policy morasses over the last 100 years! Taking even 'limited military action' (whatever THAT is) without a definite end goal, strategy or definable parameters will inevitably lead to the antithesis of democracy and freedom. Taking sides in a civil war like Libya where we don't even KNOW who the 'rebels' or 'opposition' is is even more alarming, since it is already known that many in the 'leadership' of the opposition in Libya if not outright members of organizations hostile to the United States, are probably leaning that way. With the kind of amateurish decision-making going on inside the Obama Administration's 'Brain Trust', America will inevitably end up with either a despotic regime that is subservient (or at least bought and paid for) to the U.S. and it's corporate and internationalist Bankster steering committee, or else we'll end up with a despotic regime that is hostile to the U.S. and it's interests. It's a lose-lose situation, with either end result being detrimental to both the long and short-term interests of the people of the United States.

When the keystone cops on acid approach to everything by the Obama administration was being implemented domestically, it was only a threat to the American Economy and way of life. By taking this naive and ill-conceived strategy to the international stage, the Obama Administration is now endangering the very LIVES of Americans. When will ANYONE in the Press, Congress or the public eye finally have the temerity to point out that the Emperor Has No Clothes. Barack Obam is not the smartest man to occupy the White House by a long shot, despite the romanticized delusions of the True Believers in the Progressive Left. He may, however, be the most DANGEROUS man to occupy the office, if his march of America toward the ash heap of history keeps accelerating.

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