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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Is Your Pick for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination? - US News and World Report

Who Is Your Pick for the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination? - US News and World Report

THe reason that over 63% of the people in your 'poll' voted for 'other' is probably because of the major names you excluded from the poll. Interesting how you only included 'insiders' who are vetted by the GOP Ruling Elites and their minions at FOX News! Ron Paul, Allen West, et al. The Establishment that is trying to steer the GOP away from what the grassroots wants towards another losing establishment candidate is due for a shocking surprise, similar to the one experienced in the 1976 to 1980 cycle. Back in '76, ROnald Reagan was shut out by the Party elites and termed a 'former actor' and 'failed candidate' in the press. He worked the grassroots after that, and instead of toeing the party elite line and kissing up, he took over the party and booted out the entrenched political hacks.

The Tea Party was and is primarily about the non-responsiveness of those who govern toward their 'bosses'- the American People. Obviously, many in Washington and the Party leadership have not gotten the message, and still are pushing Big Government RINOs and Neo-Cons to the exclusion of true conservatives. The infiltration and attempted 'co-option' of the Tea Party movement (with a few exceptions) has been an utter failure, as it is a TRUE grassroots movement, and attempts to astroturf and subvert it have resulted in abysmal failure.

Wake up, Washington! The American People are waking up, and the same tired and destructive political games used to control past elections do not work anymore- witness the 2010 election, where anti-establishment candidates rocked out as the hand-picked stooges of the party were resoundingly voted out. Despite the virtual blacklisting and propagandistic attacks on ROn Paul, his grassroots organization and fundraising prowess are stronger than ever, and the takeover of local and state GOP structures by traditional conservatives continues apace. Looks like 2012 will be a repeat of the 1980 cycle, with the Party Elites and the Mainstream Media looking clueless and impotent as ever, and the American people once again asserting their will over those who would try to control and marginalize them.

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