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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

THIS is why we have Out-Of-Control Government Spending...

Just like the heroin addict who'll quit after 'Just one more hit'. These Political w#0res only know one speed- flat-out SPEND! It's clearly long past time to vote out those in both the Demopublican and Republicratic wings of the MONEY Party and start over with people with the smarts and cojones to correct this long-festering problem. Too many of the Big-Government elites in both parties are recommending a band-aid for a hemorrhaging body politic. We need more people like Rand Paul who brushes aside the childish comments ans backstabbing and proposes a $500 Billion-dollar budget cut AS A FIRST STEP!

Until these Money addicts even acknowledge the problem, all the American people can expect is lip service and the high hard one being given to at least three generations- as well as the end of the American Way of Life as we know it.

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