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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radioactive Cloud heads to N. America- Government says 'All Is Well'.

How can the so-called 'Experts' even make these claims about the supposed 'safety' of the radioactive fallout cloud, when TEPCO and the Japanese government STILL refuse to release radiological data as to the makeup and intensity of the particles being emitted at the Fukushima Daiichi plants? This crisis is eerily reminiscent of the BP oil disaster, when the responsibility for cleanup, testing and reporting was left in the hands of BP, even to the point that BP overruled the EPA in the overuse of Corexit!

Even the usually compliant and respectful Japanese people are furious at their government and it's co-conspirator TEPCO in the way this entire incident has been handled. Government officials aren't even giving enough information to their own people in order for them to make decisions on their own safety. How can we expect them to be straight to the world on the TRUE extent of this tragedy.

And the Obama Administration's amateurish 'Wait and Hope' attitude has contributed to the deepening of this crisis. How about some REAL leadership from SOMEONE????

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