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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The New Political Paradigm- Why The Media And Party Bosses are Missing it.

BY: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Recently, quite a few articles have appeared, speculating that Ron Paul 'really' wants is a 'speaking spot' at the Tampa GOP Convention, or that he 'really wants' to add delegates to 'influence the platform'. Some even suggest that what Ron Paul is really doing is 'paving the way' for his son Rand's political Future. Perhaps the latter has a grain of truth, but the reality is much bigger and more important than that.

The Platform? A 'speaking slot'- Hardly... As a grass-roots organizer, I can assure you that the strategy of the Ron Paul Campaign goes FAR beyond these small goals, and even beyond the 2012 Campaign altogether. A few political observers, like US NEWS' Kenneth T. Walsh actually are getting close to the REAL truth-= but they are few and far between, and are usually ignored, buried or scoffed at- just as the Ron Paul Campaign has been! What the savvy (but growing) few HAVE noticed is that, just as Ronald Reagan did after the 1976 election, Ron Paul is remaking the Republican Party in a Liberty and Constitution-oriented image. While most of the media focuses on the small minority of aberrant members in the Paul campaign who act out of turn (and there are even less of those in the Paul ranks than in most other campaigns), the vast majority of dedicated, motivated and educated Paul supporters are busy getting themselves and others elected to everything from Precinct Delegates to slots on the Republican National Committee.

The Romney Campaign merely signifies the last dying gasp of the 'Old' GOP- ruled by a coalition of Neo-Con Big Government Progressives and Right-Wing Evangelical Ideologues. The rapidly diminishing level of support for these two factions in the Party at large is evidenced by the failure of these groups to 'turn out the vote' for Romney in state after state- as well as by the ease with which Ron Paul supporters are driving out the old leadership in state after state, even as the 'Old Guard' uses every underhanded trick and back-room tactic to try to cling to the last vestiges of party power. The growing numbers and momentum are now favoring the rise of  the Liberty-Minded wing of the GOP. Perhaps not enough to overcome the huge Media Bias and the entrenched old money currently attempting to retain the grasp on power in the GOP, but this mass movement of Young newcomers, once-active Republicans who were alienated by the Party Leadership, and disaffected Independents and even *GASP* DEMOCRATS are now on the ascent- and by the next election cycle will probably be the largest segment- if not the dominant one- in the new Republican Party.

The utter failure of the National Corporate Media to accurately report this story (If reporting on it at all) has only backfired on hem, as it has only served to drive even more curious outsiders and previously disaffected Republicans to consider this new movement, as (for a large segment of the American Public), anything the Mass Media either distrusts, denigrates or ignores must be at least somewhat worthwhile to look into! The dissatisfaction in both the electorate and the Public at large is both real and palpable. While those in the agenda-driven media seek to channel or control this distrust for their own aims (or the aims of their paymasters!), their obvious and consistent bias has merely served to reinforce the perception in the public that not only are most media outlets bereft of any redeeming journalistic qualities, but that the vast majority of the media is so in the pocket of special interests as to have rendered themselves virtual propaganda arms of those same special interests. Fewer and fewer are falling for the false 'Left/Right' paradigm, as they see little difference (other than rhetorically) between those big-government 'left-wing' progressives,  and the big-government 'right-wing' progressives. Further attempts to divide Americans along racial, social, economic and ethnic lines is similarly losing it's power to influence, except among those who will be malleable and subservient no matter who is 'in charge'.

A full paradigm shift in American politics is taking place, and while those in power and their lackeys in the captured media seek to either foolishly deny it, or actively fight the overwhelming tides of inevitable change, the American people are ready, willing and able to embrace (at Last) a REAL movement whose aims are to restore the republic, root out big-government corruption and waste, and return the control of the levers of power to the people- instead of those who have bought and paid for access, control and the ultimate monopoly on power for far too many years.

Ron Paul's Presidential Campaign, unlike any we have seen in years, is not an end unto itself. It is merely a marker, an important way-station for a growing Liberty movement to rally around and use as fuel for growth and expansion. From 1976 to well into the 1980 campaign, professional pundits, entrenched party bosses and those political insiders 'in the know' all said that Ronald Reagan was a 'lool'- a 'fringe' guy who was out of touch and would fade away. Perhaps they should have listened to ol' Ronnie, as they slowly started to see first the grassroots, then the local, state and finally the national Republican Party give way to the growing tide of the Reagan Revolution. It started at the grass roots, just as the Liberty Movement has done. Now we are seeing the Reagan Revolution being repeated, as local and state party officers and elected officials are being replaced ever more rapidly by those favorable to, or leading the Liberty Movement. 

Maybe that's why the RNC Leadership appears to be scared... VERY scared of the rapid advances the Ron Paul Campaign has fostered within the Party. As well they should be!

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