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Monday, May 21, 2012

GOP Paradigm shift hits Michigan (And MN, NV, IA, ME, AK...)

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

A well-written article by writer Dawson Bell in 'The Detroit Free Press' on May 20th takes note of the subtle, yet radical change that is taking place in not only the Michigan Republican Party, but in the local, state and national Party as well. As in many other states, Michigan Republicans (and members of other, or 'no' Parties) are waking up to the Liberty Movement. Ron Paul is not a 'Figurehead' for a wing of the GOP, nor does he cultivate a 'cult of personality' as so many in the media (incorrectly) try to portray. The movement led (currently) by Ron Paul goes well beyond the ideas, ideals and proposals of one man, and it surely differs from all the other campaigns, where 'winning' in the short term supercedes all other priorities, including integrity and morality.

After this election, even if Ron Paul does not win (although he is STILL running- and doing much better than the Party or the media is willing to admit), the grassroots organization will continue to grow, as the dedicated adherents of the Liberty Movement continue to replace the old guard, whose failed and hollow 'ideals' have been finally revealed to be nothing more than a willingness to do anything to maintain power at any price. From Precinct Delegate to County Party positions to state and Federal offices, people of the Ron Paul ilk are organically taking over the GOP, and the party Elites are both clueless and powerless to stop it. 

People are finally waking up to the fact that, despite a slight (or radical) difference in rhetoric, a Big-Government Republicrat is no different in action from a Big-Government Demopublican. Activists in the Republican Party are now starting to replace those whose loyalties lie more with the REAL One-Party Ruling Washington DC- The MONEY Party! For too long Washington DC has been run less as the 'House of the People', and more as a 'House of Ill-Repute'. Or more like a Charnel house, where the carcass of American Liberty is carved up and sold by the pound to the highest bidder.

It's time to end the corruption, and not just saying you want to 'end the corruption'. Electing the same people over and over who tell you one thing and do another once elected is, to Paraphrase Albert Einstein 'The insanity of repeatedly doing the same thing yet expecting a different result'. The corrupt actions of the old guard fossil GOP neo-cons  both here in Michigan and across the country in using un-American tactics to get 'their ' candidate nominated by any means possible is appalling to many people, even some of those 'old guard' Republicans. Ballot stuffing, election fraud of multiple types, disregard of established party rules (especially by the same people who actually WROTE the rules!), 'disappearing' ballots, secret vote counts, illegal shutting down of conventions when the results don' 'come out right', assault and arrest of those who dare to question the unethical and illegal methods and actions of party leaders, the list goes on and on.

While many people don't realize or even believe that all of the above has occurred, that is probable because it is NOT being covered, and in many cases actively distorted, suppressed or censored by many in the national corporate media. But the New Media has blown the lid off of the lies and cover-ups of the old media. Live-streaming of conventions and news events on the web , the ability to watch local news reports and read media reports form other localities, and (especially) 'citizen reporters' who stand at the front lines and report the news that the National Corporate Media is either too afraid or bought-off not to report.

Ron Paul may win the Presidency. He may not. But the American People have won in this election, thanks to the Ron Paul Campaign. Not only has his run torn the mask off of the biased bought-and-paid for Presstitute class in the media, but it has also exposed the seamy underbelly of Republican (and, I'm sure Democrat) politics, where winning is everything, and integrity and morality are an afterthought, at best. But most important, Dr. Ron Paul has ignited the flame of Liberty and the desire to restore America to it's original ideals in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans- many of who had seen that light flicker and die many years ago through apathy and disgust for 'the system'. This election is NOT an end for this movement- it s the BIRTH of a new, and (strangely) old movement in American politics. Liberty is a relatively New Idea on the world stage, but it's appeal is deep, and it's ideals are infectious. And the numbers of it's adherents are growing rapidly in America!

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