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Thursday, May 10, 2012


By:  Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

" What, exactly, is Ron Paul up to?"

That is the question that David A. Fahrenthold of the Washington Post asks in his  latest amazingly clueless article. Perhaps Ron Paul is 'up to' winning the majority- if not ALL- of the delegates in at least nine states! The author of this article is either as clueless about the nominating process as my dog Shady (Sorry, Shadester!), or he is yet another willingly obedient tool of the Corporate Media Cabal that will do anything and say any outrageously false thing in order to obscure, minimize and/or 'sabotage' the Ron Paul campaign. Like many in the Corporate-Controlled National Media, Mr. Fahrenthold is surely aware that Ron Paul is not 'hijacking' anything- but is clearly just following the same rules that the Romney has to follow, only the Paul People obviously are greater in number, better organized and SMARTER than those supporting Romney. Unfortunately for him, Romney's grassroots support is less grassroots than it is Crabgrass, as he can't even muster more than a few hundred at a time to a rally- let alone the thousands Ron Paul regularly turns out for both rallies AND County & State Conventions, where the REAL delegate selection process occurs! Instead, the Romney Campaign seems to be relying more on the good-old-boy network of the moneyed GOP Establishment, where (in the past) massive donations from well-heeled backers, combined with back-room deals, election fraud and whatever it takes would assure the 'right' candidate would get the nomination. Unfortunately for the GOP, that has also meant that the 'Right' Candidate most often times was also the one with the least VOTER appeal and support. Just look at the Campaigns of John McCain, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, Jerry Ford, et al.

But there has been a paradigm shift in American, and indeed World Politics. The 'Old Guard' can't control, manipulate and herd like sheeple the electorate, nor can it disregard the voices of the members in it's own party.  'Cooked' Polls, obvious manipulation of primary elections, and disregard for the Rules of the Party by the very same people who WROTE them cannot be done behind closed doors, and out of sight of the people who are being disenfranchised by the party elites. The New Media can now trump even the massive droning tin-horn propaganda of the vast Corporate media when it comes to boots on the ground reporting the REAL story! One piece of advice for the WAPO's Mr. Farhrentold (and the rest of the Corporate Presstitute corps), quit citing these fanciful and wholly made-up 'delegate counts'. Most are merely cribbed from ridiculously unreliable sources like the AP, and use 'apportionment' based on the non-binding 'beauty-contest' votes in the primaries.  This is akin to basing your 401k investments on fairy dust futures and Bullpuckey Stock holdings. You may think you're a genius when your broker tells you to buy into it, but your assets will be on the line when it comes time for a margin call, and you have to pony up the facts- and you are found to be sorely lacking.

All the while the Corporate-Conga-Line Press keeps repeating the worn-out and totally debuinked 'storyline' about Ron Paul, his under-counted and under-reported supporters are working their tails off WITHIN the system, and using OPEN and LEGAL methods to gain not only delegates, but control of the Local, State (and ultimately the NATIONAL) Republican Party! While the shills at CNNPMSNBCFOXCBSABC and all the Fish-Wrap old media rags keep blowing the Obaomney monster's twin horns, the REAL story is being told loudly and repeatedly in the local newspapers, TV and Radio reports, as well as being spread far and wide on the internet- far beyond the reach of the Corporate-Controlled National Media. That story is not lost on those who can actually think for themselves, process the facts, and come up with a total disconnect between the reality on the ground, and the obviously propagandistic dystopian fantasy that is portrayed by the captured corporate national media.

The winds of change are blowing in America, and those who merely think it's a passing summer breeze may shortly find they and their supposed positions of power have been blown out the door by a combination of Grass Roots Activism, unyielding devotion to Liberty and the Rule of Law, and a passion to cleanse our corrupt Political system of the accumulated cronyism and nepotism that has brought our once-great country to it's economic and social knees.

Keep thinking that 'there's nothing to all this Ron Paul Stuff'.  I'm sure that's what King George the Third said about all those 'farmers with pitchforks' about 250 years ago...

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