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Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Time to "Throw The Bums Out' Of the GOP!

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Today, in Oklahoma and Arizona, we witnessed the appalling behavior of the Republican Party Leadership and it's blatant disregard for it's own rules. In an attempt to railroad the supporters of any other candidate than the party leadership's hand-picked Mitt Romney, the Oklahoma State GOP (with the apparent blessing of the Republican National Committee) disregarded not only Roberts Rules of Order for Parliamentary Procedure, Not only the GOP's OWN rules for conducting a State Caucus, but also the very will of the majority of it's OWN MEMBERS! The usual attempts will be made by GOP leadership operatives (and, of course seconded by the bought-and-paid-for Mockingbird National Media) to blame the utter fiasco that occurred on 'Ron Paul supporters' who 'tried to hijack the conventions'. Of course, local media reports, eyewitnesses and even numerous streaming and recorded live video show that it was the PARTY LEADERS who, in fact 'hijacked' the convention, by totally disregarding long-established rules (and common sense) by imposing (rather than electing) a caucus Chairman, who proceeded to violate State and National rules and hundreds of years of precedent by refusing to recognize valid questioning of his obvious and intentional attempts to unilaterally impose officers, delegates and rules in direct opposition to the majority of delegates present. A quorum of delegates were forced to convene a 'Rump Convention' in the parking lot. What was different was, this 'Rump' Convention actually FOLLOWED the rules, had a QUORUM present, allowed valid motions from the floor not only to be heard (which was not the case in the elite's illegally run convention), but even allowed OPEN and TRANSPARENT votes to occur! Imagine that! A report from a local Oklahoma TV Station will give you more information about what REALLY happened in less than a minute-and-a-half than you will probably receive in watching 24 hours of CNNcBSMSNBCABCFOX or watching, listening to or reading from any of the other corporate-controlled media outlets!

This same type of scurrilous 'Hijacking' by the party elites of a State GOP Convention (over the objections of the majority of delegates present) also occurred today in Arizona, where valid and legally elected delegates supporting Ron Paul were physically removed and (illegally) LOCKED OUT of the arena. The Romney-Led Arizona GOP leadership became unglued after delegates objected to cameras being banned from recording anything, including the numerous irregularities, stunning illegalities and rampant disregard for both Party Rules and the rules of decency! This ham-handed railroading of the State Convention became so blatant and overwhelming as to be embarrassing for even the corrupt party stalwart perpetrators, who decided it was better to conduct their nefarious 'business' behind closed doors with as few witnesses (and NO recording devices!) present. Even with these Stalinist tactics, there were still many eyewitness accounts of ballot stuffing , continual refusal to hear VALID and LEGAL challenges, nominations and requests for motions and votes from the floor by anyone EXCEPT Romney supporters, and other illegal and unethical actions by the Arizona GOP Leadership, and their partners in the Romney Campaign. Unfortunately for the Romney folks and their lackeys in the corrupt AZ leadership, a video was surreptitiously recorded after the Ron Paul delegates were unceremoniously (and illegally) removed. In it, the lack of understanding of basic Roberts Rules of Order, and disregard of Party Rules by those in the Arizona GOP who REALLY 'hijacked' the convention is displayed with unbelievable clarity. The leadership proceeded to 'nominate' and 'elect' a slate of hand-picked ROMNEY national delegates and officers WITHOUT a Quorum, and amidst a remarkable amount of confusion for what is apparently a premeditated 'show trial' of a convention. 

This type of illegal and corrupt behavior by GOP Leadership is typical of what has been occurring across the country in Convention after GOP State Convention. Where the Rule of Law and the Following of Party Rules HAS occurred, the majority of states have overwhelmingly voted to support Ron Paul, including Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, Louisiana, Washington State, Nevada and elsewhere. In many of these states, Ron Paul supporters have also been elected State GOP Chairmen and other top Posts, including Republican National Committee members. While this information is readily available from numerous and reputable state and local TV, Radio, Print Media and Online resources, this important and striking news has been strangely and consistently ABSENT from the national corporate-controlled media! If nothing else, the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign has served to expose the morally and intellectually bankrupt National Media for the biased propagandists that they truly are. But against the hopes of those who have controlled the Republican Party for so long, this will NOT be the only effect Ron Paul and his supporters will have on the 2012 Elections.

Despite the fervent wishes of the Party elites of both the left AND right wings of the DC Demopublican/Republicratic MONEY PARTY, as well as the tireless efforts of the corrupt and intellectually bankrupt National Media, the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign continues to gain support and DELEGATES at an increasing pace. One only has to look at the size, enthusiasm and exponential growth of the crowds who continue to flock to Ron Paul Town Halls and rallies to put lie to the biased reporting (and NON-reporting) by the national corporate media of the Ron Paul Campaign. Add to that the fact that most National Media outlets refuse to report ANY State Convention wins by Ron Paul (except to say he 'hijacked' them!), and the ridiculously falsified and vaporous 'estimated delegate counts' that woefully underreport Paul Numbers and grossly OVERestimate Romney delegate support, and you can understand the growing disconnect between the informed populace and a captured media that doesn't report what is HAPPENING, but attempts to tell people WHAT to THINK!

The dirty BIG secret that the GOP Party Elites, the National Media and their corporate paymasters don't want being boradcast is that Ron Paul supporters are, in fact TAKING OVER the Republican Party- plain and simple. There is ample precedent for this, even in recent American history. Ronald Reagan is the man who showed us how it can (and MUST) be done. Ron Paul is using Ronald Reagan's strategy of taking over the party from the grass roots up, gaining everything from Precinct Delegates to State Leadership to seats on the Republican National Committee. Back in 1976-1980, the media first ignored Ronald Reagan, then ridiculed and belittled him as 'Fringe', Wacko' and other epithets like 'failed, washed-up former actor'. They even tried to cut off his microphone in the middle of a debate! Does all that sound eerily familiar?  

It surely won't be easy for Liberty-Minded people in the Ron Paul mold to evict the entrenched and fossilized Old Guard Republican Leadership. But persistence and a true cause will ultimately prevail over cowardice, treachery and corruption. The advocates of TRUE Liberty will never take no for an answer. In 1776, King George dismissed the American Revolutionaries as 'merely farmers with pitchforks', and assumed that, since they were not in the majority, his use of unbridled force and immoral tactics would prevail and even be supported by the majority of the Colonists. But as Samuel Adams famously said, "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. In 2012, Ron Paul's millions of supporters are today's 'farmers with pitchforks'. One of the tasks farmers use pitchforks for is to remove the BULLSH- er... 'droppings' from the barnyard. The caucuses and primaries this year, and in particular the actions of those who think they 'rule over' us rather than serve us)  have clearly identified the Bulldroppings in the Republican Party. It's time to clean up America's political barnyard- do YOU have your pitchfork ready?

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