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Friday, August 26, 2011

Young people generally lead a revolution - Tampa Bay Social Issues |

Young people generally lead a revolution - Tampa Bay Social Issues |

Ron Paul Definitely appeals to the Young. And the Old. And the Middle aged as well. You see, freedom, Liberty and personal responsibility resonate with critical thinkers of ALL ages. Obama's wham-oBam-thank-you-ma'am campaign was (as they say in Texas) '"all Hat and No Cattle". What little substantive policy and promises made during the '08 campaign went down the tubes real quick, when the Big Donors' lobbyists came a'calling to the White House! Big Labor, Wall Street, The International Banksters, Big Pharma- you know, the USUAL suspects!- all began beating on the Obama team for their expected paybacks. The same scenario that has played out ever since Eisenhower (except Kennedy, of course... He wanted to investigate the CIA and End The Fed, and look what happened to HIM!). Now look at who's giving money to and pulling the strings of all the CURRENT candidates. Only ONE MAN is free from the sticky fingers of K-Street; Ron Paul. The rest will say ANYTHING and pander to everyone to get elected. But who do you think they will answer to after inauguration?

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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