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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doyle McManus: Rick Perry's presidential campaign splash -

Doyle McManus: Rick Perry's presidential campaign splash -

"On most issues, the policies Perry and Romney espouse are similar."
Quite true, Mr. McManus... So why is this a 'two-man' race? Perhaps it's more like a 'Two-and-a-half man race', since Ron Paul is the only fully rounded candidate who can actually back up his rehtoric with valid proposals and detailed programs! The other two are merely 3/4-man candidates, since all their most popular rhetoric is stolen from the Ron Paul playbook, and their records belie what is now coming out of their moths on a daily basis.

Those who follow the Mainstream Media meme of left/right, liberal/conservative, et al are truly missing the boat, and have lost the attention of the American voting public (except, perhaps for entertainment value). This election is not about 'left vs. right', but right versus wrong, and about either blindly following the same old policies and procedures that got us into this mess (and insanely expecting something different than the status quo), or actually voting for REAL change that will rejuvenate, revive and restore America. Ron Paul represents a challenge to the status quo, and he is impossible to put into any of the 'little boxes' that the media likes so much to place candidates in so they can 'move the strory along'. Too Bad, since most Americans are sick to death of all the lying, duplicitious politicians, their corrupt bankster financiers, and the regurgitative enablers in the media who wouldn't know an original though if it texted them on their Blackberry.

Keep ignoring, belittling and attacking Ron Paul. Your sorry reputations and shoddy reporting just drive more people into finding out what he REALLY stands for- and they seem to like it in ever increasing numbers!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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