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Friday, August 5, 2011

Oil Falls Below $90- So Why Are Gasoline Prices STILL so high?

CLU11.NYM: Summary for Crude Oil Sep 11- Yahoo! Finance

Energy prices drive the economy- either up or down. Crude prices USED to determine market prices, until government intervention in the production, refining and regulation of distribution was hyper-accelerated under Obama. Taxing 'Big Oil' and other so-called 'Fat Cats' doesn't work, since taxes are treated as a business expense, and factored into end prices. That means a tax on 'Fat Cats' and 'Big Business' is ultimately paid by the poor and middle class consumer! This re-distributionist philosophy is designed to destroy the Middle Class and small-to-medium businesses, increase the numbers of disaffected poor (re: gov't dependent), and precipitate a 'revolution' whereby the international banksters, industrialists and TRULY wealthy consolidate wealth and power and utilize the masses as 'useful idiots' to impose a post-modern feudalist society. In other words, a Marxist/Fascist 'Workers' Paradise' controlled by the Party, intellectual and financial elites. Welcome to techno-serfdom!

Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

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