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Friday, August 26, 2011

"Ron Paul is Un-Electable!"

"Ron Paul is Unelectable'...
"Ron Paul Doesn't have a chance to win'...

And on and on Ad Nauseum. At this point in the 2008 cycle, John McCain was polling BELOW where Ron Paul is in this cycle. I don't remember anyone saying McCain 'Didn't have a chance' or any other patronizingly condescending statement. John Huntsman is polling just above Alfred E. Neumann and below 'other', yet the media treats him like he's the second coming of Barack Obama (close). The point is, most of those espousing this hackneyed propaganda shtick base their belief on what everybody ELSE in the incestuous world of punditry is saying.

Some of you may not be old enough to remember, but the media played the same broken record at least a couple of times before. Jimmy Carter was 'one of the seven dwarves' in 1976 and given NO chance at the nomination- let alone the Presidency! Ronald Reagan in 1980 was a 'B-Movie Actor' and 'a failed politician' before he took the nomination and the White House in one of the largest landslides in history. Think what you want about Ron Paul, but the media, pundits and certainly the party hacks- er... 'leadership' have NO CREDIBILITY on predicting the 'viability' or 'electability' of ANY candidate.

I would assume reading goat entrails or consulting the Ouija Board is about as accurate at partisan book-selling hacks like Dick Morris- who, incidentally, while denying that Ron Paul was being ignored on Bill O'Reilly, actually posted a poll graphic that IGNORED Ron Paul! Talk about being hoisted by your own petard! Morris, Frank 'Focus Group' Luntz, and their ilk are just the latest in the long line of pundits, pollsters and 'experts' that are so taken by their own political prowess that they fail to see the 800-pound elephant in the room. Ron Paul has National and grass-roots Organization, fundraising prowess (without corporate money), and a growing and dedicated base of volunteers and supporters that won't jump ship for the latest shiny object to enter the race. The most under-reported story on Ron Paul is actually how he is the ONLY candidate to RETAIN and grow support steadily throughout the campaign so far. Rick Perry will soon be the next Michelle Bachmann Flavor-of-the-month to lose support when people actually get to know him and his record. Funny, but the more people find out about Ron Paul, the more popular he gets! Maybe THAT'S why the media is so reluctant to report on him...

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