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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Election Fraud (NOT 'Voter Fraud) Threatens To Throw The GOP Into Total Disarray

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Willard 'Mitt' Romney is the choice of the Republican Party Elites. That much has been made plainly obvious by this point in the election cycle of 2012. But they now have a BIG problem- yet they don't even appear to know it, or at least how to deal with it. The Grand Pooh-Bahs of the Grand Old Party have become so out of touch with their own party base and grass roots that they are resorting to blatant Election (NOT 'Voter') fraud in order to get him nominated- but even THAT isn't working! 

Iowa was a total electoral freak show, with votes being counted 'in secret' by an Israeli-based company called ELRON VOXEO  in another state. New Hampshire voters watched as the captured media ignored state vote totals that varied- sometimes significantly- from actual counts at the caucus sites, and as 'dead people' voted . More dead people voted in South Carolina than every election in memory- with the possible exception of EVERY Chicago vote! Nevada took 2 hours to count 2/3 of it's vote, then another TWO DAYS to 'count' the last third- with more shenanigans going on than a Visit from the 'Boss' at a Myer Lansky-run casino. Not surprising since they hired the SAME GUYS as Iowa did to run their Caucuses! Now the Nevada Chairman of the State GOP has resigned over the whole mess(not to mention the heads of the Iowa GOP and the Minnesota State GOP)! And Maine... Maine... The GOP head Calling the race with only 84% of the vote in, and His boy Mitt leading by only 194 votes- then basically disenfranchising (or trying to) the remaining voters by telling them they can still vote 'but their votes won't be counted'. Not to mention the 9 counties that DID vote- but 'mysteriously had their 'official totals' totals listed as 'zero' for EVERY candidate! And several Maine caucus chairmen who called in their votes- only to see the totals on the 'official' GOP tote board slightly or vastly different. Guess who in favor of! Now the Maine GOP leadership is in total disarray, and changes it's position on whether the votes will or will not be counted almost hourly!

The last time a party self-destructed this totally and rapidly was in the election of 1856. The Whig Party was dominant in the country for over 20 years, but lost touch with their base, their grass roots supporters, and the country as a whole. They nominated a slate of candidates across the board that NO ONE in their base wanted, and pushed hard against their OWN SUPPORTERS to get them elected. By the next Presidential election, the Whig party was no more... It had been replaced by an upstart party with a tall, lanky frontier lawyer with a penchant for speechifyin' and wrestling. You may have heard of them- the 'Republican Party'!

Will History repeat itself in this cycle, as three of the four candidates are so divisive and have so many flaws, while the one candidate who appeals to conservatives, moderates, independents and even DEMOCRATS for God's sake is being first ignored, then attacked, then the party doesn't know what to do as his supporters rack up delegate slots and quietly elect his supporters into state leadership positions- many times as current leaders resign in shame over the primary and caucus debacles!

Many GOP Party leaders and tier minions in the presstitute corps continue to act as if Ron Paul is the 'crazy uncle' at their party- embarrassed by his rough honesty and unsure of exactly how to deal with him. But Dr. Paul IS crazy- like a FOX! His strategy is lifted from the  1976-1980 campaign of one Ronald W. Reagan. Ronnie was disrespected by the party elites in the 1976 election for his 'crazy' libertarian-leaning ideas like a balanced budget and smaller government. After Ford got creamed by the Peanut man, they wrote him off. Meanwhile, Reagan worked the grassroots of the party, slowly but surely taking over first local, then state party apparatuses. By the time the 1980 election came around, the GOP Elites and the Media w#0res were still laughing at him, even through the first few states where he didn't stand out. But Ronnie got the last laugh and won in a landslide.

They don't seem to be laughing as hard at Ron Paul right now. They're even trying the already failed policy of ignoring him. But lets see who has the last laugh at the convention!

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