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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Common Sense Meets the COmmon Enemy of all Americans!

By:Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Common Sense met the Common Enemy of the People today, as Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee returned to Washington for his semi-annual grilling of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. After an opening statement that was a lengthy dissemblance of the entire Federal Reserve system, Dr. Paul proceeded to illustrate both the simplicity and the magnitude of the destructiveness of Mr. Bernanke's Quasi-Federal Fiefdom.With just a Silver Piece as an illustrative example, Dr. Paul thoroughly and simply destroyed any credibility that Bernanke could ever hope to achieve with all his pious pronouncements, obfuscating efforts at statistical explanation, and further attempts at justifying what can only be described as unmitigated failure. 

Showing an ounce of silver to Bernanke, then plainly stating that this same silver piece that bought four gallons of gasoline in 2006, now can purchase over 11 gallons, Dr. Paul laid waste to Bernanke's claims of supposedly maintaining low inflation. The Silver has not gained over 50% in INTRINSIC value over the last six years- it is a stable commodity, and it's worth remains unchanged. What HAS changed is silver's (and every other commodity's) relative worth vis-a-vis the DOLLAR- which has effectively LOST over 50% of it's value in relation to Silver- and every other tangible commodity (like food, oil, etc.)-  that has intrinsic, inherent worth. 

Unlike commodities, the only thing 'inherent' in the Dollar is it's relative worthlessness! Every Dollar's worth is invested solely in the trust that people using it have in the good faith of those issuing it. When those issuers of the FIAT Dollar (the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve) take our trust and squander it in a profligate manner by rewarding inefficient, corrupt and failing International Banking enterprises with first use of TRILLIONS of Freshly created dollars at little or NO interest, they are using inflationary tactics to steal from each and every person who is FORCED to use their ever more worthless paper. Without any alternative currency that has REAL worth (Like Constitutionally-Mandated Gold and Silver), Americans are forced to treat the Dollar as if it had any intrinsic value- allowing the Federal Reserve and it's Member Banks to steal from everyone using Dollars by driving up prices and costs, and (in real terms) devaluing the amount every person earns in their paycheck!  Meanwhile, the (not-so) borderline criminal enterprises that are Member Banks (The OWNERS) of the Fed are rewarded for their incompetence, corruption and outright theft with TRILLIONS in FREE MONEY provided by the Federal Reserve,-Most times in secret, and with absolutely NO Federal Government oversight! EVERY dollar that is 'created' by the Federal Reserve and 'issued' (given) to it's Members and associated entities reduces the value of every dollar in circulation EVERY time! And they have been doing A LOT of 'issuing' lately- Wall Street, Foreign Banks, The Mortgage Markets in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and on and on and on! 

If ANYONE operated this way in the private sector (other than the PRIVaTELY OWNED Federal Reserve!), then they would be investigated, indicted, tried, fined and jailed for high crimes against the American People. But since the tentacles of the Member Fed Banks reach into ALL sectors of the economy, media and the government, there is virtually no real criticism in or investigation into their corrupt massive counterfeiting scheme! The largest Corporations that aren't directly involved in this global swindle are either forced to stay silent through regulatory and economic intimidation (and Trillions of dollars can buy a LOT of that- especially if you can print them at will!), or else they are 'coerced' by being rewarded with receiving THEIR share of crumbs from the Fed's debauched economic banquet table. While the Corporate Media and the and the cowed/corrupted corporations stay silent, Congress has abdicated it's Constitutionally-mandated regulatory authority over the U.S. Currency by un-Constitutionally giving regulatory authority over the Federal Reserve, through the Dodd-Frank Act- over the The PRIVATE Federal Reserve itself! This is not only putting the 'Fox In Charge Of the Chicken Coop'- it is tantamount to seizing the farm, signing it over to the Fox, and installing the Fox's relatives as Sheriff, County Commissioner and Farm Bureau Chief!

Through their actions (or lack thereof), Congress, the Executive Branch and the PRIVATELY OWNED Federal Reserve Bank demonstrate that they not only do not deserve ANYONE's trust, but with the massive amount of contempt they show by their capricious actions to the American People, they should be stripped of any and all economic decision-making powers immediately and completely- lest our Dollar and our entire Economy free fall into a Weimar/Zimbabwe-like abyss!

Speaking in plain terms, we find ourselves in a situation now where it is as if a Counterfeiter knows the authorities are closing in on his operation, and it's only a matter of time before his scheme collapses. He then proceeds to run his funny money presses at full tilt, flooding the market with increasingly useless paper, in the hopes of squeezing every last bit of worth out of his ill-gotten enterprise before it all collapses under it's own weight.

The Federal Reserve is essentially the largest counterfeiting enterprise in the history of the world. Over the last 99 years- but accelerating exponentially over the last 5- The Fed has committed the greatest robbery in the history of mankind. The Federal Reserve accomplishes this massive transfer of Wealth from the Poor and Middle-Income people by the massive devaluation (issuance) of 'new' currency, where every dollar is worth that much less, buys that much fewer goods and services, and continues to depreciate in value at an ever increasing rate with every 'new' Dollar that the Fed creates.

Rep. Paul was right to ask Chairman Bernanke today in his final question whether he purchased his own groceries. In the rarified circles that International Banksters like Bernanke inhabit, these self-appointed elites have no connection to the average American's life, and no clue as to what the REAL effects of the Fed's intentional inflating of the Money Supply are on every working American. For people like Bernanke, inflation is just a figure used to calculate a statistic, which in turn is used to justify destructive (yet, for them VERY profitable!) economic policies such as Bailing out, subsidizing and just plain ENRICHING the incestuous circle of Bankster Billionaires who make up the Federal Reserve System, and indeed the entire International Bankster Community. 

This is in stark contrast to the daily experience of the average American, where inflation is having to make the choice whether to buy food for his children, or gasoline to drive to work to earn an ever-diminishing paycheck. Inflation for the millions of elderly and disabled in America means having to make do with even less and less, as the small pittance that they receive shrinks in REAL value, as prices for essentials like Food, Shelter, Energy and transportation climb further and further out of reach. Ben Bernanke buys his own groceries? I seriously doubt you will see 'Helicopter Ben' or his Billionaire Bankster associates struggling to make the grocery tab in line at your local Piggly Wiggly or Kroger. 

It is time for REAL change in America. It is time to pull the mask off of the International Bankster criminals who are destroying the American way of life by enriching themselves at the expense of every American. These Fiat Counterfeiters and Big Fast-Change artists have thrown millions out of work, out of their homes, and out of any chance of achieving even part of what once was 'The American Dream'- all in the name of 'saving the economy'. The only things 'saved', in reality, are the corrupt and totally mis-managed Banking institutions that should have been the FIRST entities to be declared bankrupt, liquidated and allowed to be re-absorbed into a recovering economy. Instead, the worst of the worst in this den of Pin-Striped thieves were actually REWARDED for their unethical, ill-conceived and borderline (or not-so borderline) illegal economic malfeasance. 

Meanwhile, back at the combination Charnel House/Political Prostitution Racket that our Congress and Executive Branch have become, Democrats and Republicans- (or should I say 'Republicrats and Demopublicans', since there is little substantive difference between the two wings of the Corrupt D.C. MONEY PARTY) take turns every four or eight years pretending there is a 'real change' whenever one or the other side of the One-Party Big-Government Duopoly 'hands over power'. In reality, the names, faces and rhetoric are the only things that 'change' in Washington. Big Spending, massive debt increases and corrupt political paybacks using TAXPAYER money continue unabated no matter which 'side' is running the corrupt Washington Money mill. They always somehow find their way to a multi-thousand page 'Compromise' Spending Bill that somehow always manages to contain the worst excesses of both 'sides'! The only thing REALLY compromised in Washington these days are ethics, the Law, and the integrity of the American Economic system.

The truth is out there in plain sight for all Americans to see. The perpetrators of this economic fraud are so confident in their complete hoodwinking of the American Public, that they don't even try very hard to hide their criminal enterprise anymore! They used to count on Americans being distracted by 'Bread And Circuses' as the Romans used to say, so that they could continue looting the National Treasury with objection from those being looted- The American People!  But now that their house of Fiat Dollar Cards is now collapsing, the international Banksters and their Government Bureaucrat cronies are resorting to the oldest trick in the books- FEAR! If you don't let us continue to pump trillions into our friends and cronies' coffers, then- my God- THE ECONOMY MAY COLLAPSE!!! 

Excuse me, but aren't the same actions the Fed says will take to 'save' the economy the VERY SAME bad ideas that CAUSED most of our fiscal problems in the first place? Naaaaaaah- Just ignore that man behind the curtain! You know, the one you see looting your pension, stealing the value of your house, deflating your paycheck and draining your wallet every time you turn around! He's really doing that for your own GOOD, don't you know!

Americans right now have to ask themselves some very hard questions; Does your paycheck go as far as it did ten years ago, five years ago, or (in the case of Gas prices) earlier this morning? Does your pension still offer you the same security as you thought it would when you first started working- if you even HAVE a pension left! Does your house offer you the same  financial security that it once promised (if you still even HAVE a house!), or do you feel you are merely 'renting it' from the bank, the Government- or both? Do you honestly trust those in Washington D.C. to look out for your better interests- or for the interests of those who finance their campaigns, enrich them through sweetheart deals, and offer them the promise of riches and power once they pass through the revolving door between Congress, K-Street and Big Business?

One more question... Who are you going to believe to tell you the real, unvarnished truth about the plight we now find ourselves enmeshed in. Those in the Media, politics and Big International Business who have a vested interest in you believing tier lies? Or the One Man who is unafraid to stand up and tell the truth to Americans- even at the expense of being slandered, vilified, and belittled- even though (or perhaps ESPECIALLY because) he is telling the hard truths Americans don't want to hear, but NEED to hear?

The Media and the Party Elites are confused and afraid of Ron Paul because they don't understand a Presidential Candidate who isn't trying to pump up his ego, enrich his friends, or curry favor with an entrenched establishment. He just truly loves his country, understands it's problems, and wants to fix those problems before they become too massive to BE fixed in a rational and safe manner. We don't need a new face on the same old problems this election cycle. We have tried that failed approach over and over again for too long- electing the 'lesser of two evils- and we've ended up deeper and more entrenched in this economic morass. It is now past time to educate ourselves as Americans and elect a President who will do the right things for America.

Dr. Paul understands there is a Cancer in the Body of American society. His opponents want to treat that cancer by continuing the policies that CAUSED the chronic sickness in the first place! As a Doctor, Ron Paul understands that when you are dealing with a deadly disease, you need to aggressively use hard medicine in a timely manner, even if it causes short-term pain. You don't use nice-looking Band-aids and perfume to treat a serious ailment- yo need to have the CORRECT diagnosis, and prescribe the STRONGEST medicine! That is the ONLY way to revive and restore a healthy and strong America which we will be proud to turn over to future generations

Listen to the Doctor. He knows what Ails America, and he has the cure.

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