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Monday, January 9, 2012

'FOX Latino' Tells Hispanics How to Think About Ron Paul!

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

'Divide and Conquer'. The Establishment Media (FOX included) at the direction of the Political/Corporate Heirarchy continues to push this meme that we are all 'compartmentalized Americans'- Black, White. rich, poor, and most pointedly, 'Latino'. A recent 'FOX News Latino' article  attempts to 'find out' where 'Latino' voters stand on Ron Paul (or more pointedly, tell them WHAT to THINK about Ron Paul!). This tired establishment media theme is strung out in typically condescending fashion. They pick an 'issue', then use one or two quotes to support their limited and biased assertions about 'How on Paul affects Latinos'. As usual, they discount or attempt to downplay the fact that there are basic things that UNITE all Americans, and those far outweigh the issues that divide us. However, divisiveness is a very strong control mechanism that prevents people from realizing the ideas and ideals that would otherwise unite them, instead focusing on what are often side issues that tend to divide and separate us from the REAL issues that we as Americans should be concentrating on.

As for the whole 'Latino' argument, like with any 'analysis' of the 'feelings' of a specific ethnic, religious or other 'minority' group,  I find it wholly demeaning and insulting to impose a monolithic belief and value system upon an entire community, especially one as diverse and varied as those who derive ancestry from many different cultures within the 'Latin' universe. Even within distinct ethnic communities, such as Mexican, Cuban and Venezuelan, there is such a diversity of opinion and belief as to make any simplistic overall judgement about a 'group opinion' both supercilious and recklessly illogical. But to do so tends to not only serve to ;herd' those group thinkers in the target 'community' toward the desired monolithic attitudes or beliefs, but it also reinforces sterotypes and simplistic assumptions about that group within the general population of Americans- which serves the purpose to separate them from the general population in order to either 'demonize' them or 'elevate' them- depending on what political or social effect those doing the manipulating desire!

Ron Paul rejects out-of-hand these divisive and destructive attempts at manipulation of people and opinion, and instead he tries to cut through all this very simply- but concurrently at a deep philosophical level that gets to the heart of what it means to have Rights in this country. 'Groups' do NOT have inherent, implicit or explicit rights and 'opinions'. Anyone who purports this idea is either collectively deluded, or deliberately pushing an agenda that often times is at odds with the best interests of both the majority who ostensibly 'belong' to said group, as well as the majority of individuals within society as a whole. Ron Paul believes in what the United States Constitution and our Founders believed: that ALL rights are individual rights, and our freedoms and liberties flow directly from the protection and maintenance of those INDIVIDUAL rights. This universality of the rights of the individual is in direct opposition to wholly manufactured 'collectivist' rights for groups, which ALWAYS will tend to stifle, trample and ultimately destroy the rights of the individual, to the benefit of the powers of those that control and direct the collective.

Protecting the rights of the individual should be paramount in American society, as any diversion from or destruction of these rights negates any other rights, liberties and freedoms we may have. Those that seek to obtain or seize rights for 'groups', no matter how well-intentioned, will end up securing those pseudo-'rights' at the expense of every individual, and ultimately do nothing to secure rights for the individuals who belong to those 'groups'. Instead, what most often happens is the rights of the individuals in those groups are become subservient to the power of the group itself- subjugating any rights of each individual to the will and power of the collective (usually determined by an elite and well-connected 'leadership'). 

Our rights are not GIVEN to us by our government, our leaders, or even our Constitution. They are RECOGNIZED by the Constitution as INHERENT- a birthright that cannot be subject to interpretation or dispensation by any man, woman or group of men and women. Those seeking to control our lives through the imposition of 'group rights', no matter how well-intentioned or altruistically bent, ultimately serve the master of tyranny and subjugation. Resist attempts to 'box you in' to any collectivist thinking. Advocate, fight and defend your inherent individual rights. Protect the COnstitutionally-guaranteed Liberties and Freedoms from those who would attempt to separate you from your fellow Americans by Race, Creed, Color or any other groupthink mentality.

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