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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ron Paul- The Only REAL Agent of Change!

By: Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

Whenever a media outlet so blatantly (and clumsily!) tries to exclude, ignore or dismiss a viable candidate, let alone one running THIRD in most national polls, it merely puts a spotlight on the media outlet for either blatant bias or overwhelming incompetence. When they are unable to ignore him completely, The Corporate Media instead tries to marginalize Ron Paul by using blatant ad-hominem propaganda attacks- claiming he is 'kooky', 'fringe' or many other hateful, yet strangely vague and meaningless terms. Concurrently, they usually try to smear his supporters as well, using terms like 'cult', 'extreme', or even 'wholely an internet phenomenon'. Unfortunately for the media (and fortunately for Dr. Paul), this strategy has consistently backfired- driving people AWAY from the already distrusted corporate media, and directly to Ron Paul- if only for more information to see why the media that they so strongly mistrust is trying to prevent people from even hearing about Dr. Paul, his ideas and proposals, and is amazingly strong but ironically widely ignored support!

You see, the media is perplexed by the Ron Paul campaign, because he doesn't fit neatly into one of their established 'storyline' boxes. Ron Paul's supporters are old AND young, rich and poor, 'liberal' and 'conservative' (to use those obsolete, 20th-century terms') and many other seemingly contradictory groups. Most 'traditional' politicians and media-types can't wrap their restricted intellects around the concept of how the message of FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY actually UNITE people from so many diverse backgrounds- unlike traditional politics, which seeks to divide people into tidy ethnic, economic, social and other demographic groups- the better to inculcate a 'groupthink' mentality and manipulate them into willing submission to an established candidate, party or ideology.

Fortunately, more and more Americans every day are rejecting the divisive politics of the past, along with the manipulative politicians that promote so many divisive and destructive policies and programs. The old media is dying because it also relies on dividing Americans into groups and using their differences against them in order to profit from their ignorance. By that, I mean the ignorance that keeps Americans from uniting against the corrupt politicians and their internationalist puppetmasters, who are destroying this country by bleeding Americans dry with taxes, inflation and useless wars, then crassly telling the very people they are enslaving that the economic, social and political chains around them are for 'their own good'. Telling us that 'Freedom is Slavery' by reducing our once proud middle class into a nation of low-wage-slaves and high-tech serfs. Telling us that 'War is Peace' by keeping us on a perpetual (and highly profitable) permanent war footing, with an ambiguous 'enemy' that is not a nation, group or a person, but the amorphous and constantly changing abstract concept of 'Terrorism'- which can be twisted and morphed into practically ANYTHING in order to stifle dissent, and to keep stoking the fires of an emotional (and irrational) fever for perpetual war. One only has to read the daily newspapers (what is left of them!), or turn on the television to be inundated with Orwellian 'DoubleThink'- where readers and viewers are expected to keep (at least) two logically opposed viewpoints or ideas in their minds at the same time.

The perfect example of this 'DoubleThink' is the coverage of the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign. The American people are told by the Corporate Media and Party-Elite 'experts' that whoever wins a 'straw poll', raises more money than the others, has the most enthusiastic supporters, has the most sophisticated, effective and activist grass-roots organization, and consistently maintains and grows his support is the FRONT RUNNER! That is certainly true whenever ANY OTHER candidate achieves even a modicum of any one of the above criteria. However, Ron Paul has consistently won more straw polls, or placed in the top tier than any other candidate- but when he does win, it is either dismissed as 'insignificant', or ignored altogether. Ron Paul consistently outdraws live crowds of (non-paid) supporters wherever he goes- but they are mysteriously absent of Television cameras and national coverage. Ron Paul is consistently at or near the top in fund-raising, and raises more money from Active Military than all other candidates COMBINED! Yet his fund-raising prowess is somehow attributed to a combination of 'the internet' (?), a strong core of 'followers' (as if that's a BAD thing in politics?) or (once again), is simply ignored by the media. Ron Paul proposes radical ideas for actually SOLVING our economic crisis, by outlining the root CAUSES, prescribes detailed and economically sound programs to right the economy, and backs them up with detailed analyses and real-world examples from a wide range of respected experts both in academia AND in the business world. For this he is called 'crazy'- despite the fact that EVERY other candidate has donw a 180-degree turn (at least in RHETORIC), and now suddenly mouths the very same things that Ron Paul has been saying for at least 30 years- even though most either don't actually mean what they say, or dont even UNDERSTAND the concepts they are supposedly advocating. Perhaps that is why in the debates, they consistently refuse to even ASK Ron Paul questions about economics- can't make the other candidates look dim by comparison, can we?

Most importantly, the most distorted and wrongly vilified plank of Ron Paul's campaign is his advocacy of a return to a Constitutionally-Sound foreign policy of non-interventionism, which is wholly different from the 'isolationism' that so many of his detractors simplistically try to tag him with. Non-Interventionism was the key to America's greatest strength before pre-emptive Wars became so profitable- and a means to consolidate and centralize Government power and wealth. Many other candidates now strangely echo Ron Paul's opposition to endless interventionist wars that have no seeming strategy other than self-perpetuation- even after hypocritically being strong advocates for interventionist wars mere months or years ago!. Sadly, for most candidates this sudden pivot to a new line of 'peace' rhetoric is merely a cynical new 'political position', designed to try to 'broaden their appeal'. When pressed for details, most wilt into lofty-sounding 'glittering generality' platitudes about 'supporting the troops', defending freedom', and other glorious-sounding empty phrases that belie both their records and their REAL positions (if any). ONLY Ron Paul will strengthen our country and support our troops by returning them to their Constitutionally-Mandated duty of protecting our Home Shores- free of the vague 'nation building' and the endlessly miasmic 'war on terror' that saps not only our military strength, but weakens us economically, socially and politically- at the same time creating hatred and enemies in those countries that want nothing to do with us. It is also enlightening to do the research that our media refuses to do, and realize that most countries we help with 'nation building' or to 'fight terror' are rich in natural resources that American and multinational companies wish to exploit, in partnership with the multinational Banks like the IMF, BIS and World Bank. No wonder Members of the Military support Ron Paul in such overwhelming numbers- they, more than any others, see the devastating effects our destructively aggressive and militaristic foreign policy have on not only those we bomb, invade and put under the bootheel of 'friendly' dictators, but also how these endless wars rip apart not only the fabric of American families, communities and businesses, but also the social and economic fabric of our entire nation.

The time of corruption and lies, endless wars and economic enslavement must end. Most of those yearning to lead America will promise you the world in order to get elected, then will turn around and snatch that promised world away from you once the voting is over. The time of a corporate media giving Americans only the (false) choice between 'Corrupt Statism' and 'Corrupt Statism-Lite' is also drawing to a close. You can give your vote to someone who will tell you what you want to hear 100% of the time, who will then proceed to do the bidding of whoever is the highest bidder for his services amongst the lobbyist charnel houses lining K-Street. But there IS, finally, a REAL alternative to the lying, controlling politics-as-usual sock-puppets who continue to drive our country straight into economic, social and cultural oblivion. You can vote for the man who will NOT tell you what you WANT to hear, but instead, what you NEED to hear! The man who instead of nibbling around the edges of corruption and calling it 'reform', will boldly overturn the wasteful and bloated government machine in Washington that is sapping America's strength, destroying our economy, and ripping apart our social fabric. The man who promises to 'Restore America NOW!' That man is Ron Paul, and he doesn't want to just win the election, he wants to save America- the land he loves.

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