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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ron Paul Wins The GOP California Straw Poll

TODAY Show - Ron Paul wins GOP California straw poll

So, the only Candidate that makes sense, both on foreign and domestic policy is called 'crazy' by the media. The only candidate that can draw support from young, old, rich, poor, rural, urban, Democrats, Republicans and Independents is said to have support 'a mile wide and an inch deep' by the media 'experts' and party establishment. THe party that says it want's a 'Big Tent' shuns the ONLY candidate that promises to bring in massive amounts of new voters into the party. The candidate that draws more support from Active-Duty military than ALL the others COMBINED is called 'Anti-American'. The candidate that draws the most individual contributions, and consistently is at or near the top in fund raising- despite refusing corporate PAC money- is dismissed as 'fringe'. The only candidate that consistently draws the biggest crowds, wins most polls (that aren't rigged or don't mention him), and has the best grass-roots organization is called 'un-electable'.

What is wrong with this picture? If ANY other candidate than Ron Paul showed even HALF of the breadth, depth and fervor of support that Ron Paul has, the self-appointed experts in the Media and the Party would soil themselves and declare the election 'over'. But Ron Paul is not held to the same standards as other 'Establishment' candidates. His successes are minimized and ignored, and any perceived or fabricated negativity is played up beyond belief. Americans may be ignorant because the media refuses to report the real facts, but Americans are far from stupid. They know when they are being played, and recognize a con job when it is being played on them. The media emperor has no clothes, but they still want to sell us all the pretty candidates in empty suits.

Fortunately, the more the media ignores or unfairly attacks Ron Paul, the less stature and believability they have in Americans' minds. Ron Paul is consistent in his beliefs, statements, rhetoric and record- something the media apparently doesn't know how to deal with! American voters know, however- they come out to support, cheer on and VOTE for him!


  1. RON PAUL, the ONLY electable candidate!

  2. What's funny is that he even wins polls that don't mention him! A CNN poll a few weeks ago listed Perry, Romney, and "Someone Else". "Someone Else" won 67%.


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