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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ron Paul- The Only Serious Man Left In American Politics.

By Thaddeus S. Kaczor, Jr.

For those who say "I like his fiscal programs, but his social and defense programs scare me': Ron Paul's Social Programs would return responsibility (and Money) back to the states and the INDIVIDUALS! If you think someone in the government can manage your money better than you, apply to be a ward of the state- otherwise, take responsibility for your actions. Most of the Federal programs Dr. Paul would return to the states were actually run BETTER and more EFFICIENTLY before the Federal Government took them AWAY from the states. As for defense- Ron Paul's proposals would make America safer by not bankrupting us by;   A. Paying for the defense of allies (or not-so-much Allies); B. Refusing to subsidize BOTH sides of many conflicts (Thus eliminating the profit motive for most 'Defense' Contractors; C. Returning our troops to ready status here at home, where disaster relief efforts have been spotty at best, as most National Guard units and equipment are either overseas or severely depleted due to the 'back-door draft' of repeated deployments overseas; and finally (And Most Importantly) finally ELIMINATING wasteful, duplicate, obsolete and just plain corrupt Military Contract Spending. Others have talked about all of this since World War II, but once in office have been bought off by Big Money Banksters, International Industrialists and Crony Capitalists. Ron Paul would return America to REAL Capitalism- without the Crony Corruption and Lobbyist Legislator-Buying.

ROn Paul 2012 - Or else you DESERVE the same old $#!+, America!

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