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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What's Behind the CA 'Mystery Plume'.


SO... The Federal Aviation Administration and not ONE branch of the Pentagon have any idea what caused what looks like a distinctive missile contrail seen for 100's of miles over the most populous metropolitan area in the U.S.? HUH? The FAA is required by LAW to retain logs of all flights, transcripts and freakin' ELECTRONIC RECORDS of all flights and radar data. And do you mean to tell me that the defense department doesn't know EVERYTHING? They currently track over 8,000 pieces of space debris in Low Earth Orbit, some down to less than 10 lbs apiece. But this one just 'slipped through the cracks'. Sure.

There's only one thing I have to say: whatever it was, Americans need to be very, VERY worried. I have listened to several Military, Aerospace and Aeronautical engineers weigh in on this topic, and all (of those not currently tied to a governmental agency or defense contractor) say the 'Mystery Cloud' was undeniably a Missile contrail. That means one of three things:

1. The government knows that this is a test of a new weapon system, but is so incompetent as to timing, execution and basic secrecy that they can't even come up with a plausible 'cover story' to explain it away. I mean, swamp gas, the planet Venus and Bill Gates shooting off REALLY expensive fireworks all works better than 'Duuuuuh... I dunno! Nyuk, Nyuck!'. If they want to feed conspiracy theories, this is the way to do it. Wait... oh, OKAY!!!

2. They truly have no clue as to who did this. It's very scary to think that with all our technology and abilities that something this big could slip by. Either the Military has been REALLY neglectful in maintenence of our Homeland defenses (not likely), or the streets will soon look a lot different soon when the transdimensional creatures and the Blorg from Zeta Reticuli make reservations ahead of you at Spago. Again, I repeat, unlikely scenario... Though it would tend to explain better several personalities in the Entertainment and Political arenas.

Finally, Number 3. This, quite frankly, is the scariest and indeed most plausible explanation; the Government knows about it, wants to keep it secret, and figures that there are enough 'controls' on the flow of information and the mass media that it really doesn't need to try to hide it. This heavily implies not only a deep-seated cynicism in the highest levels of the government, but also an indication of the contempt with which those who control things from 'on high' regard the average American. That we are too stupid and too shallow to even COMPREHEND what is occurring these days- let alone appreciate it.

So, in my mind, the only possible explanations of this 'event' are; that the government is oblivious and incompetent; that the government is corrupt, secretive and belligerent; or 'all of the above'. Nice choices, hmm...

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